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Hello Hel Looks

A unique photo reportage and inside peek into how ordinary people show their street (or not) smart fashion styles: Hel Looks.


Project is part of the Best of the Year roster in 2005.

One of the longest lasting street style project – started in 2005 (in Helsinki) and still going strong! Full archives available.

Notice much changes?

circa 2005


circa 2014


Factum: One of the project co-founders – Sampo Karjalainen turns out to be co-founder of the Moves app acquired by Facebook in April / 14. Wow!

Cool Aether

Aether is a superb cone shaped streaming music device – turn the dial and voilà! Play another Internet ‘channel’ or playlist. You can even ‘talk’ to choose something else.

View videos to see how it work.




ndlr: Andrew and Carissa Gallo co-directed the very cool brand film.

Sporticus grannies

They are in way better shape than I will ever be! Guess that football has got some fontaine de Jouvence included. Funny + refreshing approach for this ad campaign.

Scoring handiwork by Rogerio Miranda!

Lucid dreaming

Andric is a ND alumni whose photographic skills have become non-short of extraordinary. His people + space collections consists mainly of one subject and an incredible background.

Totally awesome immersive poetic landscapes unsaturated hazy faded colors and expansive horizons draw you in.

Lucid dreaming.

Cover master

Rodrigo Corral studio creates conceptual design and art for prints, brands, interior spaces and film. New website just relaunched. Have a lookee.

He has created some of the most iconic visuals in publishing.

He is a master at cover design and some of his book and magazine covers are iconic.


Sensitive topics PRINT magazine cover. Too bad the ‘glass ceiling’ syndrome is in the mix.

A type of Show #1

Typography is no longer master of words destined for print or screen only. Recalibrated sorta speaking + elevated to standalone media status by all walks of creative people – they use it to render a kaleidoscope of visual projects.

Featured: Remix approach + character shaping for a French university event: Festival Arsène / 2014


Featured: Bar codes + visual illusion for the YES poster by James Unwin


Featured: Stripes embossed illusion type for a RGB magazine Mexico commission by BlueTypo


Featured: Stacked cards effect for the Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff / Penguin book cover by Matt Dorfman

AD: Jaya Miceli


Featured: 3rd year visual communication dept student multi-facetted 3d-like typography poster by Itai Weinstock


Featured: Offset cropping + multi-fonts style + orientations for an event poster for Salas Pasternak / 2013


Featured: Faux pli steps in monochrome + creating a silhouetted font in this poster for Suedpol multi purpose cultural center by Feixen


Featured: Broken words + grid + omission of letters for this Kuki Monstah DJ Set poster by Krzysztof Iwanski


Featured: Vertical type (trunk / office building / beacon?) + overlapping triangles aka basic shape to illustrate a tree + map border reference in the Tree Scout poster by Eric Karnes


Featured: Light shows through a life-size metal cut-out + fit-out of The Research Agency office by Jose Guttierrez


Featured: Black handdrawn type painted over all white objects + wall for a Plakat Workshop poster by Katja Schloz

ndlr: Cooperation with Tobias Tilgner


Featured: Tropical foliage + birds over guitar serve as canvas for deconstructed word in the Summer poster by Ricardo Garcia


Featured: Naturalist collaged canvas themed invitation for Cathedral Arts Project’s annual fundraiser by Caitlin Robinson


Featured: Soft gradient + 3d shadowed elements emulating a diagonal free fall movement in poster for a Ellie Goulding performance by Adam&Co

Names for Change

Names for Change is home to an UMD caritative initiative – selling naming rights to all the items that connect their clients to food, shelter and a future.

Connecting everyone who comes through their doors with food, shelter and a future requires a whole lot of stuff.


What a smart way to raise funds! Give as little or as much. Each vignette explains what each item will have as impact and why they are a necessity to recovering one’s human dignity and place in society.

The website is crafted delightfully. A great interactive and learning experience.


via: Must read article: We are all part of the same thing by Nick Jones

Moving marvels

Justin Mezzell is a super talented illustrator and graphic designer who make things (for a stellar brochette of clients). Some of them move. Some not.

His style is very simple yet in the simplicity there are a lot perceivable details. Much akin to ‘icon’ design in trending ‘flat’ design.

I really enjoy his little moving marvels.

Paula Scher *

She is not a refiner. She operates on instincts; she gets it the first time or second or never.

She thinks clients like to buy process (time) and are afraid if you get it instantly!

She was told to illustrate with type.

She felt her hands had been cut off when the puter came around.

She thrives for this moment when she knows she has nailed it and lives for it!

Meet Paula Scher from Pentagram.


Her design approach seems to be to stamp as many – and as much big BIG typography as possible.

Her knack at putting odds + odds = eccentric intrinsically beautifully balanced projects.

Her best work are letter driven – not picture driven. But her choice of visuals with off-center cropping and / or duotoning and / or monolithic subjects complete her expansive typography – perfectly.

Visual osmosis. Virtuosity.


Guess it’s easy to understand why one of her books is titled: Make it Bigger! A journey into her three decades of design.

Must read!

MadeinMTL exit

Prompted to do this post following a recent tweet: ‘The sheer amount of ‘on / off’ – websites that ‘vanished’ is crazy. Thinking of all the man hours and dreams that have disappeared.’ – and ensuing exchange with Chris Tse.


After releasing a little (www) Story – and ystd – reading an article about the people behind the Wayback Machine to discovering that ‘websites last in average 100 days!’ What???? to which Mike Sullivan replied: ‘Viral / campaign sites? Some 30 days.’


Sifting the archives to see if some of the pre-database years featured awsm people / projects are still around.. to do an encore..

I found the multi-awarded MadeinMTL project – of which production cost must have been upwards of multi-hundred grands in government grants + corporate sponsorships to produce this interactive documentary.

Version 1.0 + 2.0 were released.

I followed the link and I was really shocked (do it). To be honest – I don’t get it. Read the feature to understand the scope of loss.


I am blown away! MadeinMTL is a touristic destination site for both visitors and locals. Although this is my hometown, I must admit that the teams (Locomotion and BlueSponge) behind this little jewel have done their darndest to cover the City which is known for its load of good food and creative vibe, shopping, its underground city and lots of cultural events and festivals and much much more.

You can even make your own itinerary. Now if you plan to visit – don’t forget to visit the site and give me a shout!

Here’s what you can find on the site: 425 addresses, 15 000 pictures, 400 texts, 50 hours of video, 40 sound scapes and 25 shorts.


Showing: Version 1.0


Showing: Version 2.0

-> more


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Moodboards #1 aka branding collaterals staged in a visual assemblage.


IR = Loves you. Color. Experience x repeat ad infinitum = Isabela Rodrigues.


$$$ocial media on why being a ‘social media’ user just reached another low.


The Great Discontent a near minus 0 funding campaign results in amazing #1 print edition.


Camp and Furnace is a cultural hub over 34,000 sq.ft


Van Gogh IRL. Les Impressionistes stunning ad campaign.


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