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Design news | Aug 14

Hope 2015

Hope in the things unseen in 2015 is my sincere wish to us all. It’s time to reflect. It’s time to love. ND resumes on January 12.

Beatrice Heydiri

She is gifted! Beatrice Heydiri captures kids in ideallic locations bringing to the fore the insouciance and poetry in her dreamy children photography.

Paradise #09

WAABM released a few more tracks for your listening pleasure. We’re especially proud of the Paradise Mxdn – 09 – whereas our efforts learning producing / mixing are starting to be rewarded.

Wall pixel art

A poster series with a retro feel pixel art illustrations by Peter Judson.

Mogollon x2

Mogollon is a design studio located in NYC focusing on creating iconic, timeless and visionary imagery for art, film, music and fashion clients worldwide. This duo is whopping and delivering some serious imaginative concepts.


Mogollon / (mo-go-yon) / Spanish slang word for plenty or abundance. Commonly used to signify a lot, e.g., I like you mogollon.

Check their funky clothing store.

Daniel Krieger

Daniel Krieger is a food, restaurant and portrait photographer with an obvious hyper sensibility to capture not only light, room, face and staging but the muse behind it all.

Based in Brooklyn, NY.


Superposition — 5.84 Quintillion Facets of the Digital Sublime by Greg J. Smith

Spectrum fm

Gotta love this retro feel packaging for the John Lewis Spectrum digital radio designed by Pentagram.


Scifi inspired loops pack: SpaceOpera VJ Footage by Visual Delight.

Tough Slate

2-in-1 Annual Report & Presenter by Tough Slate Design. This is an outstanding annual report and editorial layout. Love the black & white with vribrant yellow & red.

One of the best I’ve seen.

Atipus / Bcn

Atipus is a Barcelona-based graphic design studio founded in 1998. They work across a variety of media and fields, ranging from brand identity to packaging or web services.

Simplified! Website (look ‘Ma no logo) showcases projects over large white space. As you will see – they have a strong penchant for bottle packaging.


Bisgràfic new office announcement poster. Sublime.

Breakfast w/ Alessi

Probably one of the most candid and surprising approach to tableware as envisioned by Alessi. I chose a series of egg cups – because breakfast is my fav meal.


Showing: Cico with salt castor (in the hat) and spoon.


Showing: Le Nid


Showing: Banana Chick

Peter Bankov

The extraordinary graphic design talent and showcase gallery of Peter Bankov posters. Available for purchase.


I have nothing to say except for the fact that I like drawing posters. In my opinion it is the most interesting genre in modern graphic art design.

B.A. Huseby for V

100% pure couture: Amanda Murphy by Benjamin Alexander Huseby for V #92 Winter 14.15



He is extremely talented – tho I am not a fashionista – can certainly appreciate his superlative photography skills.

Check his diary for more.

A hipster’s guide

A Hipster’s Guide to Replacing Google

Infinit team has been exploring replacements to Google for several months. Here are the ones they find to be the best. Excellent services alternatives.


SOFTlab, embraces projects through a mix of research and ideas. On one hand the studio is invested in projects that require significant research and experimentation.

Superlative installations.


Enter any website address in PrivacyPal to get a quick, simple overview of its Terms of Service.

Why should you care?


via: Alex Antuna

Drew Melton

Drew Melton simply put is obsessed with letters. His typography is exquisitely executed.

5 design mistakes

The 5 Most Common Design Mistakes by Julie Zhuo

1. Over-constraining the design exploration
2. Refining too early
3. Mistaking a good execution for a good product
4. Overvaluing simplicity and style at the cost of clarity
5. Undervaluing the experience outside of the container

Cory Staudacher

Cory Staudacher has worked with large companies and his serene minimalist style of photography is like a breath of fresh air. Literally since so many are taken place outdoors.


He has put together a series of free videos classes on how to learn mobile photography.

Meagan Cignoli

With the introduction of Vine and Instagram video, Meagan Cignoli helped pioneer a new industry within social media and advertising, setting the standard for six and 15 second branded videos.


Bees & Bombs

Dave Whyte aka Bees & Bombs creates the most visually fascinating .gif animations. Check him out!

Change your mind

Change your Mind. 57 Ways to unlock your creative self is an online booklet by Rod Judkins. He is a tutor at Central St Martins trying to spread art and design philosophy to benefit a wider audience.


Sawdust is the award-winning creative partnership of Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton. They focus on bespoke typography, image-making and visual identity across a diverse range of sectors.

Bartosz Kosowski

Bartosz Kosowski is an illustrator based in Lodz, Poland where he runs a one man illustration studio Blackbird Illustration. His portraits are stunning.

Jessica Svendsen

Absolutely superlative typography designs and editorial works by Jessica Svendsen – who is currently working on Michael Beirut’s team at Pentagram.

Peter Stichbury

Peter Stichbury enimagtic portraits series. There is so much inner conflicts and pain expressed – in a somewhat realistically fascinating way.

Haus rocks!

Haus is a duo of graphic designers based in Montreal. Although their work draws heavily on their artistic spirit, they are not artists. They believe that our trade is all about problem-solving.

Outstanding portfolio as proof.

KuoCheng Liao

KuoCheng Liao is residing in Taiwan and is and extremely talented freelance illustrator, graphic designer and graduate student.

His miniature flat 3d-like illustrations are little jewels. Perfect little illusions.

Down to the last details.

Breaking news

Flickr is about to sell off your Creative Commons photos.. And no, you won’t see a single penny from it by Zing Tsjeng


Just heard that Google will start to check if websites are ‘mobile friendly’ – here’s the test page.

Facebook alert. It is of the utmost importance you read what I have just published concerning Facebook upcoming change of TOS – to be effective January 1.


Twitter will soon track the apps on your smartphone to deliver more targeted ads by Kia Kokalitcheva


CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music by Nigel Stanford. All of the science experiments in the video are real. See what music waves do! Jaw-dropping.

Watch the behind-the-scenes too.

2 new tracks

We are all beautiful minds has been busy doing music – just uploaded to Soundcloud:

Night Groove – from the 010 Experiments_ + Intro track to album Changing -> Paradise / Mixdown – 08.


Marie-laure Cruschi aka Cruschiform – is a French creative studio based in Paris – working on a variety of illustrative forms to art direction and graphic design solutions.

Now that is a way cool web app – Create a playlist and customize your ‘cassette’ – choosing covers + widgets and typography. Everything is scalable.


Here’s mine: Best songs – tape #1 – a selection of full albums (more than 5 hours) that have greatly influenced our music. Enjoy!

Facebook +++

Facebook alert

It is of the utmost importance you read what I have just published concerning Facebook upcoming change of TOS – to be effective January 1.

You don’t have to be a member of Ello to read it – and suggest you follow – explore all links to make up your mind about what this service represents for you – and how you intend to continue (or not) using it.


DD / Basic Stamps

Duane Dalton is passionate about minimal and reductive design qualities that communicate a clear and precise message. Basic Stamps is applied proof.

Cast Iron rocks

Cast Iron Design manifesto? Design for Good not Evil. Sounds good right?


Absolutely the dual heads pair good design with positive impact, environmentally responsible practices, and helping the design community do the same.

Ida’s (RED) Dream

Monument Valley: an iOS and Android game by ustwo. Explore fantastical architecture and impossible geometry by guiding the silent Princess Ida. Reached a million download in July past.



Ida’s (RED) Dream: 100% of your purchase goes to (RED) to fight for an AIDS free generation.

From now – until December 7.

WATTM by beeple

We are the Transparent Machines™

Our society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy. Explores the contradictory nature of our actions and beliefs regarding transparency.

Must see!

Josef Stapel

What a perfect portfolio by Josef Stapel – a designer + art director from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Brilliant curation of which projects to show. Love his minimalist approach.

Mario Wagner

Mario Wagner favors a collage like approach to create illustrations. He has worked extensively in advertising and editorial projects as well as exhibited in major cities around the globe.

North East collection

Designed by an international cast, check out North East graphic design t-shirts and visual culture collection.

HUM creative

HUM (creative) believe inspired ideas beget inspired work. They value depth and integrity and only develop brands they wholeheartedly admire – turning great ideas into brilliant realities.

Cool very cool website.

LEGO masters

Brilliant concept: All children are authentic artists with LEGO. Art direction by Marcos Sodano.

MWM calendar

Matt W. Moore works to the credo of ‘range is conducive to growth.’ Check out is terrific 2015 calendar: all new 100% custom typographic explorations for each month.

Insider #2

All good – maintenance is postponed. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Netdiver Mag is undergoing some changes sitewide. Sections may break + nav too.
It’s going to get / be all better.

Mads Berg

Mads Berg is an illustrator. Pencil (HB or 2B) sketching for getting the image’s composition in place, then playing around with color and textures in the computer.

Why, How, What

Well well well seems like the cool kids have done it again!! Check out Brosmind newly released book: WHY, HOW, WHAT.


Having met them – they are as genuine and goofy good fellas as their art + design depicts. And creativity tireless.

Optical trickery

Optical Trickery set design by Camille Walala in collaboration with Jess Bonham. Geometrics running wild.

Forma is?

Forma is an independent studio in Barcelona dedicated to graphic communication and was founded by Joel Lozano and Daniel Navarro.

Check their eye catching portfolio.

ED-Awards 15

European Design Awards 2015 celebrates the best of graphic design, illustration and digital design in Europe.

Submisions open on 1 December 2014.

Deadline: February 15 / 15

Michael Byers

Michael Byers uses his optimistic and whimsical attitude to create fun, dynamic, and emotionally driven illustrations. His line work is deliberate and full of energy achieving an instant organic feel to his images. And a master of the genre.

Character /SF

Character is a San Francisco-based branding and design agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands. Check their porfolio for a string of outstanding projects.

Humans & tech

Branislav Kropilak artistic medium of choice is digital photography. The main theme of his work is investigating the intimate relationship between humans and technology.


LULU* is an internationally acclaimed illustrator, working in the fields of fashion, advertising, animation and editorial design. Her style is exceptional.

Science meets design

Chemistry has been one my fav study subject as well as biology. What has this gotta do with design?

image credit: SubsTech


Recognize above silicate molecules shape and visual geometry which have been ported to many (or resembling to) cool posters, products or installations of late??

For humans to inhale tho – they are deadly – sure enough – my little bro Mick was a victim.

Some examples:

Geometric 3 by Three Of The Possessed


Diamond poster by Cathrine Kirkerud


Wall mounted neons via Mechanoid


Installation by Olafur Eliasson


Paris Design Week logo.


Ikosaeder by Albert Exergian


Thefty is a London-based homewares label – founded by Helena Maratheftis, a designer and illustrator with a background in biology launches a science meets design series named: The Retroviral Collection.

Studio Es

A strange yet effective poster series around the theme of: Feel, Listen, Think and Watch developed for Ars Electronica (2010) by Studio Es.

James Gilleard

James Gilleard is an illustrator and animator living and working in London. He loves old cartoons – 1950s animation, vintage film posters. His character designs are retro deliciousness.

Plenty Reel / 14

Plenty Reel 2014 is part DIY + craft – office party (moving to a new office space) and showing team work in action and past year client projects and everyone dressed up for the occasion: turquoise overalls.

To many more!!

Design passion

Build is a London based design consultancy with a reputation for producing modern, graphic solutions. Superb portfolio.


