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‘Happy’ logo

The ‘Happy’ logo is an exact reflection of how I feel today! Great news for you: it’s official I’m going to marry my best friend forever – JF! Weeeee! Got it from the totally gorgeous logos series designed by Andrei Robu.



Check out the lettering section as well. This guy LOVES typography.

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  1. hey _carole

    Funny how during the past few days there’s so much talk about this guy… have been following Andrei Robu for a few years now on Flickr, because of his incredible B/W shots, and had the chance to appreciate when he started to also post designs.

    Check this out from 2007, I LOVE IT.


  2. hey Ubi,

    Couldn’t agree more. Andrei is soo talented and had a look to his picture.. indeed he could have probably followed a photographing career as well.