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Noon -5GMT

Noon (-5GMT). Netdiver Mag has resurfaced. After 2 yrs hiatus from publishing – honey I’m back!

47 new posts + 2,236 posts in all + 50 thumbnails / page in the galleries.

Enough to feed your eyes??


The decision to do so followed a discussion with a friend back in November 13 – who hoped that after my sabbatical – I would relaunch it. His desire concurred with mine and since, much time was spent to ‘revised’ the original interface – whilest thinking – that a few updates would be.. ok.

On June 14, we were almost ready.

As for any good stories – and the usual last minute fudge-up that can arise – it wasn’t for any of these that we decided to extend ‘baking time’ to relaunch.


June 13, I quested Matt Woolhouse – a Creative Director at Super Mega Awesome located in Boston who lives and loves the world of design and finds inspiration within the walls of this site – to give me his take of then navigation – that I was not happy about at all.


He returned a few comps – and tada – navigation direction was finally settled.


Gregor Zakelj – whose firm VBG designed our ‘new’ identity – saw the navigation on our beta site – and came up with this comp for the index – throwing us a ‘huge’ unexpected curve – on June 16!


I was so exhausted and at first it was oh no – then JF – Netdiver Mag co-founder and my all time code hero – had a look and really liked it and – right then – we decided to ‘run with it’.

To say intense don’t even come close to describing the frenzy mode we were in – I sleeping 4-5 hours – pulling-in 22 hours non-stop yesterday.


Lastly thanks to Chris Mish – owner of Balboatech – who stayed-up to tweak and spruce-up our server till the wee hours this morning.

He is my long-time resident back-end geek – go to for anything LAMP – and now – our hosting provider for the past couple of years.

Our dedicated server runs at top shape based on his decade plus experience. He has worked for (Media Temple) + 2Advanced.


I’m so ready! Let’s do this. To infinity and beyond!

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  1. Congrats on the return!

  2. Great to see Netdiver Mag back up and running.
    Full of tasty international design morsels to snack or gorge on – it’s on my go to list of influential creative blogs.

  3. My all time favourite design resource (and personal hero) has relaunched.

    Today is a good day.

  4. Oh how we’ve missed you, Netdiver Mag! Welcome back to one of the best design resources online!

  5. Congrats on the return!

  6. Hi Carole, the site looks amazing. Congratulations. Welcome back Netdiver Mag!

  7. Welcome Back !

  8. Rebirth of the cool!