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(BOTY): Best of the Year / 2008

Netdiver Best of the Year is always a long awaited release of which projects and whose talents have made a strong and lasting impression in the previous year. We aimed to list 100 and just could not. So how about 110 because we feel they gave their 110% best?

Now in its 7th edition, the crop of the year is for us, the top of the year. Hope you agree. Refresh your memory and (re)encounter new sources of design inspiration.

Listed in no particular order.

/ Tokujin Yoshioka


/ Simon Wild

/ Ryan Robinson

/ Hella Jongerius

/ Ricky Allman

/ Louise Campbell

/ Kashiwa Sato

/ VARIAL*Studio

/ Cristian Turdera

/ Noroutine

/ Sauerkids

/ Ross MacDonald

/ Denis Darzacq

/ iA

/ Karen Caldicott

/ Marie-Hélène de Taillac

/ Spiros Politis

/ Nimita Rathod


/ Icon Watch

/ Edko Kawa

/ Tomi and Cherry

/ DixonBaxi

/ Equivocos

/ Chris Gloag

/ Sonni

/ Tlingit vs. Haida

/ Look at me Design

/ Seth Rieder

/ Gracia + Louise

/ otoshimono

/ Ginger Beards

/ Klon2


SAGMEISTER 08 by Hillman Curtis

/ Ron van der Ende

/ L2M3

/ John Malloy

/ Isle of MTV 1

/ In The Mod: Color Analytics

/ Florian Bayer

/ Derek Swalwell

/ Martha Rich

/ William Ismael

/ Effektive

/ Soia & Kyo

/ Toormix


/ Karim Zariffa

/ Julien Vallee

/ Orba Squara

/ IWANT design

/ Harold Lee Miller

/ T-post®

/ Veer Ideas

/ Wilhem Arnoldy

/ Nathan Fox


/ Anna Haas

/ Som de Lisboa

/ Lyle Owerko

/ Tony D'Orio

/ Everywhere We Shoot

/ Marcus Nilsson

/ Weestar

/ Kim Holtermand


/ making of a Nina Ricci spot

/ Manuel Pozo


/ Liz Lomax

/ Chris Woods

/ Gretchen Nash

/ eatsomemeat

Maria Vittoria Backhaus

/ Spectra

/ Sprint in focus by Hillman Curtis

/ Booreiland

/ Chris Dent

/ NM706i

/ We Give in Sometimes

/ Sidual Apparel

/ thisislove™


/ Monika Motor

/ Gazz reel

/ Migy

/ Kareem Black

/ Sir Alan The Gallant

/ Mark Allen Miller

/ Atelier Telescopique

/ Morgane Le Gall


/ 51 Japanese Characters

/ Exit10

/ Day-to-day Hero

/ Catherine Sutherland

/ Nik Mirus

/ Sonicjam

/ Alva

/ Sarajo Frieden

/ Bio-Bak

/ Aaron Ruell

/ Cityabyss


/ Weston Teruya

/ Colors and the Kids

/ Ikea garderoben #2


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Noon (-5GMT). Netdiver Mag resurfacing. Honey, I'm back!



PRPL short for Purple Rock Scissors has such a great culture - should be universal.



A type of Show #1 strikingly creative typographic treatments.



Moodboards #1 aka branding collaterals staged in a visual assemblage.



Anastasia K. That flowery interface blew me away. Exquisitely designed.



A little (www) Story. In 1995, JF and I started a little company – Netdiver.



Paula Scher * is not a refiner. She gets it the first time or second or nsever.



365 Project. Have you a personal project? You should.



Authentic Hyperkit is a design studio collaboration between a husband-and-wife.

/ Elsewhere


Reasons to be Creative


Reasons to be Creative is a conference for web designers, coders, & anyone with a creative mind. It is about discovering the best in art, design, code, & inspiration.

Upcoming: September 1-3


Balboa Technology

Balboa Technology

We offer full range hosting: Shared,cloud, managed virtual dedicated servers, dedicated servers. Domain registration and DNS services. SSL, trust and site security services. Streaming (ShoutCast and ICEcast) services.

Consulting and IT services.

Data centers around the world.


Promo code: 20% off first year hosting.



Uniqlo LifeWear. Clothes for a better life. Every day. You feel it instantly. So confortable - so right - so you.


UPPERCASE magazine

UPPERCASE magazine is for the creative and curious. Much of the written content, photography and illustration is commissioned from our subscribers.


Subscribe now: Get 10% off. Promo code: NETDIVER.


The Brand New Conference

The Brand New

The Brand New Conference is a two-day event organized by UnderConsideration, focusing on the practice of corporate and brand identity.

Upcoming: September 25-26


Glug events

Glug - This is Notworking™.
Talks, banter and intoxicated enlightenment for the creative industry.

Upcoming: October 9 / Edingburgh


Future of Web Design

FOWD / New York

Conference for designers and front-end devs. Learn all about UX, responsive design, CSS, web performance and workflow, and more.

Get 10% off 2 day pass - promo code: NETDIVER

Upcoming: November 3–5


AIGA 2015

AIGA 2015

Provocative speakers, local culture, nightly networking receptions, competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables with design heroes.

Upcoming: October 8-10 / 2015


/ Best Of The Year (BOTY)

Netdiver Best of the Year is the long awaited release of featured projects / talents who made a lasting impression in the previous year.

Netdiver Best of the Year

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Special Feature issues

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Netdiver Vintage edition

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Netdiver Best of the Year

Best Of The Year (BOTY)

Netdiver Best of the Year is the long awaited release of featured projects / talents who made a lasting impression in the previous year.


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