Exactly the break I need. I am currently reconciling zillions of files – more on that soonish. Played solitaire (some cards are missing!!!).


Double-click to activate icons <- careful surprises awaits you – if you have a little time -> there are quite many levels to explore -> have fun. Break time brought to you by??

Open Credits icon for who / what code is behind.

Fractal Experiences

Erik Söderberg is a cross-media artist working with auditory and visual aesthetics. Fractal Experiences consists of 25 pictures exploring the relations of geometry, nature and the human being.

A type of Show #2

I love typography. Typography is entitled to be voted a long lasting fascination. Superbly conceptualized, crafted and staged – these projects caught my eye.

Prototype Exhibition 02 by Nakano Design


Hung clouds.. by MadeUP


Géometrical Camera by My Name is Wendy.


F L O W E R by Aleksandr Gusakov


This is a design-er phone case. It uses Helvetica and is Black by Words Brand


Music Drifts – M-nus LP cover by Adi Dizdarevic


Lamantin Jazz Festival by Hidden Characters


PowPow series #2 by Pawel Pawelak


Sony Music timeline by Alex Fowkes


Adict 3D sneaker lettering by Chris Labrooy

Ryann Ford

Her name is Ryann Ford and is a photographer.  She was raised in a little haven where there was no stop-light.. and started digging into photography at age 12.

Her work is polished – with a quieting quality. She always captures the most flattering angle. Every shot is flushed with great lighting.

It looks so effortless.

The Bakery

The Bakery design studio work in different media with clients worldwide. They are young, but experienced. They sharpened their teeth at renowned London studios & Moscow agencies.

Their portfolio speaks for itself.

Stereohype is 10

Stereohype 2004-2014 – anniversary exhibition / curation and design.


10 years, 1,000 button badges, over 300 contributors, 1 exhibition, 10 specially commissioned posters (together with badge), 1 party squirrel, 1 exhibition catalogue.


Custom Perspex Frame Specs.
Size: 100cm × 100cm (39.7” × 39.7”)
Featuring the first 1,000 button badges from Stereohype’s growing collection – arranged in random order. Each circular composition is unique and will never be replicated.
Edition: 10


On-going: London College of Communication – exhibit extended till Nov 8.

NoFo revisited

Non-Format revisited.


Despite their world reknown reputation for expressive imagery and custom typography – they put forward a firm conviction that each and every design solutions balance the desire to connect with individuals on an emotional level and effective communication.

Always surprised by their imagination and excellence of production.

Apparel paradise

What are you wearing today? Ugmonk! Imagined by Jeff Sheldon. Kept as a family affair. Cool apparel for every day wear.

For she. For him. For both.


No meta business plan behind the apparel label – with the help of the internet and social media the reach of word-of-mouth is truly global.

Products have now been shipped to customers in over 62 countries.

Well done!

Big Appetites

Christopher Boffoli is a fine art, commercial and editorial photographer. He is best known for his ‘Big Appetites’ photographs series, in which tiny, detailed human figurines pose in real food environments.


His work has been featured in over 100 countries and counting. A book / e-books / prints and cards are available for purchase.

Wanna learn more? View this video interview by CBS News.


Some of my favorites.

Sie in analog

Simply impossible to do justice to Susi Sie soundscapes and accompanying visuals which are all – ANALOG – with screencaps.

You gotta see for yourself.


She explores the physical and mathematical nature of unusual forms, substances and materials.

No animation. No 3D. Just reality.

:bread: Ello

‘Facebook Killer’ Ello Hatches Plan To Stay Ad-Free Forever by Wired


Ello Takes $5.5 Million in VC Money, Signs a Legally-Binding Charter to Never Sell Ads or Data by Betabeat


Our investment in Ello by the Foundry Group. Revised perception: investors are not all vultures.


Proof it is still possible to create ‘change’ and how social platforms can operate. And be good for everyone. And yes, profit.

Read the official Ello announcement by Paul Budnitz and .pdf which includes all signees.


Lastly, to all the cynics – pessimists and naysayers!

Read my .gif

Co-Effect duo

Co-Effect is a Toronto-based creative communications studio founded by the dynamic duo Evelyne Au & Roman Lifshitz – with expertise in branding, strategy, communication, graphic, exhibit and web design.

Young and already having a string of very strong projects under their belt – can’t wait to see what they cook up in the future.

Added to my ‘to watch’ list.

Socio Design*

SD/ aka Socio Design is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio based in Farringdon, London. They apply meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of their design process, ensuring their work is both unique as well as aesthetically strong.

Have fun – you need to dig from top to bottom full appreciation.

Stunning portfolio.

Astronaut and??

Scott Listfield is known for his paintings featuring a lone exploratory astronaut lost in a landscape cluttered with pop culture icons, corporate logos, and tongue-in-cheek science fiction references.

Man in (our cultural) space?


by Berger & Föhr

12 Thoughts on presenting work for approval by Berger & Föhr

1 – Be prepared.
2 – Optimize the space.
3 – Create inspirational context.
4 – Restate the goals of the project.
5 – Reveal the work slowly.
6 – Take a strong stance.
7 – Handle color delicately.
8 – Share idea ownership.
9 – Build up to a critical moment.
10 – Summarize.
11 – Exercise Patience.
12 – Communicate next steps.


More thoughts on


If you wonder who the heck they are? Berger & Föhr are co-founders at Ello alongside Paul Budnitz and the partners at Modeset


Excerpt from the manifesto:

We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.

You are not a product.

Swarovski 14

Nejc Polovsak aka Twistedpoly is a designer, director & motion graphics artist – was invited by friends from Kompost in Zurich on a project showcasing new watch collection from Swarovski.

His role was setting up and animating most of the CG elements, along with shading and texturing.


The aggregation of everyday objects colorized and mounted to create a unique shape or perspective, she definitely deserves the title of illusionist extraordinaire.


Elise works at the intersection of photography and sculpture. She explores the relationship between two and three dimensions, and what it means to take, or make, a photograph.

TXOKOSI rocks!

Cute don’t even start to describe these products. The pillows I hope to offer JF & I to celebrate our 25 anniversary knowing each other.

I’m thinking ‘U’ & ‘I’ ;))


TXOKOSI is a product line of ‘Little cute things’ which is owned and was created by Kitxune, a multi-disciplinary digital design and software development studio based in Bilbao / ES

LUV design! #9

They luv design! It shows! #9. We show it!

The power of communication design is as varied in style as in media to show it. Follows an inspiring list of recent finds.

Image making by Maqina


Fin Collective branding by DIA


Mozartkugel Music Box by Ode to Things


Monodraw. Powerful ASCII art editor designed for the Mac.


Leica S Magazine cover by Rankin


Peoples History Museum – A land fit for heroes by Modern Designers


When you LOVE what you have – you have everything you need painting by Kal Barteski


8 Posters (Fogg) by Bunch


Fogg brand guidelines by Bunch


Bianuario ADCV 4 by Ibán Ramón + Dídac Ballester

A million times

The ‘A million times‘ is a graphically conceptual, mechanical and engineered based design project. With this kinetic installation, Humans since 1982 present clocks (288 interconnected!!!) as objects unleashed from a solely pragmatic existence.

I have been looking to identify this project for a long time. Must see!

Turn it into art

We all use so much sh.. We collect sh.., buy sh.., steal sh.., trade sh.. and then throw sh.. away. So what happens with all this old sh? Is there a life after it leaves our hands? Love her, suffer for her, or turn her into art!

QOSh is a rather unusual side project by Jessica Walsh (partner of Sagmeister & Walsh) and Timothy Goodman.

Have sh.. to get rid of? Check about.

AIGA/NY event

AIGA/NY invitation to a conference by Lance Wyman: Coming and Going

While he is best known for his designs for the 1968 Mexico olympics, Lance Wyman has become an unquestioned master of transforming space through branding and wayfinding over his 50+ year career as a designer and teacher.

Lance will be talking about his experience designing urban icon systems.

Q & A to follow.

Where: Parsons The New School for Design 66 Fifth Ave, New York, New York 10011

Upcoming: October 29 / 18h30


Joslyn Reid is a Jamaican born design director and illustrator currently living in Ottawa – who very recently launched his website.


Now that’s what I called using a dark theme to its fullest to showcase a series of very cool projects. A stunning debut portfolio.

Much talent – one to follow.


FontBook™ (App) – The Original Typeface Compendium, est. 1989


Since 1989, the FontBook™ Editorial Staff has been the definitive authority on documenting and comparing commercial typefaces.

Covers nearly 37,000 typefaces from 8,000+ font families.


via: David Hellmann


ADC Young Guns 12 – professionals 30 years of age and younger winners announced. Previous years winners.

Ceremony + Exhibition Party

Upcoming: October 9

Insider #1

Netdiver website is in maintenance mode. Sections affected are the galleries. Should be completed by end of day.

Organic shapes

An exploration on organic form and structure (in contrast to his usual geometric approach) by Marius Roosendaal.

Wish these were available as prints.

Tanaka Tatsuya*

I have been following his miniature stories with great interest and often – awe.

Tanaka Tatsuya, an artist in Japan, never lost his wild wide child-like imagination. He has created a playful tiny diorama every day for the past 4 years.


ndlr: Follow his Instagram

Sam Dallyn*

Sam Dallyn is one of those exceptional designers with a consistently evolving career. Exercising his discerning eye and analytical mind to extract the essential – complement his minimalist approach in all projects.


Not a cold minimalism at all. End-results feel (and look) inviting and warm.

Check his new portfolio.

Twinkind me?

I have this fascination for miniatures that dates quite a few years back – in fact – I am working on such a project myself – titled – Somewhere Small.


So imagine my surprise and awe at discoverting Twinkind – the world’s smallest figurines – of you.

Done in 3d printing – shot on location – with loads of optional accessories.

That would be a perfect b-day gift!

TASK(s) by Phoenix

The Agency Survival Kit(s). Dead-on right on target creatives must haves. Have a look to what’s inside each kit – I had a good giggle.

Ok I laughed a lot.

Featured: Overtime Kit


Featured: Power Outage Kit


Featured: Presentation Kit

More visuals? View the project.


Phoenix – is a Montreal / CA idea powerhouse. 10 years thought provoking copy and projects.

On a side note: if their website is a ‘temp’ one – imagine what’s in dev!!



‘We are not tied to old, tired, cliché and overdone ideas. We stand out and we want you to stand out.’

Oh this one – a little jewel:

‘We do not clone magic geese nor pearl-bearing oysters, so please stop asking.’

CODIN alert

Where are the programming people? This is a site to learn/compete: CodinGame.

Programming games are turn-based. On each turn, you will get info from standard input (like a map, the enemies, etc.), then your code computes a strategy and writes an action to standard output (like shoot or move).


via: Lee Nelson

Lo Siento*

Lo Siento claiming to be a small studio in Barcelona / SP – has got one of the most exciting portfolio – I’ve viewed in a while.

They are packaging masters whereas projects after projects – superb visual experiences are coupled to serious industrial design knowledge.

Must see!

Good Morning, Sunshine.

Good Morning, Sunshine.


Our mission is to inspire people to create a world where why you do something is more valued than what you do.

Download these screensavers below and learn how to find your why.


A collaborative mission to inspire action, optimism, courage and love.

Quotes by Simon Sinek based on the Golden Circle brand process model.


