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Design news | Jun 07

Nodiktat presents its first collection. Limited edition only! You’ll find Tshirts, wall stickers and other stuff related to design.

Submit your artwork, it’s worth a try!

Oh! Onesize reel is packed full of motion and visual fx. True we see a lot of the intertwining lines but they've made these cut through the floor. Dazzling work!

Brice Domingues has got a quirky portfolio website but I luv his work. His graphic design and print work are very personal and original.

DesignFreak ~noun is someone who has an unusual and unexpected passion for all things visual and designed and conceived creatively.

Michelle Blade populates her illustrations with little people congregating together around activities and tumultuous backgrounds.

Wanna learn more about her creative process, read Neozine interview.

SKIN Design studio was established in 2002 and specializes in graphic and editorial design. With a focus on design, they aim to help their clients' strategic goals and convert them into visual communication.

Some darn good projects in their portfolio!

Have a look at the new Habitat Seven interface! Very cool!

HSA*BA means please eat comprises over 100 recipes, photos and videos and is the personal journey of Cho while she travelled back home gathering recipes from friends and family.

Extraodinarily well designed website! Yummy!

Avensys serves as a public conduit and establishing firm ties with experimental media. It also provides exposure to exhibitions made by Jort Braam as a personal aid to artistic and integral evolution in the fields of design and media-production.

Extreme abstracts taken to a higher plane.

Knocked my socks off! Catherine Lepage rocks! Her style and incredibly well designed works she's done shows how an accomplish a designer she is.

Not all designers are extroverted but all must be expressive to succeed. Jerod Gibson is proof with a well-rounded portfolio.

Attila Hartwig is all about photography, covering generic still, people and interior. Luv the simple interface and fast loading website. Info architecture is perfected by being made easy.

Capturing Heaven by Greg Martin

Are you into science-fiction? Or perhaps interested in matte painting? This is a well written and documented article (.pdf) on “the haunting splendor which inspires and compels us as artists. The question is, how can we capture the elusive essence of space in our own work?”

Visit Greg's website to view more.

Erik Spiekermann has a remarkable CV. His design insights are respected, his typefaces have become standards and he has developed design systems for global brands. In addition he is a founder of MetaDesign and the driving force behind SpiekermannPartners.

The renowned designer gives a surprisingly candid look at the challenges of running a design business. He was asked some tough questions and each of his answers was insightful.

Read Ideasonideas interview with Erik.

Smart moves! Popping animations, super visual effects and live action footage provided by the talented folks at Buck!

\ Tvland ID goes psychedelic


\ Song Airlines aims to touch

Nope, this is not a traditionally painted portrait of Jeff Buckley.. it is a masterly spray on wood board work by Kinoz.

Hat's off!

Brace yourself! No kiddin, kid wonder David Löhr aka science under fire brings into digital life another animated sensation! He's currently looking to be snagged up and is due to graduate in 2008.

To those who can see talent, hear-hear.

Plus+ by Clusta is a dense experimental short film where organic mixes with digital forms. The stop motion feel over emphasizes the forward / backward movement.

Who Needs Headlines? by Shaun Crowley

“A lot of web copy is written by copywriters who aren’t trained in writing for the web—and much of the rest is written by people who aren’t trained writers at all. If you’re a designer who can consult intelligently on basic copy improvements, you can gain a substantial business advantage.

This article is designed to help you do just that.”

Wanna see upclose the signature work of a great industrial designer? Check out what FxBalléry does! Professional, exquisite, refined.

RA: Resident Advisor is a dance & electronic music magazine and has got a well designed website!

Mondadientes is an assemblage of line arts and quite minimalist illustrations by Santiago Morilla. Really like the Mujeres de Cuento collection.

It's all about getting your point across right? Right. Organic Grid direct and to the point portfolio website.

The results of the European Design Awards 2007 are now online. In total 450 participants coming from 25 different countries around Europe.

Edwin Ushiro is not your average illustrator since he's had opportunities to work mostly work in the entertainment business and has a load of film and shorts projects under his belt and now, just landed his first solo exhibit.

Somewhat darkish, his illustrations are meticulous and exceptionally detailed.

And we've got lift-off! Ok plastic is out bring on paper! These lovelies and many others are all... paper toys. Aren't they awesome?

