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Welcome to the archive of the *close-up* interviews I conducted with some of the most interesting brains active on the early web. Consider them as personal introductions to players in our industry - how they came to the internet - what they are doing now - what they think the future will be. See any familiar names?

Altho these are dated - worth your while to enrich your knowledge of our web history.

/ Interview with Alan Herrell
Alan Herrell aka the head lemur is a thinker, writer + status quo challenger and code warrior and publisher of p i x e l v i e w.
/ Interview with Andrew Beach
The Internet and film have been passions of Andrew Beach for years, leading to his collaboration on short films with international writers and developing new ways to converge video and the computer. He spearheads Last Exit LLC.
/ Interview with Andy Budd
Andy Budd is a user experience designer and web standards developer living and working in Brighton, England. As the creative director of web design consultancy Clearleft, he enjoys building attractive, accessible and standards compliant websites.
/ Interview with Christopher Esterline
Christopher Esterline is head designer of 9930.
/ Interview with Christopher Robbins
Christopher Robbins is a thinker, author/activist + (web) designer
/ Interview with Christopher Schmitt
Christopher Schmitt is an award-winning designer, Web builder, idea generator and founder of Heatvision.
/ Interview with Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer is THE industry reference on CSS + ultra kind and friendly person. He shows a genuine interest on how designers will master CSS to deliver compelling sites for clients... with hard to resist arguments.
/ Interview with James Widegreen
James Widegreen is the founder and designer of ThreeOh as well as the creator of REBOOT.
/ Interview with Jeffrey Zeldman
Jeffrey Zeldman, online pioneer and paramount contributor who has been designing websites since the Crimean War, and is the author of Taking Your Talent to the WEB.
/ Interview with Joe Gillespie
Joe Gillespie runs Web Page Design for Designers and is a gaming, graphic and techno frontier pioneer + prolific online contributor.
/ Interview with Joe Szabo
Joe Szabo is writing for Modem Media
/ Interview with Josh Kneedler
Josh Kneedler is Interactive designer for Dreaming America and founder of Rangermag.
/ Interview with Lance Arthur
Lance Arthur is the prolific author behind
/ Interview with Makiko Itoh
Makiko Itoh, principal of PRODOK Engineering and author of JavaScript + CSS + DOM Magic.
/ Interview with Paul Petrunia
Paul Petrunia, curator/editor and head designer of ARCHINECT.
/ Interview with Peter-Paul Koch
Peter Paul Koch, emeritus thinker, code geek and standards digger and maintains the JavaScript Section.
/ Interview with Rene Barsalo
Rene Barsalo is one of the most prominent member of the Quebec Internet industry and is co-founder of DynEC.
/ Interview with Rick Bown
Rick Brown, CCO and all around nice team leader for March Networks.
/ Interview with Robert L. Peters
Robert L.Peters is past president of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) and active internationally as a consultant and design strategist, policy advisor, juror and guest lecturer who lives with two cats in a passive solar house in the woods...
/ Interview with Todd Purgason
Todd Purgason, creative director of Juxt Interactive.
/ Interview with Tor Hyams
Tor Hyams, is a musician and editor/founder of Magazine.