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Design news | Oct 05

Haven't we seen enough book like interfaces? YES we shall cry out loud. Well you haven't seen this one! You know that I would never send you there if it wasn't worth it! I think for once, the navigation makes sense and takes advantage da style.

And the graphic design work? Freakin' awesome. Ourcommon... well uncommon all around!


via: Jon Hicks

Reloaded and loaded portfolios! See why they stay as good!

/ panism | pansnap photography explored


/ IAshido fanning up and staying fresh


/ * inflex fast and flashy navigation


/ CRKL1DSGN brimming with visual eclectism


/ FERIC experimenting pseudo visual mechanics


/ .....dzialifornia exquisite execution and eye candy


/ rokkan keeps rocking on and on


/ SKWAK cutie mini-pixels interface


/ Analog.Systm excellent mininalist portfolio


/ 504.destruct is good at collage design

The font in Netdiver mini-batteries is: REALISTIX from The Pixel Plant

Arnaud Sprimont aka • NABIS •, relaunches a new web site! One of my fav designer who specializes in sleek corporate collaterals.

Juhana Bellston has been skateboarding for 13 years and has a natural talent for capturing people in a very intense and realistic photography and even dapps into graphic design as well.

Guess it comes with the territory when you are reckless!


*Smart a... who can pass our test! says Michael Kelar.


ndlr: No kiddin', they really mean it!

Google declares war on Microsoft by Louise Crossen

via: It’s 1999 all over again by Zeldman


ndlr: What do we do? Should we cry? Dance or run to hide?

An intriguing storyboard for the 3D short film by Laurent Labouille & Francois Turquety - entredeux ®.

The contrast of non-descript characters and the two central ones set the stage for a unique ending. LUV the metaphor.


via: Antoine Hiolle

Two new powagirrrls who have an eye and passion for photography. Two different approach in composition. One in fashion excess, the other in eclectic abstracts.

/ Jacqueline Callaghan


/ Zoe Smith

I don't know if someone does it better! Just LUV / // hicksdesign image framing and check the 'quoted' section design as well, click the pink thumbnail to see them. WOW!

Don't miss the impressive design work he's done! Much talent!

For industrial and interrior designers and all innovative design fans! 2 coverages and the source for recent London Design Festival 2005. Check the programme section to get valuable links to bookmark.


What fascinates me is that there is definitely a cross-over of traditional graphic design elements being incorporated more and more in furniture, apparel and accessories. See for yourself:

POL OXYGEN coverage in words and lots of pictures:


A shorty of favs by Shift and this great link to 100% Design, how sustainable design can change the world!


ndlr: I'm looking to populate a section in the Design Toolbox about sustainable design resources, if you know of some, won't you share it?

The Shift calendar competition started in 2003 with an aim to discover fresh creators. The number of entries have increased year by year and have received 1253 entries from 47 countries this year.

12 carefully selected works will decorate each month of the Shift calendar, creating the feeling of a little art book.


ndlr: Congrats to the winning artists, awesome work!

Outstanding portfolios by some of the Shift Calendar winning entries.

/ Hyperthesis Visual Lab


/ Edvard Scott


/ Sweet creativet

Powagirrrls reload 3.0 version! SKWAT Wear different

Are you ready for the Chopping Block?

We're looking for crack design production with mad Flash and CSS skills for some tag team matches. Candidate should not be afraid to take direction from his/her trainers in order to land that final knockout blow. Action Script and database experience a big plus!

Send portfolio URL to

You have gotta see this! Visual Polllution sports quite a weird name for an extra talented designer who in fact delivers, the complete contrary, design wise. You'll find no garbage there guaranteed.

I luv the interface color, the quick flash scripting and how the projects are displayed.

Some new, some renewed, all worthy! / Tra Selhtrow excellent caricatural illustrations and featured in illustrationmundo.

CSS Crib Sheet by Dave Shea

“You will no doubt come across many quirky layout issues when building a site with CSS. You'll end up banging your head against a wall time and again. This is an attempt to make the design process easier, and provide a quick reference to check when you run into trouble.”


ndlr: Incredible one page tips of forget me not when designing with Css.

Freakin' cool flash site! A bit slow to load, on navigation mouseover the background scrolls in sync. Luv it! W+KTokyolab.

????? Wonder what that is ????? Teenage Furniture competition results will tell! Brace yourself for some pretty awesome and out there ideas!

WellVetted inspirational gathering issue #38 is out. My pick for this month is IKEA | DRÖMKÖK.

The District throws a couple of punch lines that is just nailing the right tone to make their point... Big bold copy and big bold visuals to show their client works. From UK with luv.

