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$$$ocial media

so.cial definitions:

Adjective: relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other.

Noun: an informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group.


Well it seems that being a ‘social media’ user just reached another low. In past week, both Path and foursquare split their apps in 2 – without any consultation – or advance warnings.


In the case of Path, particularly aggravating – is that all private messages were deleted and moved to ‘ephemeral’ aka lasting 24h – and msg to go through ‘other’ app Talk.

Never was offered to do preemptive back-up. The loss is terrible. Many important discussions – some critical were tossed out without any regards to ‘us’. I feel deeply betrayed. And I am not alone.


Tested install and guess what? App asked (again?!?!?) to have access to my Contacts – with a meager reassurance that ‘they would never contact them before letting me know about it.’

Yeah sure.

(And it seems like the 800k$ fine didn’t ram much wisdom.)


Even ‘Premium’ members got no ‘special’ treatment. Everyone and everything wiped out. So much for respecting their mission of providing a secure private network where to have ‘meaningful conversations’.

Dave Morin (ex-Facebook) and team have dropped the ball in a majestic way – alienating their loyal ‘supporters’ (for in the end – who cares for stickers really).

Little do they know – I won’t renew (and many others won’t either) – a sustantial drop of income is to expect.


As for foursquare – it’s simple and drastic: I couldn’t check-in anymore. Period. Like it or not I HAD to download and start using Swarm.. (because they are preparing a ‘new’ 4sq). No option. Get going girl.

That logo color reminds me of Gowalla which was swallowed by Frackbook – and did the same to all their users. We were dumped out of the service overnight.


I am hereby solemnly and immediately requesting a rewording of Social media to $ocial media.

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