Vision and design by TAB.

RTBC opening titles

Super prod + creativity demonstrated in the opening titles by From Form created for Reasons to be Creative 2014.

Way cool installation concept!


TDR™ @ Typopassage™

TDR™ Preview – We Design The World, People Copy Us


British graphic designer Ian Anderson, founder of The Designers Republic™ will give a conference and workshop.

The autumn event marks the end of the TDR™@Typopassage™ year with an A to Z of TDR™ conference, a Pointless workshop and a DJ Set – all highly anticipated by the local design community.


Typopassage™ is a micro-museum with and about lettering. Set in an unconventional location – under a bridge in the center of the city, it has become, during the past 4 years (#2#3#5), a landmark for typography and graphic design exhibitions and events and managed by Ovidiu Hrin after a seminal meet-up with Erwin Bauer.


Previous guests of the TypopassageTM annual workshops were Ciprian Isaac from Graphic Font (Bucharest), with Graphics without Computers, and Ian Wilker, Hijalti Karlsson and Nicole Jacek from Karlssonwilker Inc. (New York) – with Another Day – Another Adventure.

You are invited!

Upcoming: September 26


11:00 Participants registration
14:00 Brunch
21:00 DJ SET: Ian Anderson vs. Anonim™

Location: Typopassage™ – D’arc Mal Boat / Tinereții Bridge, Timișoara

Woouf Woouf

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish is my current mindset. Woouf is hard to beat in the staying foolish department.

These are – huh – bean bags – sofa – cushions – mobile covers!! Amazing!! Good for the kidz playroom – small or tall – young or old. 100% Made in Barcelona.

Here’s my fav list – obviously.


The Beatles Drum


DJ bag


MiniMoog official collection

CA interactive /

Communication Arts interactive competition call for entries. Student work now accepted.


Any interactive project created for digital distribution on disc, interactive kiosk, handheld device, online service or the World Wide Web is eligible.

Deadline: October 3

Pixlr Express

I have a huge collection of photo editing apps on devices that range from quirky to professional grade. Does 41 qualify?? LOL

Pixlr Express – photo editing, effects, and collage by Autodesk Inc is a middle of the way level free app. There are enough options – worthy of having.

Interestingly they have co-launched a desktop version available for a fee.


via: Max Hancock

N* Must (see)

The 110-seat Nexus studio lies in the middle of London’s creative and tech hub, giving it access to an amazing community of leading artists and innovative coders

Proficient in anything (it this possible?) that animates a script and a myriad of programming skills that have a different visual or interactive requirement.


Featured in ’10 for their SyFy idents – I decided to follow-up with my picks of must see. Prolific only begins to describe their output.

Each project was chosen for either their through the roof fantasy or disarming charm or technical prowness or storyboard or beautiful script or environmental cause or data vizualization brilliance.


Featured: Kicks Compilation


Featured: BBC Jam – Monster


Featured: U2 – Windows in the Skies


Featured: EE – Digital Portraits


Featured: Apres la Pluie


Featured: Kicks – Bestseller


Featured: Vodafone – Surprise


Featured: D&DA – I Wish I’d Done That


Featured: New York Times – Holiday Books


Featured: Chipotle – Back to The Start


Featured: Honda – Hands

Witty x ‘n’

Andrew Rae is an illustrator capable of rendering just about any scenario, either real or imagined.


His well-observed and witty approach has led to a wide range of commissions, both editorial and commercial. He is based in London.

Meet the Ipsums

Meet the Ipsums is a little compendium of lorem ipsum resources with quirky variables. One for your taste for sure.


via: Veerle Pieters


Inspired by Orwell’s fiction. Built for the post-Snowden reality. I backed ‘1984’ Stealth Fashion.


LOVE it – the copy is amazing – video is superb – as like someone said: the ‘idea’ could be start of a new trend.

It’s time to #GoDark.

#Tag searches

I have been carefully curating the ‘#tags’ for each featured post since onset and now?

Woot! Fully stocked with 2.6k posts + tags on Netdiver Mag. Fully searchable: try the search box to find more eye candy.

Printed affair

designlsc. is a modern design studio specialising in producing visual identities for design-led clients. They have a profound and evident passion as well as extensive experience of print production.

Elegant and edgy. Traditional and modernised. Design history and style.

Following featured projects show so.

MUTI safari

MUTI based in Cape Town / SA – were designated to create a South African safari scene – as part of a global promotion project for Lufthansa – with an aim to portray several interesting and entertaining situations taking place in the teeming crowd.

The round medallions is a cool approach to convey being immersed in a particular setting or situation. As you can see – the illustrations are brimming over with details – but not overwhelmingly so.

Good job.

Pantone postcards

Pantone chips postcards in a 100 pack. No shades repetition. Imagine on your studio wall? Cool.

Dimensions: 14.4 x 19.8cm

Available at Top3.

aka Flight 404

Featured on ND (circa 06) was Weird Fishes on Radiohead track. Have a listen.

Still a great experiment!


Processing (founded by Ben Fry and Casey Reas) is a fascinating software and one of the first to explore the possibilities was Robert Hodgin (one of the co-founder of the Barbarian Group) – aka Flight 404.

Want to view more? 281 uploads + 16 appearances in his Vimeo profile.


His dynamic visuals have backed musicians performing on tour like Peter Gabriel and Aphex Twin, and he designed the popular Magnetosphere music visualizer in Apple’s iTunes.


While at Bloom Studio – he worked on the worked on the Planetary iPad app which was the first code acquisition by the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Closeup of the Flashbulb planet ‘Red Extensions of Me’ which features a bright red album cover. The planet and its moons derive their surface patterns and colors from the album art.


He is the foremost implementer of Cinder, a C++ graphics framework he co-created along with Andrew Bell and Hai Nguyen. He is engaged in constant investigations of emergent complexity in generative design.


If you are interested in investigating further – I recommend looking up: Form+Code to which Robert has contributed to.

Check the ‘links‘ section to discover others working the field.


And there is a book available.

Diamonyte duo

Gilles & Cecilie Studio design, illustrate, curate, paint walls, write copy, share their knowledge through lectures, talks and workshops, make tailored work, like to push boundaries. Whew!


Their works feel like a never-ending Summer of youthful boundary-less exhuberance. Loads and loads of colors – or none. Diamond shapes are a must obviously but not limited to. Surfaces – in-store – outdoors – wall or window treatments abound as packaging to stamps.

Life choreographed and celebrated.

FUI = Decca Digital

Decca Digital is Corey Bramall – a screen graphics designer based in Vancouver, Canada – who believes the best results come from telling the story with special attention to the details.


Alright no doubt! On opening of website – you might be perceiving right off his – huh – special attention to details.. to quote his own words.

The complexity of the screens – that to me represent just about the heaviest layered .psd nightmare on warp. But that’s me. And as for him – he’s a genial, humble and happy FUI!!


Needless to say none of these screen caps pay true homage to his skills. Let’s say that he’s worked on some of my fav sci-fi films – such as Iron Man 3 – Eagle Eye – The Amazing Spider-Man and Thor.

Check the trailers.


ndlr: FUI (Fantasy User Interface)

3d Wizard

That is a gorgeous Apple keyboard mock-up designed by Gorm Haraldsson from Sweden. His 3d abilities are through the roof.

And guess what? You can download .psd for free!


And how about two sizes of soda can? No problem – free .psd to download as well.

Creativity is messy

Fabulous letter – of admission – creativity is messy. I know – just back from attempting to record WAABM debut album – and the ‘title’ track drove us not only up the walls – but the colliding 2 styles – proved – irreconcilable. So we did a ‘rewrite’ of the song – found a new direction and took 5 days off.

We were spent.

As a good friend said:

These things take time.


So encouraging you to NOT COMPROMISE. Better be as you want – then try to be a crowd-pleaser or worst – succumb to perceived (usually false) perception of anticipation.


Open Letter to our Future Users by Bespoke Atelier

After a rocky beta (users had to provide UDID (device id) to receive app and just about ready to launch Bespoke – a server glitch derailed the app in iStore and delayed it for 5 more weeks – until ‘bug’ was finally fixed.

Now the waiting game is on for Apple approval.

Starting a project / app / venture?

Must read.


It’s time to call it: Pulling the plug on Buyosphere by Tara Hunt

Tara is a serial project starter – she’s hard working, witty and driven like no other I know (except perhaps for Michele – they abide same realm) – and yet – after a humble TedX plea, venture seeking, (almost) burning out working up / down startup avenue..

The worst just happened.

The rebound will be exceptional.

Must watch video for startup DO / Don’t.

Change of hat

Last day as editor for 15 days. Change of hat: songwriter – composer – arranger -> recording debut album ‘Changing‘.

See ya’ again on Sept 9.

VDW invitation

Vancouver Design Week is a not-for-profit social enterprise created by a passionate team of volunteers from across design disciplines.


VDW is a collaborative platform, a call to action, and an invitation to us all to immerse in design and its transformative potential.

Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives.

Upcoming: September 15-28


Very cool and edgy website interface! Love it!

RuleByArt is??

RuleByArt provide designers with the highest quality handmade + digital /art / resources:


Hand painted typefaces, tileable vectors, graphic patterns, abstract photography, 3d generated art, and more.

As artists themselves they pride themselves in having high standards you can see in the work.


Get 20% off with Promo Code: NETDIVER

Danny Yount

Danny Yount is an american graphic designer and commercial director who has a diverse visual style and a unique range of depth and crafstmanship in motion arts and film.

Fantastic split scenes montage for the Semi-Permanent (2013) conference titles.

Dxmiq worlds

Maxim Meshkov aka Dxmiq creates 3d animations and cgi graphics with a sci-fi futuristic flare. An imaginative world where ‘white’ and ‘gray’ are the primal colors until unexpected explosion of neon + pastel palette appears.


Perfected renderings are sometimes vertiginous moving in one plane to another as if viewer tumbles in an endless playful plastic-like surface world.


Featured: SLICED


Featured: EF-6: LHC / Energy Flow

Aquatilis project

I have a deep appetite for sciences such as astrophysics + astronomy + geographic expeditions especially dedicated to discovering the deep seas.


The Aquatilis project website is extraordinary on many levels. Please donate if you can.


First the scope – 3 years around the seas on a high-tech sailboat.

Secondly the leader is no other than underwater photography genius – Alexander Semenov.


Thirdly – branding – font – interactive design is the handicraft of extra talented Tobias van Schneider.

High glitching

Adam Ferriss experiments with all sorts of tools in making his algorithmic art, from Processing and other creative coding frameworks to real-time shaders and post-processing video effects.


Sometimes he distorts photographs he finds, running them through a gauntlet of digital mutations until they’re something entirely new.


Be ready to be blown away. Careful extreme animated visual permutations. Want to give it a try? Download his open-source files.

Don’t miss his about page for more links to artworks.


via: Wired

Kat Teutsch

Kat Teutsch photographic style is like cup to cake and leave to twig. Not overstuffed! Not overlit! Not over staged! Not overdone.

Natural. No less than quietly brilliant. Genuine. Feels ‘real’ and warm.


She is a food, still life and interiors photographer living in New York City. She also shoots a lot of travel/personal projects around the world.


via: Big Leo Productions

Urban shapes

Sebastian Weiss is photo columnist for AD Architectural Digest Germany and passionate about concrete aesthetics and the beauty seen in city shapes.

