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Apathy is?

Apathy is The New Art was created by the group known as The Erasers. In a conversation with Giorgos Kakanakis one of the members, and in reply to my own my gosh, I hope you are wrong, follows some thoughts to tinker with.

β€œIt is a strong statement, but it’s true for us. I think that everyone is influenced by the global but also by the local landscape that surrounds them. In Greece β€” art β€” is on a very superficial level (in general) and I believe that one could make this point on a global level as well. Of course this is a big discusion and there are a lot of exceptions to this (very general) point.

I (as well as the people that I work with) like work that creates conflict. This seems to be a part that is missing in a lot of contemporary work. Many people shy away from conflict, sometimes rationalizing this in that, confrontational art must necessarilly lead to didacticism..etc…”

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