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Welcome to the x_editorials archive has some design related articles, well mostly. Sometimes I get worked up on a topic or an issue that has impacted me or our industry.


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Creativity? The pursuit of change by Carole Guevin

While I was looking for something else, I found this article, read it and thought in retrospect, it is still right on the spot, perhaps even moreso today. It's a quick dip into the philosophy of creativity, revolving around 5 key words. A short easy read that will perhaps raise some relevant pointers.

“Creativity is the capacity to evaluate, organize, deconstruct, interpret and synthesize chaos. The result? Assigning a systemically simple well-packaged new proposal to a problem.”


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Talent is just the beginning.

Hard work cultivates the talent.

The 'blank' state is de facto state.

If not, it would mean that you are redoing a past design ;-D

Design requires a capacity to take complex ideas and synthetize them around a strong *concept*. Look at your work - is there a tendency to *overwork* it?

Learn to cut out the noise and distraction and keep the minimum that says the maximum.

Never accept the limitations of your knowledge. It's scary to overcome the unknown - it's much more confortable to stay on solid ground.

But were you to progress as a designer - you need to jump head first into exploring *new* challenges. Then, when you deliver - comes a fabulous sense of satisfaction... that is short lived, I grant and vanishes before the new challenge! Try and DO it!

The greatest thrill is to launch a client for whom you are completely enthused by the project they are hiring you for. The appeal of a collaboration with a smart and trusting client does give a great boost to our creativity.

Thrive to find these clients. Paying the bills is one thing - but starting a new project with the ingredients of trust and collaboration will see your expertise soar to new levels.

How much time to devote to research? Time in that perspective is not important. When starting a project - try to visualize the objectives, build a bank of initial ideas based on solving the information architecture. Then think which chromatic palette will support best these objectives (logo, visual atmosphere).

Online the visual support is as important as the content and both are married. Most of all - try to come up with an original and unique interface.

What is the nature of creativity? Being bounded by constraints. They can be overcomed by developing a concept that encompasses and comprises these. A mirror is an excellent example to explain what is a constraint.

Look at some of the fancier frames - they bound the mirror right? Constraints don't need to be ugly, right? Constraints are the imposed (project) limitations that we overcome with creativity.

One of the things that never stops fascinating me is our community: the sheer amount of exchange, communication and collaboration is mind-boggling to business as usual.

There are so many people I *know* and yet have never met. Some sites I *know* for ages and couldn't possibly tell WHO is behind - yet - I feel connected somehow.

The web couldn't exist without the immense, intense and enduring contribution of everyone. Keep this in mind and NEVER miss an opportunity to show your appreciation to those who have inspired, replied and gave you a chance! Give!

Do you think of your future? I mean do you plan and dream and lay out strategies as to where you see yourself a year down the road? I do. It's important to reassess objectives and priorities from time to time.

Don't ever give up on your most excellent aspirations.

Never doubt the power of the people - we could use the same solidarity for building a mediatic positive perception towards our industry.

It can be done!

Inspiration? Well shouldn't be weather based... fetch a good book - visit some good sites - do something new!



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