Shin Tanaka even provides the template so you can try your hand designing one for possible inclusion in an upcoming new collection.

Probably the last thing that would come to mind is to use a cell phone near any source of water, that was before the W52CA!

Slick casing, functionalities (TV anybody?) and a pastel colored and smooth operating website!

Undoboy still overflowing with imagination!

Linzie Hunter is a top notch illustrator who just launched her brand new website loaded with new projects.

Floating on their canvases, Josh Keyes works combine a minimalistic approach with a photorealistic level of detail. A juxtaposition that’s echoed by his subject matter.

Now that's cultivating a unique perspective! Incongruity, tension and beautifully rendered.

Just back from judging the final round of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards in San Jose and catching up.

Resuming to normal publishing tomorrow.

Rudy Adler just let me know about the Border Film Project. Basically, what they did is distributed disposable cameras to two groups on different sides of the U.S.-Mexico border - undocumented migrants crossing the desert and American Minutemen trying to stop them.


ndlr: The website has just launched and as well, was released a book through Harry N. Abrams that is sold at major bookstores and American Apparel stores globally.

The book was designed by karlssonwilker, two Sagmeister proteges. There is a touring exhibition that has shown in 8 cities, with another 7 cities planned later this year.

SieMatic not only designs nice kitchens but got a very nice and simple flash website. What I like mosst is that all navigation and visuals and information are compressed within the top part of the browser window.

Press the + sign to see full pictures!

Meghan Petersen photography is deeply personal showing sides of life that are often overlooked. Some are funny, some are tragic, some are just... reality in a still moment.

A Greener Apple by Steve Jobs

“Apple has been criticized by some environmental organizations for not being a leader in removing toxic chemicals from its new products, and for not aggressively or properly recycling its old products..

Our stakeholders deserve and expect more from us, and they’re right to do so. They want us to be a leader in this area, just as we are in the other areas of our business. So today we’re changing our policy.”


via: Industrial Brand

Made in Belgium! CNBE creative networking is looking for independent designers, no agencies please! If you know designers that aren't added yet (search the site first) please send them the url and it will be added.

Awesome! And loads of fun! Viscosity is a (flash based) tool that lets you create modern art, save it, download it (as a desktop wallpaper), and see what everyone else has made.

Although could be associated with automatic design, the many functionalities available encourages a slow progression. Remember there is no CTRL+Z that we, designers, could not do without, so each step is irreversible.


Alberto Oviedo is proficient in capturing the human expressions. His photographic projects are intense and especially, the lighting in his portraits is wonderful.

Ispirazione: 170 gallerie e showcase! CSS, color palette based, portals and a whole lot more.

Always interesting to find out what's on the mind of designers. Read what Rick Poynor, Michael Beirut and Ellen Lupton are mulling over via their Taxi interviews.

RP = “I couldn’t decide whether I was a words person or a visual person – I’m both..”

MB = “I wouldn’t say that the word “innovation” is a pet peeve..”

EL = “First of all, I’m not a rock star designer. I’m a design educator..”

Well first, don't let the domain name lead you to believe what it infers. This mini-creative is everything but... theleftovers!

Meet Eric Sin, David Garvin and Christian Jehle. View their artwork and be surprised!

As I'm about to embark delivering the most exhilirating and yet, craziest deadline wise project, found this excerpt I wrote a couple of years ago. Serves me right! Kicking my own insecurity and fear of failure into high gear capability. Maybe it will do same for you!

“Risk and survive. Stall and die. Jump and rise. Fail and learn. Defeat your insecurities. The unknown is not comfortable. Nothing is missing. Creativity is the sheer and pure manifestation of intelligence mixed with a high dose of imagination.

Be inventive when facing delicate requests, unmanageable deadlines and unreasonable expectations. Learn to do with what you don't have and pretend you can.”

Paper Jam Design has got an unsual navigation. When you see the info, you may choose by keywords. They show don't tell.

And as you will see, they luv everything print!

Charuca designs some of the cutest characters! She has become a master in this genre of illustration.

Fly me to the moon or to the Space Colony Art from the 1970s. Examples of visionaries illustrators who could really packed details to convey the dream.


+essencedesign elegant monochromatic interface is the perfect palette to offset their projects. Everything is soooo meticulous, orderly, organized and crisp.

In essence, all qualities required to produce good design!

