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Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku (hara-joo-koo) Lovers is an irrisistible brand, aptly termed “a fatal attraction to cuteness” that was first captured by Shoichi Aoki which lead to publishing two wildly popular books and a cult-like magazine based on Tokyo Street Style.

Highly recommend you acquire these. They can prove fool-proof assets if you hit the blank state. A couple of pages will suffice to kick you right back into gear — thinking to yourself — what? no such thing stopping me from being creative and using my imagination; if they came up with this crazy over the top original fashion style they wear in public, there’s nothing I can’t do.

Fruits (100,000 copies sold)


Fresh Fruits


A couple of years ago, purchased a cool (mini) messenger bag with this message printed in big typo on the flap cover:

“Our Love is the Real Thing”

What a powerful statement in opposition perhaps, to “Our War is the Real Thing” hinted by the green camouflage printed pattern.. Wanted to shout it to the world.. and did.. by carrying it around. Little did I know that I had fallen for the girrrl empowering brand Gwen Stefani had created.

The new video campaign for Harajuku Lovers Fragance which had to seize Gwen’s vision of “cuteness” was commissioned to FWY (Friends With You) Studio who dwell into happy design too..

Now “G” sits pretty at a place of honor amongst other toyz on the studio mantle, stating silently:

Powagirrrls rule (with more than pink design)!!!

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