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FUI = Decca Digital

Decca Digital is Corey Bramall – a screen graphics designer based in Vancouver, Canada – who believes the best results come from telling the story with special attention to the details.


Alright no doubt! On opening of website – you might be perceiving right off his – huh – special attention to details.. to quote his own words.

The complexity of the screens – that to me represent just about the heaviest layered .psd nightmare on warp. But that’s me. And as for him – he’s a genial, humble and happy FUI!!


Needless to say none of these screen caps pay true homage to his skills. Let’s say that he’s worked on some of my fav sci-fi films – such as Iron Man 3 – Eagle Eye – The Amazing Spider-Man and Thor.

Check the trailers.


ndlr: FUI (Fantasy User Interface)

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