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Ouch! in ref w/ I.D.

Ouch! I.D.’s Executioners: Julie Lasky (she was the last editor) on what really was wrong at ID Magazine:

“I showed evidence of I.D.’s global stature and urged the establishment of a strong web presence that could serve as a window on the world and open new avenues for profit (not to mention shore up I.D.’s reputation for featuring cutting-edge design).

On each occasion, I was politely told that the typical buyer of advertising space lacked the time and intelligence to grasp complicated ideas such as I had just presented. Nor in six years was any notable investment made in a dedicated sales staff, reader research or web development for I.D.”


Is Print next to fold? F+W Media ousts Editor-in-Chief Emily Gordon by Stephanie Murg (of interest article since it’s the same publisher as I.D.)


via: Design Observer

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