NYC's Domani Studios is searching high and low for talented designers and Art Directors for full time positions - lots of fresh projects approaching!

For more info drop them a portfolio link:

Trouble... oi would you not say big trouble ahead for the firm that designed Quark new logo???

via: Osprey Design Blog


ndlr: Identityworks: Reviews - 2005 - Quark by Tony Spaeth

“...I would enjoy hearing the two designers debate how the mark can be an 'a' for Arts and a 'q' for Quark.”

via: Mike Huynh


ndlr: BTW Identityworks is a must bookmark site! It's an incredible resources for identity reviews and analysis.

An Argument for Small Business Blogging by Chris Campbell

“To summarize, there are a lot blog readers out there and not only are they multiplying, they’re intelligent, they have disposable income, and they’re actively looking for new information from unexpected sources longer than your average user.

These readers are trendsetters, early adopters, opinion makers, news junkies and the biggest advocates of their own personal interests.”

On SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

“If you think about how most people are using Google (how you use Google), you should realize that people aren’t really using them to search for new businesses or ways to spend money. People search for solutions. People search for answers.”


Excerpt from Anil Dash:

“For all the back-and-forth about how Google is or isn’t evil, the end result of PageRank is that it’s a hell of a lot more work to fake your way into being a top result than it is to just have high ranking as a fringe benefit of just being a person who loves writing.”


ndlr: We're toying with the idea of having a 'blog' section to discuss design issues. Would you like that and participate?

We really WUV you but we can't be code nannies! Make sure your site functions in alternate browsers (Firefox, Opera). Coding just for IE is passé.

It's a man's world. Graduate shows revealed a host of talented female designers, yet the industry is still male dominated. So where are all the women? Jason Arber investigates…


ndlr: Can't pass up this one! I've being asked to comment on or offer if possible, some kind of explanation in many interviews I did. So for the record, here is a short-short repost on the topic:

“Gender has nothing to do with talent. Last I remember, the difference between gender lays somewhere else. Now it certainly does not mean, that agencies or companies will see it eye to eye, and act accordingly and in full respect of this... inescapable fact.

Until males have babies, females will, and will to an array of costs to their career and advancement opportunities... Too often the message is not as blatant as here written, but I guarantee, as effective: 'You want advance, best you don't have babies!'

Indication of a denial of care for the pereneity of the human race... You judge. Whilest it seems, no efforts are ever spared in favor of short term profits and control over the work force.”

Meanwhile my search is still on to find the real powagirrrls!!!

I like this design from the new iso50 collection. Sweatshop free!

Excerpt from Pipe Dream Incorporated?!?! Nope, it's da real!

“...find two effective people who respect each other, and have complimentary skills and experience to lead the office. Who says you can't have co-directors?”

Belk and Srere named co-Directors of Siegel & Gale, New York

One of my all time favorite quote by George Bernard Shaw:

“You see things as they are and ask, Why? I dream things as they never were and ask, Why not?”

Goodie-goodie! For a little while these domains were offline:

/ Claudia Lareu sweet pixels are back! And if I may risk the comparison, it looks like the feminine counterpart of k10k.


/ B R E T T Yasko portfolio site.

The Spread Firefox servers were attacked and although not sure if these were or not compromiseand, the admin team decided to shutdown the site. It will be rebuilt and then to avoid breach in personal security info, we need to change password.

C0C0S0L1DC1T1 derives from the idea of constructing urban masses that reside in dysfunctional and heterotopian spaces. A C1T1, which is not solid, exits in the fluid softworld of the Internet.

Mouth full? No, ear full :)

Luv Onion Design pitch line Make a difference today! Funky nav and good projects. There is a wicked little game in there too... that made me laugh out loud!

SOFTBANK? See banking in a complete new way! Can you believe this? Intriguing time based concept, lush pixellized anims to show xtra refined photographs! Using the soft communication approach aka selling lifestyle... I'm floored!


via: Funkbuilders

Netscape Browser To Be Distributed On New HP Consumer PCs

“The Netscape press release about the HP distribution agreement emphasises the claimed security and privacy advantages of Netscape Browser 8.0, which allows users to switch between the Mozilla Gecko and Microsoft Internet Explorer Trident rendering engines.”

ndlr: Ah! That must amount to something being done right?


Also the French Netscape 8.0 has just been released and claims to have a better support of Css and standards.


ndlr: For any of us who have had to do with the inforno of working around some previous versions hideous incompatibilities... I dunno if this is enough to rekindlr a fervor in their favor. But hey, anything is better than IE.

