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Small is beautiful

After Svpply fallout (website is now closed) Very Goods will become the new hub for a community stamped with having ‘good taste’.

There’s this pattern in internet communities called The 1% Rule, which looks like this:

A note on Smallness.


Unerdwear is ‘softwear for nerds’ brought to you buy a bunch of talented nerd approved powagirrrls – who started their experimental designer collective in Krakow, PO.

Can’t resist quoting: ‘Wat?! Srsly – designer boxers with geeky patterns. We call them ‘nerdies’.. And this: We like to think of them as ‘developer tools’ or ‘clean tech’. It’s very much WYSIWYG.’


Camp and Furnace

Camp and Furnace is a cultural hub over 34,000 sq.ft comprising events spaces, bar, eatery, nightclub, photographic and location studios, indoor boutique caravan hotel and pop-up retail.

A large scale project and collaboration with architects FVMA, Elevator studios and chef Steven Burgess to redevelop a disused series of warehouses in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.


I heard of the project while in the making and am proud to feature it on Netdiver Mag. This type of project should be replicated all over the world.


In prep new website relaunch.

Plugzine / book

PLUGZINE Where to start? / No 1

“The initial concept was to find a path to encourage diversity, promote cultural pluralism and provide new opportunities to aspiring designers across the world…and plug a path between East and West… Designers represented here are commended for the depth of their thinking…”

Joyn:Design approach is courageous and exciting. Asking designers to express about a topic that is usually relegated to the atmospheric spheres of high intellectualism which is not bad, but mostly and usually worst, relegated to ‘socio cultural’ politics.

In this world of mass indifference fed by mass media whereas we are told over and over how impotent we are to affect and make changes…

In fact, they are pointing and asking hard and harsh questions that need answers… now! Not another massive dose of comforting and empty advertising babble and/or corporate happy talk wanting to control culture.

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between an urge to design and an urge to communicate! The set of skills are the same – the mindset is altogether completely different!

It grants a powerful tribune where we can speak loud and clear!

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photos via: Yosoh

Heart them

Founded in London in October 1994, Heart emerged from illustration studio collective, Big Orange and has always viewed its role as more than just finding work for a given group of artists.

Their needs are seen as intertwined with that of their agency, and this intimacy of scale has nurtured great friendships within Heart, which in turn has helped create a natural forum for discussion.

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Illustration: Industria Argentina / Tecnópolis illustration by Martin Orza

Vetted objects

Formed in the summer of 2010 by graphic designer Antonio Carusone, Vetted evolved from an overwhelming obsession and passion for well designed objects.

Found the Unit Portables Unit 01 shoulder bag.

Wanna more cool objects I found?

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Affinity apps

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Proton Mail

Proton Mail

Connected to the internet's origins, building the internet of the future. We’re building ways to help everyone fight for privacy online. I am a big fan of their services.

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What a strange name for an independent Internet privacy company. Search any topics and tada: no recording of your data, EVER!!!

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Obsidian app


This private (free) app I use daily for writing. Back up to the cloud for multi-device access. Runs locally.

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I paint abstract with pretty colours ~ I play with mobile apps to create unique generative art.

Look 'Ma no AI.

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Communication Arts

Communication Arts 24—calls for entries.

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Alt Summit

Alt Summit 2024.

It is a conference and a community of thousands of women influencers and entrepreneurs in creative fields.

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YouWorkForThem — Good design needs good fonts! YWFT is privately owned and run by designers.

Rocking it since 2001.

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Moodboards #1 – Branding collaterals staged and served with conceptual brilliance.


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Special Feature issues

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