Superb light and a myriad of elliptical, angled, curvy, triangular architectural shapes soaring or flat.. His keen and artful eye produces a mix of awe and how he dunnit – for us viewers.

National Forest

‘The people of National Forest are dedicated to making the world a better place. We feel compelled to share the fun, beauty, and excitement we have been fortunate enough to experience in hopes of encouraging others to enjoy life, foster love and empathy, and make stronger, more sincere connections.’

I second this wholeheartedly.


Love the retro-feel of these mobile casings – wish they were reiussued.

Rocking offer!

Balboa Technology was started from a private/personal project fully realized as in 2003, to save individuals and businesses time, money and headache.

Balboa Technology


We offer a full range of web hosting and related services. Shared hosting, cloud hosting, managed virtual dedicated servers, dedicated servers with more to come.

Domain registration and DNS services. SSL, trust and site security services. Streaming (ShoutCast and ICEcast) services. Consulting and IT services. Data centers around the world.

Our partcular focus is on security, reliability, good pricing and most important: having the happiest clients possible.


NETDIVER promo code:

20% off first year hosting.

Nooka rebounds

I actually reviewed the ‘first’ Nooka and this one tops it – designed by extra talented Matthew Waldman who describes himself as techno-progressivist, New Yorker, artist, educator.

ndlr: For more funkies -> store.


Read Forbes coverage:

Trying To Rebuild A Company With Crowdfunding: Nooka by Karsten Strauss


and then if you like – get one!

Neuarmy Surplus

In early years of research on the www, I predicted that creatives would seize the day – and start selling not only their skills but ‘goods’ – without intermediaries.

Excerpt of a poster provocative enough!


I have know Ryan Katrina aka Neuarmy for over a decade (at least).

What I admire most – is the fact that he has taken charge and sourced his graphic design – typographic skills to launch a brand named Neuarmy Surplus that produces wood signs – limited edition shirts – pouches and duffle bags.

Hand-drawn – hand-painted/printed !! And that branding suite!!


Gorgeous subdued photography instills a retro-dreamy-vintage atmosphere throughout the superb website.


Japan M.A.F.

Call for entries for the Japan Media Arts Festival that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga.


Entries are sought from professional, amateur, independent and commercial creators from across the globe.

Deadline: September 2 / 2014

Acta + Nyte

DSType is a multi-awarded type foundry based in Portugal. With almost 20 years of experience, specialises in the design of typefaces for magazines, newspapers, corporations and cultural institutions worldwide.


Featured: Acta


Featured: Nyte

The Heads of State?

The Heads of State. We Make Stuff. For You. For Your Brand. For Ourselves. And brand themselves – well, they do.

Reassuring to their clients? Bet it is.


LOVE the ‘Graphic Diplomacy established in 2002’ on their business card.


World class brands and lo-fi bands, entrepreneurs and raconteurs, cultural institutions and craftsmen alike work with us because of our inventive thinking, our classic design sense, our abundance of facial hair, and our honest approach to the business of image making.


Read: The Great Discontent interview.


In their online store (currently in maintenance) they offers print which proceeds go to certain organizations.


THOS have a superb website. As a user – just as I prefer them. Large opening visual with knick-knacks staging infused with metaphors referring to their agency description.

3 hands – (3 heads) are better than one and their gorgeous logo (love it).

Visual Conversation

Visual Conversation – geometry, typography & concepts is an online design brand of high quality original limited edition prints.

Pretty colors to adorn your studio or commercial space. Like?


Item #1: Bob Dylan At Wilson High School Concert Poster 1964


Item #2: Johnny Cash At Riverside Concert Poster 1957


Item #3: Bob Marley And The Wailers at Apollo Theatre Concert Poster 1979

For Office Use Only

For Office Use Only is a graphic and interactive design studio hailing from NYC. First discovered their work back in 2004 – we are 10 years later – they are steady holding pace.

Vast difference? More experience and expertise warranted garnering high-end cultural mostly entities and projects.

They are good. Very very good.

20 Years ago

I remember – when we ‘upgraded’ to Netscape (and proudly own a ‘hard’ copy).. don’t recall which browser we were using prior in ’95. I recall vividly Bill infamous: "I don’t believe in the Internet" and the big ensuing vicious attack by M$.

Epic and devastating.


Marc Andreessen may have known what he was getting into when he cowrote Mosaic at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications, but it wasn’t until he graduated from college and met with some Silicon Valley types that the Web revolution really began.


In 1994 Andreessen launched Netscape Communications, offering his new Navigator Web browser (based on Mosaic) to the world. Finally, users outside of the academic world would get a taste of HTML, and nothing has been the same since.


Netscape browser archive.


Netscape chose Netdiver as one of their *Best of What’s New* (Dive in) link from August 2000 to Jan 2001.

July 14/00 *Rage of the day * site by Netscape editors (Dive in).


Don’t know how they found our fledging little online magazine. Maybe we could submit – can’t recall. But in the end – we actually owe Netscape putting Netdiver Mag on the map sorta speaking – sending huge traffic and giving us massive visibility.


How Microsoft Attacked the Beast who created Netscape, Mozilla Firefox & Skype.

“It was like a visit from Don Corleone, I expected to see a bloodied computer on my bed next day” – Marc Andreessen to Microsoft.

View the full video!


via: Jan Jursa + Jason Kokkte + PCWorld


A mission. Cultivate. Resist. Elevate. Sustain.

I cultivate featuring good people – good projects and good designs ONLY.

I resist following trends and false perceptions of hype or edge. I don’t compromise EVER!

I elevate the best in our humanity – we are all imperfect ANYWAYS.

I sustain a passion to empower the creative industry, gain it respect and visibility TODAY.

£50 discount

Woot!!! Get £50 discount (that’s about 15% discount). Promo code: NETDIVER50 – expires August 22nd – to attend upcoming Reasons to be creative conference.

Upcoming: September 1-3

Where: Brighton, UK

Barcodes encore

I always had a weak spot for bar codes: products – desktops – wrapping – and still do.


Upon discovered attraction – started designing with these back in early 2000 – we even had a website with these. As you can see – the love lingers in my vintage pixel avatar.

Carole Guevin avatar


He has an exceptional eye for composition – like none other. Geometric compositions. Can I say that? The collision of graphic grid meets architecture head-on is generating extraordinary. The results are splendid. Saturated colors.

Who wouldn’t want those ‘turquoise’ on a wall to look at in the dead of Winter as shown in the Spektrum Eins project?

Matthias Heiderich is a self taught photographer and an outstanding one as that – check his folio out. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Font Viewer

Font Viewer – Your Design Helper. Created by Yoshito Hasaka.


A font viewer app to help designers to choose a font for project from variety of fonts in lunchtime. Now iOS fonts (system-installed), Font Awesome, and Google Fonts are available to browse.

Outstanding projects

Presenting two outstanding projects by Josep Puy – a Barcelona-based (I LOVE BCN – missing tapas + cava) graphic designer, specializing in editorial and branding.


Creation and branding design for Beige, dedicated to personal hygiene nature-based products and aromas of plants, trees and other natural elements for body care.

Who would have thought of using a ‘front-slash’ as replacement for the ‘i’ letter. LOVE it! The line palette is unequivocally ‘beige’ – tone friendly for everyone – no matter their cultural roots. Smart!


The Studio is a new TV channel that offers programs based on contempory art and all fields of design.

Love the use of whiter shades of pale – in this instance baby blue and powder pink. The logo deconstructed typography is gorgeous.

Graphic design sitting nicely at the shore of edgy yet not too so. And what about the beer wraps! Subtle.


Love Type? Oh yes. Yes. And yes. So he. Typeaholic?? Oh yes. Yes. And yes.

Sweet branding suite and print collaterals circa? Guessing these were part of either his ‘student years’ or ‘early career’ portfolio.

Angus MacPherson is now a resident creative at Human After All.

Nigel Buchanan *

Nigel Buchanan lives in Sydney and works in a big old warehouse with a bunch of other illustrators. He likes the company of others – that’s really nice to know.

He has won awards – that’s really nice. He has served these type of clients The Wall Street Journal, MTV,The New York Times, TIME magazine, Money Week Paris and The Radio Times in London – that’s really nice too.


But what is even more nice – is the quality of his work. Such finesse. Such control. A cross between caricacturist and real-life portraitist – what is even more nicer – is the depth of his concepts.

126 Logos

Can you tell he’s busy? Can you tell he’s prolific? Can you tell he’s talentend? 126 logos retrospective poster by Mark Bloom aka MashCreative designed between 1998 and 2014?!?!

This is their shop!

Long live PRPL

PRPL short for Purple Rock Scissors (which imv is enigmatic enough) has such a great culture enunciation that it should become a universal manifesto of sort for all of us creatives.

We’re driven by the why.


This isn’t window dressing, it’s our way of life. It’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work.

Heads up, they tend to be contagious (I agree):

Authenticity. To be genuine, be vulnerable.

Simplicity. Distill to the meaningful and balanced.

Drive. Do what you love.

Adventure. Take risks and embrace where they take you.

Mindfulness. Exercise a nuanced, articulate understanding.

Appreciation. Dwell on the good.


No meager feat – they got a fantastic website too. Digging their looped live action zooming on studio interiors emblazoning their culture tidbits. Videos expanding on processes. Illustrations. Large type and pictures.

Really really good copywriting – choosy projects (including self-initiated) – blog posts – all this rolled into one uninterrupted digital wandering.

Long live!

Frame TV3

Frame’s take is a much slicker approach due context controlled environments and evolution of software.


Reminds of the some of the very first Sony Bravia ad (circa 2005) of 250,000 balls released down a street in San Francisco. Nope no CGI. Real balls.


Frame was approached by ManvsMachine (behind the SyFy idents) – who were working on the rebrand for TV3 Denmark – to collaborate in the creation of six idents for the huge relaunch.

They wanted to have a magazine-like quality to the pictures of beautiful Danish homes getting flooded by TV3 logo balls.


Served! TV3 Idents – Montage

CGI supremacy

Dvein is a collaborative collective from Barcelona – that pushes the limits of live action and CGI storytelling.

Obviously obsessed with morphing ‘gooey’ elements and some really hair-rising monsters – sometimes toying with textures and liquids – their skills are unmatched.


A selection of my favs.

Featured: ‘Symbiosis‘ for Rdio


Featured: ‘The Vein‘ video for Magma


Featured: ‘Hecho‘ en Syfy


Mittongtare stunning compositions and vibrant food photography. The staging is kept to essential and deliciously appealing as well as the juxtaposition of two different shots – expands a theme.

Mostly shot in his brightly lighted loft equipped with state of the art kitchenware.

Hello Hel Looks

A unique photo reportage and inside peek into how ordinary people show their street (or not) smart fashion styles: Hel Looks.


Project is part of the Best of the Year roster in 2005.

Netdiver Best of the Year


One of the longest lasting street style project – started in 2005 (in Helsinki) and still going strong! Full archives available.

Notice much changes?

circa 2005


circa 2014


Factum: One of the project co-founders – Sampo Karjalainen turns out to be co-founder of the Moves app acquired by Facebook in April / 14. Wow!

Cool Aether

Aether is a superb cone shaped streaming music device – turn the dial and voilà! Play another Internet ‘channel’ or playlist. You can even ‘talk’ to choose something else.