Some new, some renewed, all worthy!

/ NID Gallery 05 turning wheel navigation


/ Kinetic Interactive redesigned with cool animations


\ Cengiz Bodur excellent illustrator


/ meomi cutest pixels now available to own!


ndlr: Don't miss the Flash Goddess interview with Vicki Wong

Design for tomorrow by Design Council

“Why scramble to be the cheapest when using design can make you the best by transforming everything you do?”

Lost in transit! Reshuffling makes me discover some treasure but also sites which for some reason never made it to the galleries. An oversight that I wish to correct for - kris van beek - which was posted about 3+ years ago!

Wait till you see his site there is something about the nav which is completely... well... weird and yet, works. Keep in mind, we're talking 2002 here!

The death toll has reached an estimated 41,000 in the Kashmir/Pakistan region. Umayr sent this info for aid agencies working in the quake zone.

To help our neighbor in times of troubles, is up to us.

Art prankster sprays Israeli wall by BBC News

“Secretive guerrilla artist Banksy has decorated Israel's controversial West Bank barrier with satirical images of life on the other side.”

A phenomenal task is underway, the first WIKI (in beta) covering design. Register and contribute.

Under Consideration, popular host of the design blog Speak Up!, has launched The Design Encyclopedia.

“The design encyclopedia is a wiki, which means that any registered user can add, delete or change any of the information on the encyclopedia. The purpose of the design encyclopedia is to build a resource where anything and everything is explained through its design implications and background.”


via: GraphicDefine

GIRLS Inc. Online* inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. The site is a pilot program and membership program for girls ages 9 to 17.

Do you know what is The Organic Grid? Well here is an introduction by Edwin Tofslie

“The use of organic elements within a rectilinear grid system is a phenomenon of design that has not been clarified and discussed due to lack of definition and realization.”

Fascinating! But is it applicable?

In fact, he happens to be the designer behind one of the absolutely genial website that I posted recently which I'm sure, you recall LiveontheFly!


ndlr: Grid as guide not jail. Luv it!

“Any design student here at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU) or in every serious design faculty is tought to use a grid system just as a basic structure and layout guide, not as a jail. It is obvious that a grid is not only used to draw boxes over it and that you always can use organic or free-form shapes based on that grid.

Edwin had designed great sites, but Im afraid he's missing the point here. He has rediscovered the wheel.”


via: Hernan Massau

Lost and found portfolios and talents worth rediscovering!

/ EVOLVs Media as evolved to this from then version.2!!


/ SIMPLYORDINARY nor an ordinary xtra talented designer


/ GAZ Luv the visual metaphor and animations!


/ Visual (like who needs another flash puzzle navigation?) Them!


/ Paul Windlr smart concept for an illustration powerhouse.

Idea Day something that perhaps should happen locally around the globe? Hats off Brian Fling.

“Now more than ever the creative community is divided between in-house teams and the creative consultant, be it agency or freelancer. The goal of Idea Day is to provide a venue for these groups to get together, network, share stories and learn from one another.”

New on the block but not on the web, Blue Flavor—Experience Design.

IKEA | DRÖMKÖK Prepare yourself for a pure visual marvel!

When imagination is let loose, when the talents of a competent team of photographers, designers and conceptors are merged, one can expect no less than true greatness.

If nothing else, this project is a cause to celebrate creativity on warp speed!

What awestrucked me first and foremost is the concept of frozen and instantly captured people on interior sets! Wow! Also the photographic fluidity, which means a large amount of technical expertise was available, so that the camera travellings were always at the exact same height.

That's something! I mean - it's pretty challenging to adapt this type of project to web limitations and, I think it delivers a fantastic experience.

The fact that all scenes are suspended in time with objects that defies gravity to drives the point. Look out for bags falling, sparkling wine erupting, bubble gum standing, water jetting, clothes thrown, chicken flying, slices of bread dancing - the viewer - in order to understand what is going on - must permit the mind to take in the surroundings.

A tasty visual puzzle it is, to catch on, on all the details.

Which is the whole point of this project, right? This manufacturer of cheap and trendy furniture appeals and targets its audience by demonstrating real life situations with an emphasis on relationship and conviviality taking place in the most important room of a home: the kitchen / dining area.

DRÖMKÖK btw means dream kitchen.

Add to this, which in itself is no small achievement, a real 360 degrees rotation where all the scenes, on first take, seems to melt into one another seamlessly. The absolute brilliance of the editing is revealed as the sets rotate, each new scene appears and shows now not only a different angle of the room, but in fact, hides the previous and reveals a completely different one.

