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iPad no more

iPad no more. Why? Big disappointment on multi-levels. Quick sharing some:

Current OS should have reflected and included the iOS4 functionalities such as multi-emails threading, folder creation and most importantly, multi-taskings since it was most likely concurrently being developed by Apple, right? Especially that the device ain’t cheap – why not load it with the most recent version?

Sound? You must be kidding right? Absolutely need to wear headphones (or plug it into an outside system) So much for portability? No go for that.

Screen? Why not incorporate the Lumina retina screen technology right off the bat – since the device will be mostly used to see or read as advertised, right? So that is really crappy. Some apps are not apps just feeding progressive (often pixellized) .jpg that mimick magazine pages (GQ Japan).

Now for apps.

With all the media hooplah – as a new media pioneer – was expecting to be really blown away. Instead was made confused (usability anyone?) by obscure navigation, too much advertising pages (it could have been something else – such as the Cadillac sponsor spot on Coolhunting) and little to no interactivity..

Ok, this is a wifi digital what not that has not been thought of to hook up to the Internet seamlessly. You know the INTERNET!!! Do I need to be asked that it will open Safari (is there any other optional browser I’m missing?) and need to say OK?!?!

Oh no! Did I just follow that link within the Coolhunting app (which is totally one of the better ones).. I’m so dead. Safari opened and.. because no multi-tasking – I have lost my spot in Coolhunting which is closed too, so I need to start all over again. Hate that.

Wired? Well I’m bummed! When I tried to load the video – it went to nowhereland – making the app hang. Recipe: close, open, try again, close, open, try again.. The layout is nice – but interactivity?!?! Clicked a link got to another page and there was no way back. Had no clue where I was within the magazine. Apart from other magazines, it did remember the last page I was on. Ouf!

Pop Sciences is overkilled – using navigational references that make no sense and being told to do this and that to find my way around is simply counter-intuitive. Is this to be an immersive experiment or should I get to read the content at some point? Was offered a full issue free – downloaded it and for the life of me, couldn’t find it. Where was the issue? It’s only when I hapchanced moving up the screen that a menu appeared. Oh and I was supposed to know that? Very pretty pictures though.

The Elements is baffling poo – look I can make objects spin? Where’s the beef (science)?

Facebook app is a joke and is the iPhone version (same size as on my iPhone). What???

NPR is brilliant! Careful to wanting to see it on the web, remember open Safari and you have to close, open again.

The London Times is excellent – granted you are reading a newspaper and accept it as that and willing to pay a monthly subscription.

Tried many differenet utilities with overall a high level of disappointment except perhaps for Dropbox. There were so many demands for login and password to just get them to work that I was turned off.

Oh and SDK platform and C++ to develop an app may be object oriented but its purpose has not been ported for full interactivity. Lots of experimental programming needs to happen. So nevermindus, the costs for developing will be prohibitive to most of the core community.

As for visiting Flash websites – better not get me started on this.. it’s a weird and bizarre of an experience especially if you either see garbage looking css link lists or the message “you need the Flash player to view this website” – only then, that it dawns on you.. Oh no had forgotten – iPad doesn’t support it.. Not good! Not good at all! It’s like the web has been hacked or robbed of one of its essential ingredient/component.

This is an over media sold green code (immature) technology underdelivering device whereas companies may scramble to be iPad ready – advanced users are left hanging in a back to 1995 all over again. Luv the concept and idea of what the future of publishing will be like but for now, will wait for the next generation (that is probably in the pipes as I write this).

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