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Food for thought by Peter Saville.

Our role as designers is a privileged position. A position that should be personally treated with respect and carefully nurtured. Our everyday job is one where we must think, observe, discuss, research, question, debate, create, design and transcend culture, trends and stale thinking. Absorbing everything we see, touch and use with a critical mind making educated judgements on what is good and bad.

People need ideas, new thinking, different approaches to old problems and creative solutions. We are required to become experts and consultants in a particular market, sector or subject with every new and evolving project with clients constantly seeking answers and rationale for our work.

I believe a great designer is one with a pliable and evolving mind, who is keen to learn, is inquisitive, appreciative and not afraid to explore new subjects, avenues of working, thinking and creating. Our ability to analyse and think creatively, strategically and objectively needs constant development.


Sample posters.

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