An absolute must see encore and encore!

What is Googlecrumbs?

Thunder Chunky interview with Fons Schiedon aka FonzTeeVee, a long time netdiver resident and one of my fav designer/artist.

“...can only be described as a mega-multi-disciplined designer. His work can be found on tv, in print, on the web and even across interiors. His clients include Nickelodeon and MTV and his recent series of 13 idents for Nickelodeon are loved by kids and adults alike. His is a strange world, so lets find out more...”

Newly updated and new sightings for inspiration.

/ LEFThandSIDE lefties illustrators only!


/ StyleReactor more curves than ever!

Fresh new shirts chez Venour.

The work in progress feel for interface design suits well the portfolio of Miguel Arias on Argumentativa. Part furious doodling and clean lines, contradictory perhaps, sign of a new illustrator and emerging artist.

Very nice tangy palette for the flash site for an outstanding photographer that specializes mostly in lifestyle assignments. The intensity of life while people interact is captured and the viewer is inevitably drawn into making his own imaginary story.

Meet Daniel Bosler.

Crown Dozen interview with Nathan Jurevicius


ndlr: Nathan has been a netdiver inhabitant for a long long time. Prime time illustrator and million fantasy worlds man, he has this recognizable style and signature.


Recently, he colorizes the ether with a horde of little people, some of mighty scary fame.

Communication Arts Interactive 11 awards were awarded... Dunno if you will agree with all the choices though. What I think is a nice feature is the fact that the brief is available for each project which includes judges comments as well.


ndlr: It seems only bigga corporations get recognition... but that might just be me.

Best to review the cached project for a quick browse.

John Copeland self-describes his work has being “rooted in drawing and painting with a sense of play between interior and exterior, both in terms of imagery, text, and meaning.”

Wanna know why open-source is important for the future of computing? Why we need standards? Why having a unified and independent online community saveguards the greatest tool ever awarded humanity? Read on.

Troubling Exits At Microsoft. Once the dream workplace of tech's highest achievers, it is suffering key defections to Google and elsewhere. What's behind the losses? via Business Week.

“Ballmer maintains that the company is in terrific shape. In an interview... he says one of Microsoft's strengths has always been its culture of self-criticism...

...The output of our innovation is great, says Ballmer. We won the desktop. We won the server. We will win the Web. We will move fast, we will get there. We will win the Web.


ndlr: Say what again?!?!?! Molly Holzschlag whipped up a to the point reply and reaction to such a preposterous full of bull statement.

Hats off girrrl!


via: SXSW

The Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. It's primary role is to make web designer's life easier.

Illustration sites revisited and worth revisiting!

/ III Mutador


/ Tokyoplastic upcoming new toy!

Uwe Ditz site uses probably the most unusual and original navigation to be used for a photographer site. Luv it!

It's soooo eclectic, it defies description. I'm beyond words. Evgeny Kiselev is definitely not a web designer (wait till you see the nav) but skip over that fact and discover a prolific illustrator with lots of projects to show! I'm blown away!

Interview with Karen Blincoe via Icograda

“ students... are not taught how to relate to society in a professional capacity and are not challenged to consider their role in the process of designing and conceiving new products and methods...

Only by relating to society do designers stand a chance of challenging the myth that designers are entertainers and of gaining recognition as professionals who address the important issues...

Not enough designers dare raise the issues of sustainability, social responsibility and ethics when given an assignment...”


ndlr: mmm... reminds me of the What neXt? presentation which addresses the same issues and why the future calls for submissions, and who can make it happen! :))

Painful Performances. Making the most of the annual work appraisal by Cynthia Hanson.

Many organizations require appraisals, yet place little stock in them. As a result, the whole performance review process can feel like emotionally charged busy work for managers and employees. If that's the case, why bother with evaluations at all?

Updated portfolios sightings:

/ NEW is adding new projects


/ loworks----- you will be surprised!


/ Dimension7 the *Every item will be custom made version

Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at every moment, keys could be programmed to produce any sequence, the enter is almost square and if you read the FAQ, wow, open source and more... Must see!


ndlr: Designed by Artlebedev, a proeminent industrial design studio.

Coroflot Designer Salary Survey is now open and collecting data for the fifth year. Designers are invited to submit their own annual salary information and review results from other disciplines, locations and job titles. Complete results will be published after October 1, 2005.

Past years surveys are available for consultation: #4, #3, #2, #1.

What I find interesting is that - although 'high' salaries have lowered, the median have actually increased. Finally - perhaps an indication that we're at the end of the post-dot com gutter.

-> more news


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