View videos to see how it work.




ndlr: Andrew and Carissa Gallo co-directed the very cool brand film.

Sporticus grannies

They are in way better shape than I will ever be! Guess that football has got some fontaine de Jouvence included. Funny + refreshing approach for this ad campaign.

Scoring handiwork by Rogerio Miranda!

Lucid dreaming

Andric is a ND alumni whose photographic skills have become non-short of extraordinary. His people + space collections consists mainly of one subject and an incredible background.

Totally awesome immersive poetic landscapes unsaturated hazy faded colors and expansive horizons draw you in.

Lucid dreaming.

Cover master

Rodrigo Corral studio creates conceptual design and art for prints, brands, interior spaces and film. New website just relaunched. Have a lookee.

He has created some of the most iconic visuals in publishing.

He is a master at cover design and some of his book and magazine covers are iconic.


Sensitive topics PRINT magazine cover. Too bad the ‘glass ceiling’ syndrome is in the mix.

A type of Show #1

I love typography. Typography is entitled to be voted a long lasting fascination. Superbly conceptualized, crafted and staged – these projects caught my eye.

Remix approach + character shaping for a French university event: Festival Arsène / 2014


Bar codes + visual illusion for the YES poster by James Unwin


Stripes embossed illusion type for a RGB magazine Mexico commission by BlueTypo


Stacked cards effect for the Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff / Penguin book cover by Matt Dorfman

AD: Jaya Miceli


3rd year visual communication dept student multi-facetted 3d-like typography poster by Itai Weinstock


Offset cropping + multi-fonts style + orientations for an event poster for Salas Pasternak / 2013


Faux pli steps in monochrome + creating a silhouetted font in this poster for Suedpol multi purpose cultural center by Feixen


Broken words + grid + omission of letters for this Kuki Monstah DJ Set poster by Krzysztof Iwanski


Vertical type (trunk / office building / beacon?) + overlapping triangles aka basic shape to illustrate a tree + map border reference in the Tree Scout poster by Eric Karnes


Light shows through a life-size metal cut-out + fit-out of The Research Agency office by Jose Guttierrez


Black handdrawn type painted over all white objects + wall for a Plakat Workshop poster by Katja Schloz

ndlr: Cooperation with Tobias Tilgner


Tropical foliage + birds over guitar serve as canvas for deconstructed word in the Summer poster by Ricardo Garcia


Featured: Naturalist collaged canvas themed invitation for Cathedral Arts Project’s annual fundraiser by Caitlin Robinson


Featured: Soft gradient + 3d shadowed elements emulating a diagonal free fall movement in poster for a Ellie Goulding performance by Adam&Co

Names for Change

Names for Change is home to an UMD caritative initiative – selling naming rights to all the items that connect their clients to food, shelter and a future.

Connecting everyone who comes through their doors with food, shelter and a future requires a whole lot of stuff.


What a smart way to raise funds! Give as little or as much. Each vignette explains what each item will have as impact and why they are a necessity to recovering one’s human dignity and place in society.

The website is crafted delightfully. A great interactive and learning experience.


via: Must read article: We are all part of the same thing by Nick Jones

Moving marvels

Justin Mezzell is a super talented illustrator and graphic designer who make things (for a stellar brochette of clients). Some of them move. Some not.

His style is very simple yet in the simplicity there are a lot perceivable details. Much akin to ‘icon’ design in trending ‘flat’ design.

I really enjoy his little moving marvels.

Paula Scher *

She is not a refiner. She operates on instincts; she gets it the first time or second or never.

She thinks clients like to buy process (time) and are afraid if you get it instantly!

She was told to illustrate with type.

She felt her hands had been cut off when the puter came around.

She thrives for this moment when she knows she has nailed it and lives for it!

Meet Paula Scher from Pentagram.


Her design approach seems to be to stamp as many – and as much big BIG typography as possible.

Her knack at putting odds + odds = eccentric intrinsically beautifully balanced projects.

Her best work are letter driven – not picture driven. But her choice of visuals with off-center cropping and / or duotoning and / or monolithic subjects complete her expansive typography – perfectly.

Visual osmosis. Virtuosity.


Guess it’s easy to understand why one of her books is titled: Make it Bigger! A journey into her three decades of design.

Must read!

MadeinMTL exit

Prompted to do this post following a recent tweet: ‘The sheer amount of ‘on / off’ – websites that ‘vanished’ is crazy. Thinking of all the man hours and dreams that have disappeared.’ – and ensuing exchange with Chris Tse.


After releasing a little (www) Story – and ystd – reading an article about the people behind the Wayback Machine to discovering that ‘websites last in average 100 days!’ What???? to which Mike Sullivan replied: ‘Viral / campaign sites? Some 30 days.’


Sifting the archives to see if some of the pre-database years featured awsm people / projects are still around.. to do an encore..

I found the multi-awarded MadeinMTL project – of which production cost must have been upwards of multi-hundred grands in government grants + corporate sponsorships to produce this interactive documentary.

Version 1.0 + 2.0 were released.

I followed the link and I was really shocked (do it). To be honest – I don’t get it. Read the feature to understand the scope of loss.


I am blown away! MadeinMTL is a touristic destination site for both visitors and locals. Although this is my hometown, I must admit that the teams (Locomotion and BlueSponge) behind this little jewel have done their darndest to cover the City which is known for its load of good food and creative vibe, shopping, its underground city and lots of cultural events and festivals and much much more.

You can even make your own itinerary. Now if you plan to visit – don’t forget to visit the site and give me a shout!

Here’s what you can find on the site: 425 addresses, 15 000 pictures, 400 texts, 50 hours of video, 40 sound scapes and 25 shorts.


Showing: Version 1.0


Showing: Version 2.0

Deluxemodern etc.

Christine Tafoya is a self-professed design addict and renamed ‘etiquette‘ by ‘manners‘ to describe her online store Dear Miss Modern Market ethos where you can find exquisite ‘templates’ for special occasions.


I am a grown-up geeky tomboy eye candy seeking editor while she is this buoyant festive stylish stylist for brand and home!

She recently quipped: ‘HTML gives me asthma.’ To which I replied: ‘<a><strong>O2</strong></a>’.


She befits perfectly the description of a Powagirrrl: Women who rock the design scene with more than pink design..

..and Pink is definitely a predominant color with none of the pejoratives.


Deluxemodern design studio tagline: ‘Mixing business with Pretty – Specializing in all things chic and clever.’


Futurism now?

The future is now alert! Or how studying at Suprastudio – Greg Lynn / Super Aero Robo Spatial M.Arch.II Program at UCLA led Ebrahim Poustinchi who doubles up as architect & graphic designer – helped devise these fascinating inventions.


From a visual point of view – the Amethyst Cluster (A proposal for moving architecture) is just stunning! Like these beautiful clustered shapes are ‘architecture’ in movement. Wow!

Team: Ebrahim Poustinchi, Keith Berry and Sima Shahverdi.


Another stunner? The Opera Rollercoaster is meant to make the audience appreciate different pov and immerse them in the experience.


4D Graphics | The "Object" is his final year project.


ndlr: Watch (all) the videos.

Going extreme

Going extreme ain’t for everyone but the founding duo (Jan & Hjalti) of karlssonwilker inc are pushing it to the hilt with this out of the box (out of any boxes as that) portfolio website.

Minimalist with funk? Make it minimalist with dizzying mini-gifs spinning and spinning. Metaphor aside – interface is very similar to their spinning talents + imagination.

Top notch designers!

A little (www) Story

In 1995, JF and I started a little company – Netdiver. It’s original mission was to uncover and report on the economic possibilities of the emerging www.

ndlr: JF & I in pixel regalia presenting a new logo. Still love it (/him too).


We were going to ‘dive’ to fetch the pearls – in opposition to ‘surf’ – which was then buzz word du jour.

We thought it pretty clever.


Remember vividly my awe upon ‘entering’ the infant web – wow – we are now connected to the world! To this day – still awed.

First search was this single word: Idea.

Landed on TWChiatDay – Idea Factory which posited on a ‘new’ approach on how to run a creative studio – horizontal instead of hierarchial.

The interior ‘spaces’ were amazing – and have now become the norm for all those Silicon Valley giants and startups: funky offices – team pods – free food – game – flexible hours, etc.

Exactly what I was envisioning.

I concluded – if there’s one maybe there’s hundreds??


ndlr: Netdiver site banner circa ’99. Diving not surfing ;))


I remember the early www to be barely above double-digits millions. The web was ‘small’ and somewhat.. uh.. intimate.

I theorized ‘freelancing’ to become the economic norm – clients to be landed anywhere in the world and the ‘disenfranchising’ of selling both creative skills and goods to be possible.

At long last – designers could change the world with ‘communication’, ‘exchange’ and ‘collaboration. The circulation of new ideas to be unbelievably faster than pre-Internet since new ideas always reached ‘culture’ – post-mortem for authors.


Followed 3 intensive years of stealth research gazing / gauging the ‘opportunities’ that would be afforded creatives types when they would settle in the then land of MiS, technologists and scientists.

I was mind-mapping infinite files to locate like-minded people who – as us – were exploring and building what today has become such a commodity – although an irreplaceable one as that.


In ’98, I decided to ‘share’ the results of the ‘likeminded’ research – aka bookmarks with small screencaps – our visual trademark 200 x 115 pixels and a bit of text to describe it.


ndlr: Wayback Machine archives


We hard-coded a ‘website’ with frames and attempted to emulate a ‘magazine’ look and started to post (lol) – what would later become Netdiver Mag.

Way long before blogs were even in the ‘pipe’ of extraordinarily talented visionaries.


ndlr: Netdiver vintage pins + postcard distributed at conferences / events.
Reissue TBA


Through the years I kept a directory titled ‘x_pired’ in which I saved thumbnails of websites either redesigned or gone offline.

I had this sentimental attachment. I remembered all of them. It made me sad when so much creativity (not counting the man-hours) was thrown out in the ether. Once bright lights. Now gone.


I chose to turn that sadness into a somewhat very unofficial web museum of what was new in design.

This is what Netdiver Vintage edition is about.

Since onset – I had and still have a very privileged overview of the web. When I went on hiatus – I don’t exaggerate stating having visited over 150k websites.

I have saved all the ‘archives’ pre-database years – and I am continually adding to it. So far 2.4k projects listed.




ndlr: Netdiver Vintage 2 columns interface.

ndlr2: Hard to believe it was once trendy to use very + very small fonts.

Small is beautiful

After Svpply fallout (website is now closed) Very Goods will become the new hub for a community stamped with having ‘good taste’.

There’s this pattern in internet communities called The 1% Rule, which looks like this:

A note on Smallness.

(He)Art by inaluxe

At inaluxe (tandem made of Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd) learning never stops since as artists running their own business – is an ever changing thing!

They freelance and work on independent design and writing gigs.

Colorful abstractions to adorn walls.

Elliott Golden

Elliott Golden sees illustration as the creation of a strong idea paired with an engaging aesthetic as the goal.

His work is mostly editorial in nature and thus, exerts an extra amount of pressure to capture the essence of an article / essay.

Very experienced obviously.

Authentic Hyperkit

Hyperkit is a design studio and the collaboration between husband-and-wife Tim Balaam and Kate Sclater.

