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Reject normal

Kelli personally sends in a news. Unassuming and oh so very humble – she didn’t ask for anything.. just that I look. Was quite busy then. Told her I would get back to her.. till now.

16 silly-happy-jaw-dropping-inspiring minutes. Ever.

I certainly don’t say this lightly.


Her website is another jaw-dropping concept using Google map.


First featured her awesome Paper Record Player project.


And the pretty cool Tiny colorful buildings she draws.


She gave this talk at TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 TEDxTalk.

Disruptive Wonder for a Change by Kelli Anderson

She believes that the world is full of order that doesn’t necessarily deserve our respect.. inspires us to change the world around us by rejecting normal order, messing things up, and causing millions of teeny-tiny disruptions to whatever is sitting in front of you.

Read more about it on her blog.


Spend your best 16 min ever.

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