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Experiencing Flipboard

First experience with Flipboard by Stella Gassaway

Downloaded the Flipboard app for our brandy new iPad and it alone, makes the iPad worthwhile. Both the iPad and Flipboard are pretty sweet. Upon opening the app, initially what you see, are your content zones, each with a category.


You can add your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Right now control is limited to these two. Taxonomy and your social network(s) drive the content you see, and you’ve never seen an RSS feed look so good.

It’s wicked fast and the origami-style flip behavior, feels perfect.

The magazine is beautiful, inviting, and easy to use.

The interface can be a bit confusing when you step in and out of Flipboard and the web. Most disconcerting — things disappear, well reposition themselves, as the content updates. This is probably the most difficult aspect of fluid magazines.

How do I find that again? Maybe it will be easier when social networks create a level of importance — then conversations begin.

We’ll see.


About the author: Stella Gassaway [ stellarvisions : communication architects ] instigator : disruptor : thinker : doer : artist works and thinks visually, but self-involved design tinkering bores her.

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