Their main preoccupation is ‘authencity’ and this seems to be conveyed in a simple manner – no extravaganza – communicating their ideas that empower every day life.

Each portfolio pieces renders exactly that.

IWANT design

IWANT is the studio of John Gilsenan, Creative Director. From fine arts – to printers’ shops – to agencies and now to freelancing – he is a prolific and consumate master of the visual arts.

His style is so eclectic – it defies any categorizing. Let’s agree – it is stamped by a rare gift of imagination.


His dazzling collection of sleeves designs will leave your jaw on the floor.

Made in the Future

Made in the Future is an effort to capture our musings about what a not-so-distant tomorrow might look like.

Very nice interface design with flat color animations and large intriguing visuals. Each sections comprise written information and a short video.


IDEO (pronounced “eye-dee-oh”) is an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow.

Mid-air suspense

Baby you can drive my car.. or in this case – maybe not! A-m-a-z-i-n-g mind boggling 3d photo montages and typography involving four or more wheels vehicles suspended (or not) in mid-air by Chris Labrooy.

How does one ever get the inner vision and imagination to pull something like this?

Industry events #01

Mark your calendar – upcoming industry events you may want to attend:

Reasons to be Creative


Reasons to be Creative is a conference for web designers, coders, & anyone with a creative mind. It is about discovering the best in art, design, code, & inspiration.

Upcoming: September 1-3


XOXO Festival


An experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology.

Upcoming: September 11–14


The Brand New Conference

The Brand New

The Brand New Conference is a two-day event organized by UnderConsideration, focusing on the practice of corporate and brand identity.

Upcoming: September 25-26


Future of Web Design

FOWD / New York

Conference for designers and front-end devs. Learn all about UX, responsive design, CSS, web performance and workflow, and more.

Get 10% off 2 day pass – promo code: NETDIVER

Upcoming: November 3–5

Steph says hello

Steph Says Hello is the portfolio of Stephanie Baxter, a freelance illustrator living & working in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Her hand-lettering projects are a joyous overload of pen (digital or not), pencils, chalk and inky goodness with loads of curlicues and capitalized letters.

Typography applied over edibles?


Teehan+Lax is hiring

‘Being great at what you do is the cost of entry at Teehan+Lax, what tends to get people hired is fit. When talented people fit well together they produce some pretty impressive stuff.’

Opening for a seriously talented Sr. Digital Product Designer who is passionate about creating great digital products and services.


via: Derek Kinsman

In Question

Rilke is an independent creative studio based in North West London. Established in 2009 by David Davidopoulos and Kate Smith, Rilke set out with a clear mandate: ‘We want to produce work that matters. One fundamental step: we question.’

This is a sweet website – using a one-page storyboard that includes tangible visuals and quirky design elements.

Naturally MO

Michael O’Neal trained first as a graphic designer – quickly climbed to become a talented art director. Not so unusual – but yet unusual – after a stint at Apple’s in-house graphic design group – he decided to become a photographer.

In fact, his background in design and art direction have helped shape his photographic style. The ‘naturalness’ of his subjects is both esthetically beautiful and emotional.

He’s involved in music, launched a collective, organizing photo shows and walkabouts in San Francisco / USA

IR = Loves you

Her portfolio is extensive and expansive. The breadth of her creativity is constantly paired to remarkable conceptual ideas with a thang of ubiquity and sweetness – in any and all of the branding suites – packaging what-not she enterprises.

There you go – Snap! What a tagline: A sweety branding studio. That loves you.


No wonder there is so much ‘charmingness’ in her work. Passion. Color. Experience x repeat ad infinitum = Isabela Rodrigues / Porto Alegre, Brazil

Anastasia K.

That flowery interface blew me away. Today UI expectation what not – is keen to favor flat design (which I love since ND has been flat – forever in web years) which shows just about ‘nothing’ as visual expression except for completed projects. All that ok.. but..

Her little place on the web is like a beautiful garden in the shade – waiting to bloom. Altho a work in progress – her portfolio shows one project but a superb one. I can’t wait to see how her career evolves and new projects she gets involved in.

Her name is Anastasia Kolesnikova. She is a twenty two years old designer based in Krasnodar, Russia.

52 Weeks of UX

Hapchanced unto this amazing resource: 52 Weeks of UX authored by Joshua Porter & Joshua Brewer. Not really fresh off the web sorta speaking – principles are principles – they don’t succumb to fads or trends.


Description: A discourse on the process of designing for real people.


via: Carolyn Wood

Sélavy font

Sélavy which very much sound like a play on words from French: C’est la vie! (It’s life). It reminds me of dot-matrix printers in the early days of computing.

Designed by Nina Stössinger.


Sélavy is distributed under the SIL Open Font License. The idea is that you are free to use, share, distribute, modify and adapt the font software.

What you cannot do is sell it, or any modifications thereof, by itself.

The Great Discontent #1

The Great Discontent (TGD) is a magazine featuring interviews on beginnings, creativity, and risk. Cofounded by a brilliant duo – Ryan & Tina Essmake – they publish a new interview every Tuesday morning.


On February 4, they launched a campaign to fund The Great Discontent Magazine #1 – their first printed version.

It was an epic campaign that was fully funded at almost minus 0.

Now, it is possible to buy or gift a copy.

Limited quantities of all items.

Moodboards #1

Moodboards #1. Feast your eyes.

Branding collaterals staged and served in a visual assemblage. Ranging from merch to stationery, and everything in-between.

Follows an inspiring list of recent finds.

Featured: Think Independently from la Maison d’AnnaG blog and shot by Anna Gustafsson / France


Featured: Rebranding Online Store Deerz included the creation of a large number of labels, tags, buttons, etc. by Eskimo Design / Sankt Petersburg, Russian Federation


Featured: Logotype and corporate identity for Blickfang Media by Pixelinme / Berlin, Germany


Featured: Market Decor curates a special compendium of objects for resale – identity by Isabela Rodrigues / Porto Alegre, Brazil


Featured: Personal Identity design by Andreja Popovic / Beograd, Serbia


Featured: Yellow Jam Marketing identity for a marketing professional and enthusiast, Joe Morecroft designed by Adam Charlton / Brighton + Hong Kong


Featured: Minamalist approach with funky elements for the Apex Studio branding / Porto, Portugal


Featured: Cornelia and Co is a restaurant, a bakery, a winery, a coffe shop, etc. branding + packaging by Oriol Gil / Barcelona, Spain


Featured: Bergen International Festival presents art in all its guises for 15 days – branding by / Oslo, Norway


Featured: The Happiness Kit. Soft!™ sells softserve icecream designed by Bravo Company / Singapore

Expect the unexpected

LOVE the typographic treatments done by Alexander Egger aka Satellites mistaken for stars. He has a knack for out-there experimental lay-outs and grids that are near non-legible – and on the other hands he creates minimalist signage that says it all.


The multiple editorial projects he was involved with – attest to his ability to reinvent books – or perhaps better said – how we read.

Expect the unexpected.

TRÜF Creative

TRÜF Creative is a Netdiver alumni. First featured for their studio mobile version.. and now fresh wave of new projects: identity, print, interactive, mobile – they are at the vanguard of delivering well designed material that fully support (enhance?) a client’s brand.


What I particularly appreciate is how well they document each projects.

Showing a few highlights.

365 Project

Love the self-assignment 365 Project by Jennet Liaw with a communicative instinct that is fiercely visual. She believes that design is the ultimate platform for good ideas to become irresistible ones. Well-said girl!

What are you practicing now? Have you a personal project? You should.

Jon Juarez

Jon Juarez is not a writer but does storyboard his ideas. He is not a writer but uses words to ‘dream’ into images.

His sources of inspiration are seemingly unrelated: word lookups – internet research – space pictures – geology – clothing, etc.

He is not chaotic but most illustrations have a high density of chaotic elements and repeated patterns.

His world is one where ink and pencils exert a benevolent tyranny. The urge to express his ‘space’ is rich and deep.

by V.K.Rees

Some of my favorite shots by V.K.Rees – an obvious foodie. She is a Brooklyn based photographer focusing on food, still life, and lifestyle.

The dark – almost black ones – are sumptuously well staged and lighted.

Van Gogh IRL

I don’t know how they pulled this – finding a look alike Van Gogh – but the visual impact is undeniable.

Les Impressionistes is a stunning ad campaign for KelOptic – a glassware company.

Superlative idea by Y&R Paris.


via: Adweek

Facebook <./DELETION.>

How to completely delete Facebook from your life by Kyli Singh

Becoming Facebook-free requires more steps than just hitting the delete button. Here’s how to make sure your account is gone for good.


If you’re serious about deleting Facebook ready yourself for some serious work.

Bookmark(ed) step-by-step for later use.

OH = Colorfully

The dazzling portfolio of Olaf Hajek – born in Germany and hopping between London and NYC – is as colourful as it is diversed in disciplines, topics, industries – he is commissioned for.

He’s done it all: author, editorial covers, art shows (he paints too), packaging, window dressing installations, etc.

SFi by Emilia Forstreuter

Creative Director + Founder
by Emilia Forstreuter

When a project doesn’t seem exciting at the first sight I find a way so it does excite me. The feeling of surprising others (and myself) really drives me.


SFi is a self-curation experiment coupled with a minimalist interview by people in the design industry I admire.

View who has done it!

By invitation only.

Special Feature issues

DOTMOV Festival

DOTMOV Festival call for entries.

Online magazine SHIFT (JP) is aiming to discover talented creators as well as inviting guest creators, active on the front lines of the creative world, to participate as judges.

Works submitted from all over the world will be screened throughout world venues.

Deadline: August 20

Colour O’clock

Duncan Shotton – a young Brit living in Tokyo – shares the same love of circles + colors as I do. Colour O’clock just became a must in my studio. Oh!!! Almost like Netdiver navigation.

As the seconds, minutes and hours roll steadily by, the colour window glides subtly through the full spectrum of colours!

Reading the time by colour.

Me likes that a lot.


BUNGALOW develops and produces ideas from Barcelona, ES. Using a number of disciplines.

Disciplines? Motion graphics, live action, illustration, photography, interactive, music and ‘other’.

Any good in all? Oh yes!


‘We are flexible, dynamic and agile.


Suggested projects:

Neinver / stop-motion


OFFF 2011 bumpers / motion graphics


What’s in LIE?

Gotta love the play on words of LIE – an acronym of Little Ideas Everyday, a graphic design studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and founded by Driv Loo in 2011.

Pay attention to domain name: ‘wearenotlie’ and below about page picture that refer to a well-known ‘lier’ character.


Excellent portfolio that is ‘not sticking with the norm or patterns’.


Unerdwear is ‘softwear for nerds’ brought to you buy a bunch of talented nerd approved powagirrrls – who started their experimental designer collective in Krakow, PO.

Can’t resist quoting: ‘Wat?! Srsly – designer boxers with geeky patterns. We call them ‘nerdies’.. And this: We like to think of them as ‘developer tools’ or ‘clean tech’. It’s very much WYSIWYG.’


$$$ocial media

so.cial definitions:

Adjective: relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other.

Noun: an informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group.


Well it seems that being a ‘social media’ user just reached another low. In past week, both Path and foursquare split their apps in 2 – without any consultation – or advance warnings.


In the case of Path, particularly aggravating – is that all private messages were deleted and moved to ‘ephemeral’ aka lasting 24h – and msg to go through ‘other’ app Talk.

