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Hayon le magnifique!

Jaime Hayon le magnifique! Jaime is a Spanish artist-designer who as a teenager submerged himself in skateboard culture and graffiti art, the foundation of the detailed, bold-yet-whimsical imagery so imminent in his work today.

After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris he joined Fabrica in 1997, the Benetton-funded design and communication academy. In a short time he was promoted from student to head of their Design Department. 8 years later, broke out on his own, first with collections of designer toys, ceramics and furniture, followed by interior design and installations.

He is proof that with uncompromised originality, just look at his self-portraits series, hard work and focused pursuit of a vision, everything is possible.

For an inspiring look at his processes — Jaime Hayon Works — is a must.

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