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Live Visualization

Live Visualization by LIA software art

The Austrian artist Lia – one of the early pioneers of Software and Net Art – has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. Her Internet works combine various traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetic of digital images and algorithms.

They are characterized by a minimalist quality, and by an affinity with conceptual art.

If you’re interested – check-out Lia’s videos.


For each of the 33 Songs a separate visual piece was prepared depending on the mood of the music as well as on the content of the texts. The software tool is programmed in a such a way that while the visuals react directly to the sound input, which can be controlled through an audio mixing table, various parameters of the generation of the image can also be controlled via the keyboard.

The software tool was programmed using the open source software OpenFrameworks.

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