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MadeinMTL exit

Prompted to do this post following a recent tweet: ‘The sheer amount of ‘on / off’ – websites that ‘vanished’ is crazy. Thinking of all the man hours and dreams that have disappeared.’ – and ensuing exchange with Chris Tse.


After releasing a little (www) Story – and ystd – reading an article about the people behind the Wayback Machine to discovering that ‘websites last in average 100 days!’ What???? to which Mike Sullivan replied: ‘Viral / campaign sites? Some 30 days.’


Sifting the archives to see if some of the pre-database years featured awsm people / projects are still around.. to do an encore..

I found the multi-awarded MadeinMTL project – of which production cost must have been upwards of multi-hundred grands in government grants + corporate sponsorships to produce this interactive documentary.

Version 1.0 + 2.0 were released.

I followed the link and I was really shocked (do it). To be honest – I don’t get it. Read the feature to understand the scope of loss.


I am blown away! MadeinMTL is a touristic destination site for both visitors and locals. Although this is my hometown, I must admit that the teams (Locomotion and BlueSponge) behind this little jewel have done their darndest to cover the City which is known for its load of good food and creative vibe, shopping, its underground city and lots of cultural events and festivals and much much more.

You can even make your own itinerary. Now if you plan to visit – don’t forget to visit the site and give me a shout!

Here’s what you can find on the site: 425 addresses, 15 000 pictures, 400 texts, 50 hours of video, 40 sound scapes and 25 shorts.


Showing: Version 1.0


Showing: Version 2.0

Deluxemodern etc.

Christine Tafoya is a self-professed design addict and renamed ‘etiquette‘ by ‘manners‘ to describe her online store Dear Miss Modern Market ethos where you can find exquisite ‘templates’ for special occasions.


I am a grown-up geeky tomboy eye candy seeking editor while she is this buoyant festive stylish stylist for brand and home!

She recently quipped: ‘HTML gives me asthma.’ To which I replied: ‘<a><strong>O2</strong></a>’.


She befits perfectly the description of a Powagirrrl: Women who rock the design scene with more than pink design..

..and Pink is definitely a predominant color with none of the pejoratives.


Deluxemodern design studio tagline: ‘Mixing business with Pretty – Specializing in all things chic and clever.’


Futurism now?

The future is now alert! Or how studying at Suprastudio – Greg Lynn / Super Aero Robo Spatial M.Arch.II Program at UCLA led Ebrahim Poustinchi who doubles up as architect & graphic designer – helped devise these fascinating inventions.


From a visual point of view – the Amethyst Cluster (A proposal for moving architecture) is just stunning! Like these beautiful clustered shapes are ‘architecture’ in movement. Wow!

Team: Ebrahim Poustinchi, Keith Berry and Sima Shahverdi.


Another stunner? The Opera Rollercoaster is meant to make the audience appreciate different pov and immerse them in the experience.


4D Graphics | The "Object" is his final year project.


ndlr: Watch (all) the videos.

Going extreme

Going extreme ain’t for everyone but the founding duo (Jan & Hjalti) of karlssonwilker inc are pushing it to the hilt with this out of the box (out of any boxes as that) portfolio website.

Minimalist with funk? Make it minimalist with dizzying mini-gifs spinning and spinning. Metaphor aside – interface is very similar to their spinning talents + imagination.

Top notch designers!

A little (www) Story

In 1995, JF and I started a little company – Netdiver. It’s original mission was to uncover and report on the economic possibilities of the emerging www.

We were going to ‘dive’ to fetch the pearls – in opposition to ‘surf’ – which was then buzz word du jour.

We thought it pretty clever.


ndlr: JF & I in pixel regalia presenting a new logo. Still love it (/him too).


Remember vividly my awe upon ‘entering’ the infant web – wow – we are now connected to the world! To this day – still awed.

First search was this single word: Idea.

Landed on TWChiatDay – Idea Factory which posited on a ‘new’ approach on how to run a creative studio – horizontal instead of hierarchial.

The interior ‘spaces’ were amazing – and have now become the norm for all those Silicon Valley giants and startups: funky offices – team pods – free food – game – flexible hours, etc.

Exactly what I was envisioning.

I concluded – if there’s one maybe there’s hundreds??


ndlr: Netdiver site banner circa ’99. Diving not surfing ;))


I remember the early www to be barely above double-digits millions. The web was ‘small’ and somewhat.. uh.. intimate.

I theorized ‘freelancing’ to become the economic norm – clients to be landed anywhere in the world and the ‘disenfranchising’ of selling both creative skills and goods to be possible.

At long last – designers could change the world with ‘communication’, ‘exchange’ and ‘collaboration. The circulation of new ideas to be unbelievably faster than pre-Internet since new ideas always reached ‘culture’ – post-mortem for authors.


