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Super(b) Katrin

Superb is the work of Katrin Olina a multi-disciplinary designer that has pretty touched just about every media: illustration, graphic design, environmental design, animation, interior design, fashion, textiles.. The Cristal Bar (Hong Kong) is a fantastic example!

“An interior based around graphic art and the application of a visual language in an entire space. In this project she exploits the film and printing technology of 3M to create a huge seamless painting that expands throughout the four interconnected areas that cover a floor area of 1200 square feet!

The bar countertop is encrusted with more than 300,000 Swarovski crystals, which are illuminated from above by a ripple projector, and below by multicolored LEDs, in that way the counter’s surface changes hues while shimmering in undulating waves over the course of the night. ”

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