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Watch Banksy Eat Cereal, Take Out The Trash by Matthew Newton

What happens when art imitates art? Honestly, nothing good. Look at Julia Kim Smith’s At Home With Banksy and it reminds you that the art world is always creeping closer to utter hopelessness (and self-referential obsolescence).


After reading Matthew’s post – I felt so appalled – had to repost. No matter what – the ‘diva’ attitude is impermissible. This is pi-ti-ful! How much ‘pimping’ does he needs.. when you fall prey to ‘public’ life.. you’re done – you have eradicated the true self that got you there in the first place.

As creative people – we shall never forget – that having the need (talent) ‘to express’ goes with an as abyssimal responsibility towards an audience.. even if of 2-3.

Our talent is a gift of influence.


via: Annals of Americus

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