Followed 3 intensive years of stealth research gazing / gauging the ‘opportunities’ that would be afforded creatives types when they would settle in the then land of MiS, technologists and scientists.

I was mind-mapping infinite files to locate like-minded people who – as us – were exploring and building what today has become such a commodity – although an irreplaceable one as that.


In ’98, I decided to ‘share’ the results of the ‘likeminded’ research – aka bookmarks with small screencaps – our visual trademark 200 x 115 pixels and a bit of text to describe it.


ndlr: Wayback Machine archives


We hard-coded a ‘website’ with frames and attempted to emulate a ‘magazine’ look and started to post (lol) – what would later become Netdiver Mag.

Way long before blogs were even in the ‘pipe’ of extraordinarily talented visionaries.


ndlr: Netdiver vintage pins + postcard distributed at conferences / events.
Reissue TBA


Through the years I kept a directory titled ‘x_pired’ in which I saved thumbnails of websites either redesigned or gone offline.

I had this sentimental attachment. I remembered all of them. It made me sad when so much creativity (not counting the man-hours) was thrown out in the ether. Once bright lights. Now gone.


I chose to turn that sadness into a somewhat very unofficial web museum of what was new in design.

This is what Netdiver Vintage edition is about.

Since onset – I had and still have a very privileged overview of the web. When I went on hiatus – I don’t exaggerate stating having visited over 150k websites.

I have saved all the ‘archives’ pre-database years – and I am continually adding to it. So far 2.4k projects listed.




ndlr: Netdiver Vintage 2 columns interface.

ndlr2: Hard to believe it was once trendy to use very + very small fonts.

Small is beautiful

After Svpply fallout (website is now closed) Very Goods will become the new hub for a community stamped with having ‘good taste’.

There’s this pattern in internet communities called The 1% Rule, which looks like this:

A note on Smallness.

(He)Art by inaluxe

At inaluxe (tandem made of Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd) learning never stops since as artists running their own business – is an ever changing thing!

They freelance and work on independent design and writing gigs.

Colorful abstractions to adorn walls.

Elliott Golden

Elliott Golden sees illustration as the creation of a strong idea paired with an engaging aesthetic as the goal.

His work is mostly editorial in nature and thus, exerts an extra amount of pressure to capture the essence of an article / essay.

Very experienced obviously.

Authentic Hyperkit

Hyperkit is a design studio and the collaboration between husband-and-wife Tim Balaam and Kate Sclater.

Their main preoccupation is ‘authencity’ and this seems to be conveyed in a simple manner – no extravaganza – communicating their ideas that empower every day life.

Each portfolio pieces renders exactly that.

IWANT design

IWANT is the studio of John Gilsenan, Creative Director. From fine arts – to printers’ shops – to agencies and now to freelancing – he is a prolific and consumate master of the visual arts.

His style is so eclectic – it defies any categorizing. Let’s agree – it is stamped by a rare gift of imagination.


His dazzling collection of sleeves designs will leave your jaw on the floor.

-> more


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ADC Awards Exhibition

ADC and Collins are proud to present Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age 2001-2012, a showcase of more than 120 posters that best demonstrate the medium’s crucial role in social change

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UPPERCASE magazine

UPPERCASE magazine is for the creative and curious. Much of the written content, photography and illustration is commissioned from our subscribers.

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DOTMOV Festival aiming to discover talented creators and inviting guest creators, active on the front lines of the creative world, to participate as judges.

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Glug events

Glug - This is Notworking™.
Talks, banter and intoxicated enlightenment for the creative industry.

Upcoming: August 21 / The Midlands


Reasons to be Creative


Reasons to be Creative is a conference for web designers, coders, & anyone with a creative mind. It is about discovering the best in art, design, code, & inspiration.

Upcoming: September 1-3


XOXO Festival


An experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology.

Upcoming: September 11–14


The Brand New Conference

The Brand New

The Brand New Conference is a two-day event organized by UnderConsideration, focusing on the practice of corporate and brand identity.

Upcoming: September 25-26


Future of Web Design

FOWD / New York

Conference for designers and front-end devs. Learn all about UX, responsive design, CSS, web performance and workflow, and more.

Get 10% off 2 day pass - promo code: NETDIVER

Upcoming: November 3–5


AIGA 2015

AIGA 2015

Provocative speakers, local culture, nightly networking receptions, competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables with design heroes.

Upcoming: October 8-10 / 2015

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Moodboards #1 aka branding collaterals staged in a visual assemblage.


IR = Loves you. Color. Experience x repeat ad infinitum = Isabela Rodrigues.


$$$ocial media on why being a ‘social media’ user just reached another low.


The Great Discontent a near minus 0 funding campaign results in amazing #1 print edition.


Camp and Furnace is a cultural hub over 34,000 sq.ft


Van Gogh IRL. Les Impressionistes stunning ad campaign.


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