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Art & Design Montréal

Art & Design Montréal mettra en valeur dans une même exposition une sélection de créateurs en communications visuelles. On y trouvera une quinzaine de photographes, de designers graphiques et d’illustrateurs qui mettent habituellement leur talent au profit de clients commerciaux.

Upcoming: September 11


Ghee, if you attended yesterday, you discovered as I, how packaging can be deceptive. It turns out that the best of show was really the campaign posters of the artists (as advertised on their website) which was no where to be seen on location?!?! If the show had delivered to equal part with their promotional material, it would have been nothing short of outstanding.

For all the hooplah and buzz, the exhibit was quite disappointing. Featured work had (for the most part) already been published (and readily available for free on the artists websites). Quite a throwback that there was no curating direction. Nothing fresh and unique was prepared by the artists for the A&E premiere.

Some people I talked to were quite upset of having had (like I) to pay an entry fee and waited in line for over 45 min. It was in the end, a well organized big ego back-slapping event and a lure for another Friday night party.

The endorsement was spectacular by Montreal’s standards, and for me, raises a big question: How far and remoted is the media from what is really going on in the design culture community? Clueless it seems. To their benefit, they were sold, as I, an empty package.

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