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News | Nov 2011

Us 2 you

It’s the time of the year for the Holidays too often referred to as the ‘gifts’ season. The greatest gift of all is – LOVE – which costs nothing and is immensely powerful.

From us 2 you may LOVE find you.


— temporary supension — enjoy your vacation —

See ya in 2012.

Once upon a forest

Surprised that Once upon a forest which was first Joshua Davis playground back in the wee-wee-wee early days of the web is still running. Wanna have a little piece of his randomness engine to play with and create beautiful mobile desktops?

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Grafikas is the non-commercial works of Drew Europeo. The 365 days project – Alaphabet series.


Odd Worlds.

Au cours du temps

Beautiful mix-media series Au cours du temps by Miriam Schmalen (photography) and Ekaterina Koroleva (illustration).


Multipraktik is a multi-disciplinary platform. Constantly pursuing new practices, they cross fields with design, photography, video production, music, events and art. They operate as an ever-growing collective of designers, artists, musicians, producers and programmers.


Just received in the mail two fabulous samples of their work: Oknai – Ain’t a Dream and K4 Format 2009 compilation.

Fujifilm X10

Top of the line mid-range digital camera: Fujifilm X10 has now replaced other camera – which touchscreen is no longer operative. Shucks after barely 3 years quite a bummer.

Originally got the Olympus E-PM1 (no viewfinder – no macro – no zoom – all available separately adding $$$ to costs). Check the DPR comparative review.

The brilliance of this X10 is that it has a real view finder (glass not plastic) adjustable to your eyesight – true macro and super macro and zoom capabilities. Hyper sensitive sensor.

Nice retro-looking casing – w/ plenty of manual knobs for adjustments and Leica lenses makes this the perfect point and shoot.

Cool marks

Tom Speirs art direction, brand design and typography. Sooo many cool marks.


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IdN Magazine

IdN magazine

International designers Network is a publication for creative people on a mission to amplify and unify the design community.




YouWorkForThem — Good design needs good fonts! YWFT is privately owned and run by designers, and not subject to shareholders or bottom line.

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Uniqlo LifeWear. Clothes for a better life. Every day. You feel it instantly. So confortable - so right - so you.



Alt Summit

Alt Summit.

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They LUV design! #11

The power of communication design is as varied in style as in media to show it. Follows an inspiring list of recent finds.

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They LUV drawing! #3

Illustration is probably the largest creative area to express (mostly without words) a message. Application media are endless.

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A type of Show #4 – I love typography - these projects caught my eye.

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Moodboards #1 – Branding collaterals staged and served with conceptual brilliance.


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Kuvva interview

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Best Of The Year (BOTY)

Netdiver Best of the Year is the yearly release of featured projects / talents who made a lasting impression.

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Netdiver Vintage edition

Netdiver Vintage edition

What was new in design worldwide — sort of a very unofficial record of web history as captured from {1998 - 2003}.

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Special Feature issues

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