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designlsc. is a modern design studio specialising in producing visual identities for design-led clients. They have a profound and evident passion as well as extensive experience of print production.

Elegant and edgy. Traditional and modernised. Design history and style.

Following featured projects show so.

For Office Use Only

For Office Use Only is a graphic and interactive design studio hailing from NYC. First discovered their work back in 2004 – we are 10 years later – they are steady holding pace.

Vast difference? More experience and expertise warranted garnering high-end cultural mostly entities and projects.

They are good. Very very good.

Outstanding projects

Presenting two outstanding projects by Josep Puy – a Barcelona-based (I LOVE BCN – missing tapas + cava) graphic designer, specializing in editorial and branding.


Creation and branding design for Beige, dedicated to personal hygiene nature-based products and aromas of plants, trees and other natural elements for body care.

Who would have thought of using a ‘front-slash’ as replacement for the ‘i’ letter. LOVE it! The line palette is unequivocally ‘beige’ – tone friendly for everyone – no matter their cultural roots. Smart!


The Studio is a new TV channel that offers programs based on contempory art and all fields of design.

Love the use of whiter shades of pale – in this instance baby blue and powder pink. The logo deconstructed typography is gorgeous.

Graphic design sitting nicely at the shore of edgy yet not too so. And what about the beer wraps! Subtle.


Love Type? Oh yes. Yes. And yes. So he. Typeaholic?? Oh yes. Yes. And yes.

Sweet branding suite and print collaterals circa? Guessing these were part of either his ‘student years’ or ‘early career’ portfolio.

Angus MacPherson is now a resident creative at Human After All.

126 Logos

Can you tell he’s busy? Can you tell he’s prolific? Can you tell he’s talentend? 126 logos retrospective poster by Mark Bloom aka MashCreative designed between 1998 and 2014?!?!

This is their shop!

Cover master

Rodrigo Corral studio creates conceptual design and art for prints, brands, interior spaces and film. New website just relaunched. Have a lookee.

He has created some of the most iconic visuals in publishing.

He is a master at cover design and some of his book and magazine covers are iconic.


Sensitive topics PRINT magazine cover. Too bad the ‘glass ceiling’ syndrome is in the mix.

A type of Show #1

Strikingly creative typographic treatments.

Typography is no longer master of words destined for print or screen only. Recalibrated itself sorta speaking + was elevated to standalone media status by all walks of creatives – they use it to render a kaleidoscope of visual projects.

Featured: Remix approach + character shaping for a French university event: Festival Arsène / 2014


Featured: Bar codes + visual illusion for the YES poster by James Unwin


Featured: Stripes embossed illusion type for a RGB magazine Mexico commission by BlueTypo


Featured: Stacked cards effect for the Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff / Penguin book cover by Matt Dorfman

AD: Jaya Miceli


Featured: 3rd year visual communication dept student multi-facetted 3d-like typography poster by Itai Weinstock


Featured: Offset cropping + multi-fonts style + orientations for an event poster for Salas Pasternak / 2013


Featured: Faux pli steps in monochrome + creating a silhouetted font in this poster for Suedpol multi purpose cultural center by Feixen


Featured: Broken words + grid + omission of letters for this Kuki Monstah DJ Set poster by Krzysztof Iwanski


Featured: Vertical type (trunk / office building / beacon?) + overlapping triangles aka basic shape to illustrate a tree + map border reference in the Tree Scout poster by Eric Karnes


Featured: Light shows through a life-size metal cut-out + fit-out of The Research Agency office by Jose Guttierrez


Featured: Black handdrawn type painted over all white objects + wall for a Plakat Workshop poster by Katja Schloz

ndlr: Cooperation with Tobias Tilgner


Featured: Tropical foliage + birds over guitar serve as canvas for deconstructed word in the Summer poster by Ricardo Garcia


Featured: Naturalist collaged canvas themed invitation for Cathedral Arts Project’s annual fundraiser by Caitlin Robinson


Featured: Soft gradient + 3d shadowed elements emulating a diagonal free fall movement in poster for a Ellie Goulding performance by Adam&Co

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The Heads of State. Make Stuff. For You. For Your Brand. For Themselves.



20 Years ago - in 1994 Andreessen launched Netscape Communications.



High glitching digitally processed and coded visual art will simply blow your mind.



For Office Use Only 10 years later – they are steady holding pace.



Urban shapes concrete aesthetics and the beauty seen in city shapes.



A little (www) Story. In 1995, JF and I started a little company – Netdiver.



Kat Teutsch photographic style is like cup to cake and leave to twig.



Neuarmy Surplus - how to take your skills and turn them into a brand + product line.

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UPPERCASE magazine

UPPERCASE magazine is for the creative and curious. Much of the written content, photography and illustration is commissioned from our subscribers.


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RuleByArt provide hand painted typefaces, tileable vectors, graphic patterns, abstract photography, 3d generated art, and more.

As artists themselves they pride themselves in having high standards.


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Uniqlo LifeWear. Clothes for a better life. Every day. You feel it instantly. So confortable - so right - so you.


Balboa Technology

Balboa Technology

We offer full range hosting: Shared,cloud, managed virtual dedicated servers, dedicated servers. Domain registration and DNS services. SSL, trust and site security services. Streaming (ShoutCast and ICEcast) services.

Consulting and IT services.

Data centers around the world.


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The Brand New Conference

The Brand New

The Brand New Conference is a two-day event organized by UnderConsideration, focusing on the practice of corporate and brand identity.

Upcoming: September 25-26


Glug events

Glug - This is Notworking™.
Talks, banter and intoxicated enlightenment for the creative industry.

Upcoming: October 9 / Edingburgh


Future of Web Design

FOWD / New York

Conference for designers and front-end devs. Learn all about UX, responsive design, CSS, web performance and workflow, and more.

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Upcoming: November 3–5


AIGA 2015

AIGA 2015

Provocative speakers, local culture, nightly networking receptions, competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables with design heroes.

Upcoming: October 8-10 / 2015


Portfolios {c/y}
Mastering the prerequisites of communication design or interactive media.
Top creatives.

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Work$paces interviews


I have done interviews with movers + shakers. Preparing a new formula: Designers shoot their space + fav projects + share creative insights about their creative path.

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Special Feature issues

SFi is a self-curation experiment coupled with a minimalist interview by people in the design industry I admire.

By invitation only


Netdiver Vintage edition

Netdiver Vintage edition

What was new in design worldwide — sort of a very unofficial record of web history as captured from {1998 - onwards}.

Over 2.4K+ projects.


Netdiver Best of the Year

Best Of The Year (BOTY)

Netdiver Best of the Year is the long awaited release of featured projects / talents who made a lasting impression in the previous year.


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VBG stands for Visual Brain Gravity. A producer and developer of concepts, products and brand experiences. Driven by vision.


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Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum

Tired of how boring lorem ipsum got? Chocolate bar caramels lemon drops jujubes apple pie chupa chups soufflé icing.




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