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Dang don’t want any of my <stuff> be linked to by and for companies or friends on social networks. Simple Help has made this very brief tutorial available that will show you how to disable Facebook’s latest “has some privacy issues” service, Open Graph.

What is the meaning of opt-in baby? You know, you ask me and I get to choose. Not discovering this after the fact. Made some quick research, to discover that these companies just want to make it easier for us to connect and share.. which they will track with mega server parks.. and a full new wing of tallying geeks to crunch meaning out of our activities.. and all that for nothing?!?!

Because they want to SHARE on the web.. Since when share has become synonymous with profit?!?!

We’re NOT 2 yrs old being taught not to cross the street on the red light here.

Dang. Bang-bang.

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