Never was offered to do preemptive back-up. The loss is terrible. Many important discussions – some critical were tossed out without any regards to ‘us’. I feel deeply betrayed. And I am not alone.


Tested install and guess what? App asked (again?!?!?) to have access to my Contacts – with a meager reassurance that ‘they would never contact them before letting me know about it.’

Yeah sure.

(And it seems like the 800k$ fine didn’t ram much wisdom.)


Even ‘Premium’ members got no ‘special’ treatment. Everyone and everything wiped out. So much for respecting their mission of providing a secure private network where to have ‘meaningful conversations’.

Dave Morin (ex-Facebook) and team have dropped the ball in a majestic way – alienating their loyal ‘supporters’ (for in the end – who cares for stickers really).

Little do they know – I won’t renew (and many others won’t either) – a sustantial drop of income is to expect.


As for foursquare – it’s simple and drastic: I couldn’t check-in anymore. Period. Like it or not I HAD to download and start using Swarm.. (because they are preparing a ‘new’ 4sq). No option. Get going girl.

That logo color reminds me of Gowalla which was swallowed by Frackbook – and did the same to all their users. We were dumped out of the service overnight.


I am hereby solemnly and immediately requesting a rewording of Social media to $ocial media.

Social change

ADC and Collins are proud to present Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age 2001–2012, a showcase of more than 120 posters that best demonstrate the medium’s crucial role in social change

Upcoming: July 8 – Aug 13 / NYC

Johnny Express

Extraordinary storyboard + animation by a pioneer of visual media through motion graphics: Alfred Imageworks is a CG animation and motion graphics company built on original concept planning as opposed to adaptation to preexisting trends.


There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space. Johnny Express is a space delivery man who travels to different planets to deliver packages.

Don’t want to spoil it. Watch it.

Studio vistas

Love the presentation of Skidmore statement: "Agency? Studio? Same thing, right? Not to us. We think it’s important to do the little things, ask the tough questions, be authentic and always strive for the extraordinary."

To capitalize on large interior studio vistas laced with morsels of well thought-out captions provoke interest. Cool space.

Odd pearing

Eccentric? Artsy? Goofy? All 3?

With Odd Pears, you are now free from the constraints of ‘normal’ sock etiquette! Odd socks, matching socks, one sock, two socks. Go crazy with it. There are over 200 ways to wear your socks.


And do good as well!

Bundle of joy

Pascal Campion brings in a bundle of joy. He creates a ‘new’ illustration every day – day in and day out. I’ve been following his work for years – and must admit – his sketches make me smile too.

His intense passion for his family is the flame and inspiration in his work, and has become – one of his hallmarks.

Such humanity in large strokes – such mastering of his style – such generosity.


Get some joy – buy his prints!

Eyes on the Road

Vokswagen ‘Eyes on the Road‘ ad (video) inspires road safety. Unsuspecting viewers sitting in a theatre waiting for the feature to start – and blah as we all are while waiting for ads to finish – get a mighty jolting wake-up call – and feel first-hand the danger of driving and mobile useage.

Tech-wise: uses a location-based broadcaster (wifi). Must see! Brilliant!

Noon -5GMT

Noon (-5GMT). Netdiver Mag has resurfaced. After 2 yrs hiatus from publishing – honey I’m back!

47 new posts + 2,236 posts in all + 50 thumbnails / page in the galleries.

Enough to feed your eyes??


The decision to do so followed a discussion with a friend back in November 13 – who hoped that after my sabbatical – I would relaunch it. His desire concurred with mine and since, much time was spent to ‘revised’ the original interface – whilest thinking – that a few updates would be.. ok.

On June 14, we were almost ready.

As for any good stories – and the usual last minute fudge-up that can arise – it wasn’t for any of these that we decided to extend ‘baking time’ to relaunch.


June 13, I quested Matt Woolhouse – a Creative Director at Super Mega Awesome located in Boston who lives and loves the world of design and finds inspiration within the walls of this site – to give me his take of then navigation – that I was not happy about at all.


He returned a few comps – and tada – navigation direction was finally settled.


Gregor Zakelj – whose firm VBG designed our ‘new’ identity – saw the navigation on our beta site – and came up with this comp for the index – throwing us a ‘huge’ unexpected curve – on June 16!


I was so exhausted and at first it was oh no – then JF – Netdiver Mag co-founder and my all time code hero – had a look and really liked it and – right then – we decided to ‘run with it’.

To say intense don’t even come close to describing the frenzy mode we were in – I sleeping 4-5 hours – pulling-in 22 hours non-stop yesterday.


Lastly thanks to Chris Mish – owner of Balboatech – who stayed-up to tweak and spruce-up our server till the wee hours this morning.

He is my long-time resident back-end geek – go to for anything LAMP – and now – our hosting provider for the past couple of years.

Our dedicated server runs at top shape based on his decade plus experience. He has worked for (Media Temple) + 2Advanced.


I’m so ready! Let’s do this. To infinity and beyond!

OK Go now

OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall


Pre-order the new album now and get this song and 3 more as instant downloads.. BUT there is more: check-out the ‘goodies’ you can get!

How about a.. pair of Converse sneakers hand decorated by them? Or a custom analog synth kit? Or even ride to a gig on their tour bus?


The band’s frontman Damian Kulash sometimes makes big declarations like: “We’re trying to be a DIY band in a post-major label world”.

Objective accomplished. Ok to go now.

Still Show-up

Are you going offline for a while? Or in a rut to redesign (again?!) your online portfolio website?? Or under a long term contract inside a somewhere agency or corporation?

Always a good idea to still ‘show-up’.

Collect no more than 10 best pieces and make a slide show as Lee Goater did. Check placeholder and pay attention to info about the project is showing up in the circle.


Pocket AD

Now even you can get the highest professional-quality art direction in just seconds with the Pocket Art Director™. Someone completely just made my day today.


Comes in two ‘handy’ sizes: Full or mini.



Or buy the ‘real’ rolling Pocket Art Director™.


via: Derek Kinsman, creative Technologist, Teehan+Lax

Watch out!

Time to worry! It’s complicated: Facebook’s history of tracking you. Facebook is launching an aggressive technique to track people across the Web by Julia Angwin.

Even if you are logged out!


Ghostery has a Chrome + Firefox + IE (seems to rem) + Safari + Opera extensions to use to see who is tracking you and to configure what / who you want to block.

Souther Salazar

Souther Salazar artwork transports the viewer into a vibrant and endless world of overlapping narratives and dreamscapes — half-remembered, half-imagined places “where stories can develop and take on a life of their own.”

I love to be transported in the realm of impossible possible – a profound trait of being a child – and a defining quality of a creative adult.


Ready for a kiddy room posters.


StudioKxx is home to the extra talented Krzysztof Domaradzki, a graphic designer, illustrator and artist residing in Poland.

His cutting-edge typographic treatments, extremely detailed illustrations that are tempered with very simple interfaces and visual treatment.

Love the green tape wall letter!

1503 (the year)

1503 is a strange and fascinating photography essay by Christian Taglianivi a Swiss-Italian residing in Switzerland. The costumes are splendid – the stance impassible. And what about those elongated necks?

No, not simply images, since he loves designing stories with open endings (requiring observer’s complicity) on unexplored themes or unusual concepts, featuring uncommon people with their lives and their thoughts made visible.

MADE Publishers

MADE Publishers, is a boutique periodical and book publisher of design and culture, including periodicals Process Journal & Made Quarterly — with offices in Melbourne (Australia) and New York (United States).


If you wish to submit work.

If you wish to buy.


ndlr: Sister company of Hunt&Co.


Hunt&Co. is an internationally recognised and awarded design consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

Excerpt: “Good design is about making connections. We believe good design doesn’t start with formats or platforms — but that it finishes with them. That it requires curiosity and bravery. We believe in the road less travelled. We believe in the hunt.”


Wow to both mission statement + signature minimalism design projects!! Wanna see a great portfolio?

Head-on there – huh – hunt-on there.

Food & Chefs

Melanie Dunea travels the world on assignment, photographing the most influential and powerful people in the public eye. In addition to her magazine editorial clients, she has shot with some of the most influential advertising, entertainment, corporate, and music companies around the world.

Book projects are her passion. Especially if they involved food & chefs.


She lives in NYC and is rep by CPI.

Camp and Furnace

Camp and Furnace is a cultural hub over 34,000 sq.ft comprising events spaces, bar, eatery, nightclub, photographic and location studios, indoor boutique caravan hotel and pop-up retail.

A large scale project and collaboration with architects FVMA, Elevator studios and chef Steven Burgess to redevelop a disused series of warehouses in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.


I heard of the project while in the making and am proud to feature it on Netdiver Mag. This type of project should be replicated all over the world.


In prep new website relaunch.

Smiling Wolf

Smiling Wolf arrived in 2000 as a group of established designers responding to the vision of director Simon Rhodes of listening to clients as well as respond to their needs in the brand and digital marketplace.

Oh, and their projects are all delivered with the proverbial UK calm and assurance.

Brian Rea

Brian Rea is the former art director for the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. He has produced drawings and designs for books, murals, fashion, posters, music videos, and magazines around the world.

His illustrations are naive in style – as if a gifted kid was at work. But there is most def a deliberate conceptual mind behind.


He illustrated this animated call to action film for Building Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to building schools in East Africa.


Mesmerizing! Ivan Markovic paper sculptures are not only technical marvels and poignant but also a demonstration of 3D vision mastery.

“The very properties of paper are a reflection of the human condition, with aspects of strength and great weakness, as opposed to the imperviousness of stone or metal.”

TheMill+ D&AD

Value of a long time collaboration? Repeat commissions! Each year The Mill+ creates the opening title sequence, title slates and idents for the famous D&AD awards.

Designers and animators set out to develop machines that represent the creative vastness, inspiration and process of design development.

Tsto sublime

Tsto is a design agency which approach is thorough and hands-on. They tackle an assignment by first taking it apart to its bare essentials, and then building it in a new way that best serves the purpose.

They go deeper than the surface, to the hidden core of each case.


Love the over lapping of projects when using the forward / backward arrows which adds even more visual appeal to their stunningly beautiful portfolio.


Inside the creative mind by Remedia is a playful self promotion video showcasing their services using a boy vs girl – or boy & girl color keying.


Over 400 layers were needed in the end to animate all the different elements for this stop-motion!! Oh!!!

TTMM x32

TTMM presents watchface apps collection, designed for smartwatches with black and white 144×168 pixel screens such as Pebble. The apps (iT / Gp) are original, simple and aesthetic in design.

These watches are the most economical and ecologically-friendly ever to have existed. You will find here 32 models of simple, elegant and aesthetic watchface.

In addition some of these decrypt as visual puzzles. Brilliant!

Canefantasma *

Canefantasma is an independent design studio founded in 2002 by Mimmo Manes offering a vast spectrum of services from print to interactive and just about everything in between.

He has a creative – even funky – pragmatic approach, motivated by the desire to create original and functional works.


Completely into this gorgeous iPhone case – he illustrated.


Been following his work since ’06! TAVO (Ponce) art direction is of a rare quality with an incredible list of accomplishments! Saluting meta talent! Check out this creative, art direction and motion design studio.

Based in sunny Madrid.


Showing: ADC Awards 2014 Opening-day video “ROCKS“.