(if ) have launched another superior flash web site. Erring more on the side of deconstructivism and square snake like transitions.

Slick! Just the kind of surprise that fuels my luv for the media.

Absolute gold! Unusual palette for this wonderful advert for a coffee brand, called Fantasia.


ndlr: For more animated goodness, excecuted by a fast rising star, check the other works by STARDUST, in particular the ones done for Microsoft and Nokia.



via Ventilate

Friday show bumper by PetPunk. Luv the subdued palette and mixed illustration and photography.

Me go long time, only $30,000 by Ben Garfinkel

“..Opinions about what a student (or anyone I guess) should do/include/avoid when putting together and presenting a portfolio.

Don’t waste my time. Tailor your book to me – or at least what it is you think will get my attention based on the work WE do. Prove you’ve done a little research about us. Want to get my attention? Show me I’m not your latest form-letter victim.

These days I want to see a PDF, or even better, a website with good samples of your work that are representative of the skills you hope to bring to the company..”


Ben Garfinkel is Partner / Creative Director of Industrial Brand Creative.

Very cool series of (14) adverts: MTV:CND Blood............... that uses retro-collage and pictures over-dubbed with animated vectors.


Series of award show bumpers that caught my attention at FITC when Kent aka Play Airways was still a student! Though criticized for being too long, to me it was about discovering a rising and promising talent!

There's only one way to resist! Be MADD a campaign to raise awareness against under age drinking.

By the cool folks at ** gigspot.

Pantone is a short film where furry texture and liquid merge in a slow and dense experiment.

Sooo sweet and moving Buenos Aires Zoo advert!

By the xtra talented folks at LOBO. If you have time watch their other movies!

Those were the days my friend... roll back to 2003 and be amazed viewing the ad for Sony Psyc (04). So? Lot's of the editing and visual fx are quite familiar with what we see today, don't you think?

Hats off to David Ahuja and the gang at one9ine.

For more cool animations, check out the Motion directory!

Now that's an idea! The printer man says is a new kind of ecard. Actually it's a video card. Luv it!

Engineered by the Proctors Crew.

New York Attorney General files Dell deception lawsuit by Conrad Quilty-Harper

“..accusing the company of false advertising, failure to honor rebates and warranties, and several other fraudulent acts (including the specific, legally defined crime of "fraud"..”


Dell poursuivi pour fraude et publicité mensongère by Iain Thompson

“L’état de New York attaque le fabricant d’ordinateurs qu’il accuse de tromperie.”

Clever java applet will render any website in a stunningly beautiful way. Upon refresh you can see other algorithms that will show the information tree differently. Complex system renderings are a quick way to have a visual of otherwise hard to comprehend data and shows, as in this case, depth of websites.

Try it! Websites as graphs!


ndlr: Hats off to Sala who has this message to pass along:

“Echoes is a site from my band Phebus, and it's a simple idea: we want to make the web's first collective music video.

What the song needs now is a video. After having shot a few video clips the old fashioned way, we decided that wasn't going to work this time. We think this song speaks to people, so we want to hear back from them - an echo from you. We want you to make it.”

Stunning flash website for Wired Music! Visually dense and fast transitioning in all sections. Urbanite and beautiful and very original!

From Brazil with luv!

They claim to be cupcake heaven! No kiddin' when you can eat art, that's probably a slice of heaven. Scrumpidelicious, Cakeadoodledo has got all these special moments covered!

More cake please!

You've gotta see Chris Hoffman reel! Dazzling! cool music track too.

Not only is the present compilation diversified and covering a wide range of styles, but the educated comments offered by Eric Jacobsen (founder) and readers make Covers, which is dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design, a must bookmark reference.

Fantastic resource!

Delivery has travelled around the world to be part of more than 100 film festivals, has received numerous prestigious awards. I was lucky enough to discover this jewel movie when Till Nowak submitted it as part of his master project and was our BOTY (Best of the Year) 2005.

Now available in a freshly pressed DVD in 16:9 with Dolby Digital Sound. It offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes view on the production and many other bonus features.

Okapi is a multidisciplinary studio with offices in Bucharest and San Francisco, with over 5 years of experience in European and American markets.

Gabi Lungu one of the founders was an early Netdiver resident and as you can see, their portfolio is a fine mixture of traditional and new media creative services.

-> more news


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