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in ref w/ co-creation

Remember the co-creation article I shared? As a ‘why’ person – I am reaping insight in the white paper in ref w/ co-creation = sharing (insight, tips, direction, etc) in view of a project I’m working on.

Admission of ignorance here.. No one owns all knowledge – ain’t that why the net work = net worth w/ the right people around us to watch / tutor / correct? Here is an addendum passed on by Matt Legrand.

Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What’s Next? by Bruce Nussbaum.


Major renovations and construction happening in and outside our building – noise level? You don’t want to know. Will be working off-site for the next 2 weeks.


via: The Lollipop Shoppe one of my all times fav Eames design: the Rocking Chair

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