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M$ Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8: Inside Paula Scher’s design of the new identity.

I admire the work of Pentagram immensely. So much ground breaking ideas were put out there.. BUT this latest project.. redesigning M$ Windows 8 logo is bad.. really bad.. and not even as bad as all the previous renditions. Hit the link to see the M$ visual branding disaster.

There has been a load of press coverage as usual – but not so glowing. Granted M$ is not known for its sense of design, through the years they didn’t have to pay much attention to it – giga-revenues were flowing in..

So what do you think? Works or not?

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  1. I have to agree with you Carole – this is bad. I tend to agree with the base question: “Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?” But the final product is not just bad – it’s amateurish.

    And the color? Let’s not even go there.

  2. Neither pleased nor offended to be honest. Saying that, I think it will work well in the context of the new OS, which is surprisingly stylish and non-fussy.

    Apple need some competition on the UI design score (which may result in them toning down their shiny-shiny-drop-shadow-bevel approach – which they execute well but have been rocking for over 10 years), and MS need to continue to recover from years of complacency born from their previous market domination.

  3. Yepp agree w/ you both. Color (de nada). Apple needing competition – totally!

  4. My initial reaction was: surprise, curiosity, disbelief, uncertainty, then acceptance with a bit of fore-thinking of what they might do with this new language for Windows and across other Microsoft properties.

    The rollout seems botched not having additional collateral in place, and the sample videos on Pentagram’s site look like sketches that shouldn’t be presented outside of a larger brand introduction piece.

    All that said, I think it’s a (potentially) fine progression, but a very curious launch.

  5. It’s really bad. One thing is Swiss design, that elaborates great design from simplicity. And another is simple, as lack of design aesthetic, like this case. But in another discourse, Microsoft is, and always been simple in this way. Not good designed, with a lot of flaws. So… if this is the case, look again at the brand… and is or is not a great piece of communication? Doesn’t communicate Microsoft’s best values?

  6. That’s spot on Carole.

    It takes me back to the 80’s, when I was playing Leisure Suit Larry on the PC at our neighbour’s… We have a Dutch saying that applies to this: It’s fish nor meat. Bland, weak, sub-average, Pentagram unworthy piece of poop. Too bad, as I am still waiting for some stylish competition for Apple as well. The Microsoft phone os is pretty neat, but their overall approach to design is just very strange I think. See this article for reference:

    Sometimes, Microsoft Designs Great Things. Here’s Why It Doesn’t Ever Matter

  7. Excellent article tx Patrick for sharing it.