AIGA 2015

AIGA 2015

Provocative speakers, local culture, nightly networking receptions, competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables with design heroes.

Upcoming: October 8-10 / 2015

Stellar projects

Mike Tucker now operating from London, UK, has garnered quite a parcours by having working with stellar agencies.. and fascinating projects.

He is an interactive director currently at Universal Everything.. which will be reviewed again.. soon.

Have a lookee.


PopClock turns your iPad or iPhone into an hourglass. Beginning at midnight with an empty screen, the screen gradually fills up over the course of the day.


Perfect duo!

Grace, elegance and poetic describe the art and eye of Nichole Sloane photography. The colors are so rich and vibrant you feel like jumping right in.

The nonchalance of subjects salutes Michael’s ability as a producer, to organize and create a relaxing atmosphere during a shoot.

MUD school

Ravishing photography and body paint details on MUD (Making Upward Dance) – a cutting edge dance studio dancers – communication material and website.

Identity + photography by The Clocksmiths, an italian design studio versed in communication and branding whereas they use ‘quality as the weapon against time and competence as the code’.

Plugzine / book

PLUGZINE Where to start? / No 1

“The initial concept was to find a path to encourage diversity, promote cultural pluralism and provide new opportunities to aspiring designers across the world…and plug a path between East and West… Designers represented here are commended for the depth of their thinking…”

Joyn:Design approach is courageous and exciting. Asking designers to express about a topic that is usually relegated to the atmospheric spheres of high intellectualism which is not bad, but mostly and usually worst, relegated to ‘socio cultural’ politics.

In this world of mass indifference fed by mass media whereas we are told over and over how impotent we are to affect and make changes…

In fact, they are pointing and asking hard and harsh questions that need answers… now! Not another massive dose of comforting and empty advertising babble and/or corporate happy talk wanting to control culture.

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between an urge to design and an urge to communicate! The set of skills are the same – the mindset is altogether completely different!

It grants a powerful tribune where we can speak loud and clear!

_ _ _ _ _


photos via: Yosoh

Interactive visions

Brendan Dawes is a designer and artist exploring the interaction of objects, people, technology and art using an eclectic mix of digital and analog materials, for himself and for clients around the globe.

An explorative mind at the forefront of possibilities.

Sans Form

Sans Form is an independent label established in 2013. Delivering clean and thoughtful design on environmentally friendly wearable and printed goods.

It acts as an international collective hub of creative designers sharing the same idea that simpler design is better. Studios like Sawdust, Hey, Anonymous, Berger & Fohr, 1910, and Anonymous, as well as young and talented designers from all around the world, are showcased weekly.


Superb that Sphere of No Form print!


Rafael de Cárdenas aka Architecture at Large was founded in 2006 and had a small office in Chinatown and has now expanded to two continents with offices in New York and London.

With wide-ranging projects in architecture, residential and commercial interiors, temporary spaces, furniture, and integrated objects – they favor the strategic over the thematic, the cosmopolitan over the typological, and the atmospheric over the static.

Well the opening sequence of their website is not exactly what you were expected – but I’m loving it.

Cars And Films

Baby you can drive my car! Well not exactly but you could hang it on your wall if you want. Cars And Films is a little project by Jesús Prudencio – a graphic designer and illustrator based in Seville, Spain.. and obviously – he loves series, films and cars!

Printed on beautifully textured 200gsm Tintoretto Gesso paper.

Circles game

Circles is a memory game for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini and if you think it easy to be defeated – brace yourself for some serious memory pushups.

Super simple interface and brightly colored.


Visual jewels

Chrissie MacDonald is a London-based illustrator, maker and art director and an active member of Peepshow Collective. She also regularly collaborates with photographer John Short on commissions for clients such as the V&A, Orange, Vitra, The New York Times Magazine, Creative Review and Wallpaper*.

Her paper montages and large scale commercial installations are visual jewels. The ‘believability’ level really makes them stand out!

Jordi Labanda

Jordi Labanda was born in Mercedes (Uruguay), is a widely known illustrator who presents this chic and modern style in a vast array of editorial work. He describes himself, as a fashion and advertising illustrator.

From the age of three he has lived in Barcelona, although nowadays he lives and works in New York and since collaborated to numerous publications, such as Wallpaper, Vogue USA, Vogue Nippon, Visionaire, The NY Times Sunday Magazine, and more.


His ability to capture the essence of life is simply wonderful.. and often, funny.


ndlr: Since featured – new online store opened.

Typotherapy unlimited

typotherapy is a boutique studio founded in 2002 in Toronto. We produce captivating and effective design solutions with the emphasis on strong typography, attention to detail, supported by conceptual thinking, and innovative production.

Our process is fluid and multi-disciplinary. Our approach is diverse and unlimited.


Couldn’t have said it better!


Anisa Suthayalai is the creative head behind byDefault and she deserves hall of fame recognition for the quality, diversity and uber creativity demonstrated in all her projects.

Some of the clients would have been more than challenging but she pulls it with flair, gusto and elegance and a touch of humor.

Execution like in minute attention to details, differentiation, chromatics, layout and originality.

Don’t think she has it any different than any of us – the brief – the expectations – the deadline – the budget! But she seems to step up and push everything one notch ahead.

No blatant easy solutions. Just originality and originality and originality with transcending communication skills.

Ultra poetic

The mysterious and enigmatic characters create an ultra-poetic yet minimalist staging for this melancholic song. A superbly well produced animation.

Happiness Has A Hole by Marie Louise / Michael Fragstein.

Heart them

Founded in London in October 1994, Heart emerged from illustration studio collective, Big Orange and has always viewed its role as more than just finding work for a given group of artists.

Their needs are seen as intertwined with that of their agency, and this intimacy of scale has nurtured great friendships within Heart, which in turn has helped create a natural forum for discussion.

Furnish / book

Furnish edited by R. Klanten, S. Lovell, B. Meyer
Furniture and interior design for the 21st Century

To restore and renew my inspiration — books have always been a main source. Today, to be a well-rounded designer you need to be opened to multi-disciplines contributions to the current state of the industry.

Furnish is an eloquent, polished and concise overview of product and interior design. Each sections is documented with a well researched list of projects. The introductory text which sets the context methodically, is non-verbose, making it an easy and enlightening read.

I was surprised and tickled by that there is a sizable portion dedicated to experimental, rapid prototyping and questioning why do we need stuff anyway.



ndlr: Shute looks like it’s out-of-stock.

Pretty letters

Look at all these pretty colors – ooops – pretty letters. Dazzling lines and typographic mixes and surfaces adding layers of somewhat vintage textures and perhaps – a bit over the board color wise – but given that all these appear and are installed in urban environments – possibly the right dose – to kick your day into full speed.

Brought to you by the incredibly talented Studio Myerscough.

Type foundries

Who wants fonts? As a designer – always on the lookout for fresh new ones. Help yourself.

/ A2-Type

/ Fontdiner

/ Fontshop

/ Hoefler & Co

/ House Industries

/ LettError

/ MyFonts

/ Our Type

/ P22

/ Process Type Foundry

/ Psy/Ops

/ Typekit

/ Typodermic

/ Typotheque

/ You Work for Them


/ The Typographic Circle

Check out this volunteer-led organisation that brings together anyone with an interest in design and typography. Formed in 1976, they stage a variety of design related monthly lectures by well-known industry speakers.


and the mouthfully handy mockup text:

/ Cupcake Ipsum

Tired of how boring lorem ipsum got? Chocolate bar caramels lemon drops jujubes apple pie chupa chups soufflé icing. Sweet!

aka UPSO

Dustin A. Hostetler aka UPSO is an American graphic artist, creative director & publisher working since 1998. His talented fingers are into record label, chairing diverse art-related projects and more.

I have featured him many times in the past and his work still bears this unmistakable signature.

A+ for BVA

Hard to excel in multiple design fields without having a weak spot – but no doubt – these outstanding projects are an ode to contrary. They almost do it all: identity – print – interactive – mobile – with brio.

Bureau for Visual Affairs is a digital design studio focussed on content-driven user experiences for the cultural and commercial sectors.


IndieWebCamp 2014

Two days of brainstorming & creating. Be a part of advancing & growing the indie web.

Upcoming: June 28-29

Lost Paradise

Loretta Lux is a german photographer whose each picture may take up to 3 months to complete. At first glance, you might mistake these works for paintings. Like prototypes, the children have alabaster skin, porcelain bodies, a penetrating stare, composure, fragility and an aura of ethereal radiance.

Her work bonds three media: photography, painting and digital effects.

Glug London

Glug – This is Notworking™.
Talks, banter and intoxicated enlightenment for the creative industry.

Upcoming: June 26 / London

PIK NIK / Oddds

PIK NIK is a splendid example of using flat design and quirky elements and line-art illustration being applied to a rebranding project for a cafe with a modern spin on the proposed logo. Each section carries the different plates of each food/drink type superbly designed by Oddds, Singapore.

Too bad the project was discontinued.

ADAA 2014

Are you a student?

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014 call for entries. Breakthrough. Go global. Submit now.

Deadline: June 20

Clever Rosie Lee

Punkt. Cleverly put together international campaign by Rosie Lee – a hybrid creative agency.. dedicated to bringing to life the innovative ideas brands need in today’s cluttered marketing space. It’s kind of hard to imagine needing a ‘phone’ other than a mobile – buy hey – if so – this one’s for you.

A very minimalist object designed by Jasper Morrison – no frills – but packed with functionalities. Watch the campaign video when mobile flat design is teleported to an analog object. Clever.




The illustration conference is a series of workshops, talks and presentations that will create an ongoing dialogue that serves the illustration, design, publishing, advertising and academic communities.

Upcoming: July 9-12

ADC A-exhibition

The ADC Awards Exhibition is a globe-spanning showcase that features the very best winning work from the ADC Annual Awards, ADC Young Guns and the Tomorrow Awards.

Ongoing: June 11–27 / NYC

Refreshed & ready

This is it! After 2 years on hiatus from publishing – I’m back in the fold. So much has changed in such short time – an yet – one thing has remained unchanged: my passion for finding – discovering – featuring awesome talents and inspiring projects. Hello to my family – fellows – colleagues and friends in the industry and culture of design – I’m ready to change the world.


via: Illustration by Keenan Cummings


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Communication Arts

Communication Arts 2018 — various disciplines call for entries.

Photography — March 8/19
Design — May 3/19
Advertsing — May 3/19



IdN Magazine

IdN magazine

International designers Network is a publication for creative people on a mission to amplify and unify the design community.



Alt Summit

Alt Oasis 2019.

Design bloggers, lifestyle writers, and creative entrepreneurs event to facilitate growth and innovation: 10 years!

Upcoming: March 24 - 29 / 19



AIGA 2018

AIGA conference

Provocative speakers, sessions and face-to-face roundtables with design heroes.

Upcoming: April 4-6 / 19



YouWorkForThem — Good design needs good fonts! YWFT is privately owned and run by designers.

Rocking it since 2001.

/ Highlighted talents


They LUV design! #13

Mind-blowing visual feats and original designs I recently discovered.

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They LUV drawing! #3

Illustration is probably the largest creative area to express (mostly without words) a message.

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A type of Show #5 – I love typography - these projects caught my eye.

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Moodboards #1 – Branding collaterals staged and served with conceptual brilliance.


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Kuvva interview

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