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Remembering Netscape

Netscape IPO 20-year anniversary: read Fortune’s 2005 oral history of the birth of the web by Adam Lashinsky

ndlr: Netscape logo redesign as an homage to a great company by White Rabbit studio.


If you were around the nascent www in ’95 – walk down memory lane. If you came in later, amplify your web history knowledge.

Excellent read.


Suggested readings:

20 Years ago. My personal recounting of the birth of Netscape and how it shaped the future of Netdiver Mag.


Think Different <- We’ve seen what M$ vs Netscape (and all others led to). Just think of IE6, if you are amnesic.

Microsoft And Netscape: Case Of Friend And Foe <- article deleted but page title maintained. Exactly what happened. Netscape was wiped out.

Browser Wars <- History of browsers (map). Thank you Wikipedia for your accuracy.

More search results.


Browsers market share today:

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