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Sans-serif font quest

In my quest for the perfect sans-serif font for a new project I asked if there were tasty typographic knowledge designers who knew some because I really needed help. Follows fonts they suggested that you may want to check out too.

Akkurat — Lineto

Akzidenz-Grotesk — MyFonts

Benton Sans — Font Bureau

DadaGrotesk — Optimo

FF DIN — Font Shop

FF Fago — MyFonts

FF Meta — MyFonts

Fedra Sans Condensed — Typotheque

Fonce Sans Pro — MyFonts

Frutiger — Adobe

GalaxiePolaris — Village

Gotham — Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Italic 2.0 — (lots of them)

Klavika — Process Type Foundry

Officina sans — Adobe

Sans Serif Fonts — Font Squirrel

Swiss font family — FontHaus

Theinhardt — Optimo

Trade Gothic — Adobe

Tungsten — Hoefler & Frere-Jones

NBGrostesk — Neubau. Available at a discount now.


Thanks you are awesome: Karen Oh, Marc Leza Jasikovic, Simone Catania, Adolfo Correa Nanco, Wilman Guevara, Grey Cremer, Mark Sanders, Luis Vieira, Norman Nimer, Dani Navarro, Sébastien Truchet, Jason Chesebrough, Derek Kinsman, David Snyder, Ian O’Phelan

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