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Social Networks

Nowadays you can find me active on Twitter and Facebook as well as two geo-tagging social networks where I share thoughts and impressions while living and exploring my city, (Montreal).

What I really like since my network of friends spans the world, were I to travel to another city, will find them instantly and discover spots off the beaten touristic paths, with my mobile.

For example, while I checked-in at the Apple Store, someone (using comments) asked that I look for a particular accessory he needed. Was able to render this service on the spot, commented back – and avoided him making the trip for nothing.

I find this pretty cool.

Another example: while checked-in at Indigo (bookstore) I stated what book I was reading. Then two people asked about it and why it was so important.

I find this empowering.

Why not try it? Join me on Foursquare and / or Gowalla.

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