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Kiyoshi Kuroda

Docked yourself cause you’re about to be blown away! A little side note – his website is a bit obscure to navigate – so exercise patience – it will be worth your while. Kiyoshi Kuroda is first and foremost an illustrator who prefers creating monochromatic work — in fact, he once said:

“There are too many colors around. I only need black.”


O yeah? Well he is so intent on this statement, that a couple years back he did a DISCOLOR exhibition. But he does use colors, but very sparingly. His elegant designs have been stamped on different surfaces ranging from apparel to tea cup, wallpape to ceiling.


As you can see in the examples – integration of his artworks with subjects is — believable. That’s not a quality to underestimate. You look at these and wish you could enter this strange world made of transparent or not organic flowers, forms and vegetation.

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