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3 Tips For Designing A Work Space That Embodies Your Brand by John Edson

A workspace is as much an opportunity to express who you are as a company as it is a functional place to get work done.

More precious furniture and fixtures once we have more clarity about our needs and preferences — and even then, we won’t build anything that can’t be upgraded, improved, reconfigured, or summarily ripped out.


Have you organized your ‘space’ so it is creatively stimulating?


Past w/e got rid of a huge workstation table that was engulfing not only the physical space – but my ‘creative’ space. Having two separated workstations was not – as I initially envisioned – conducive to my double-tasking either editorial work or pure design.

The ‘nagging’ design workstation became a silent reproach of sort: ‘you’re not working here enough’.

Embarking in new projects – I joined both workstations. I can switch in a snap. A huge empty wall will be posted with in-progress comps. Newly emptied space in book and paper / past work shelving units – offers room to ‘grow’ again.

You can see the way it were here (page 16).

Impact? Never felt so charged.

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