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Design references

Research + bookmark + read + repeat. Awesome design references.

Form magazine archive. 40 years of the magazine was scanned for research purposes (from 1957/2013). Login required.


Why You Should Judge a Design Studio by Its Logo or How to read a visual identity like an “About” page by Madeleine Morley

Judge a book by its cover or not?


Why beauty is the hardest won thing and the key to good design by Alan Moore – author of Do Design: Why beauty is key to everything.


LogoNature is an educational non-commercial website. It’s aim is to collect information about successful graphic identities and search examples.


Thinking Form (an independenet studio) has collated and documented + design practices + design stories + achive (listed by designer name).


Postage Stamps by Type Designers (and Notable Graphic Designers) that interest the Offices of Kat Ran Press. Example by Herb Lubalin.


via: Gabriel Benderski

LUV design! #11

They luv design! It shows! #11. We show it!

The power of communication design is as varied in style as in media to show it. Follows an inspiring list of recent finds.

Flash sale by Loft


Day by Day (collaborations) by Sara Pellegrino


Mixed Medley by Tim Jarvis


Sensory Overyload by unknown.


Something Extra by Kate Spade


60% off select new styles by Loft


Layered Grid via Lab333


Supersonic 550 by Kate Alizadeh


Clearer Skies – Fashion Journal cover.


Memphilextric by Noelia Lozano


School project by Lily Lê

Minimalissimo – No 1

Minimalissimo is passionate about minimalism in design. And so am I. Can’t wait to read – see – touch it. Must for collectors of great design.


After six years and more than 1800 articles, they want to publish their first printed issue, which is dedicated to highlighting some of the greatest features ever, as well as exploring the minimalist design ethos and its influence on creativity.


Retromania by Charles S. Anderson design.

Series of 52 different posters CSA designed for Heidelberg to show off the capabilities of the amazing digital NexPress being tested at Williamson Printing Co. in Dallas.

If you remember – these appeared in many print magazines.

Friday is for Art

Describing perfectly who I am – and many others – I am sure. Today – after an emotional roller-coaster – and prise de conscience – I am back on track. I am renewing my determination to stay focussed on my lifelong mission: to sublimate pain with beauty, inspiration and good. I am not ducking from reality – I am affording myself the ‘space’ needed to be focussed.

Netdiver Mag schedule is moving to a Monday through Thursday timeline.

Fridays are for art projects.


viction:ary books specialise in visual arts and design, and connect visions and inspirations from the West and the East.

Comics Feeeever!! Uncover the power of comics in art and design.


Graphic Digits. New typographic approach to numerals.


Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow


PALETTE 05. New Light-toned Graphics


I Love Type – Limited Box set

A little (www) Story

In 1995, JF and I started a little company – Netdiver. It’s original mission was to uncover and report on the economic possibilities of the emerging www.

ndlr: JF & I in pixel regalia presenting a new logo. Still love it (/him too).


We were going to ‘dive’ to fetch the pearls – in opposition to ‘surf’ – which was then buzz word du jour.

We thought it pretty clever.


Remember vividly my awe upon ‘entering’ the infant web – wow – we are now connected to the world! To this day – still awed.

First search was this single word: Idea.

Landed on TWChiatDay – Idea Factory which posited on a ‘new’ approach on how to run a creative studio – horizontal instead of hierarchial.

The interior ‘spaces’ were amazing – and have now become the norm for all those Silicon Valley giants and startups: funky offices – team pods – free food – game – flexible hours, etc.

Exactly what I was envisioning.

I concluded – if there’s one maybe there’s hundreds??


ndlr: Netdiver site banner circa ’99. Diving not surfing ;))


I remember the early www to be barely above double-digits millions. The web was ‘small’ and somewhat.. uh.. intimate.

I theorized ‘freelancing’ to become the economic norm – clients to be landed anywhere in the world and the ‘disenfranchising’ of selling both creative skills and goods to be possible.

At long last – designers could change the world with ‘communication’, ‘exchange’ and ‘collaboration. The circulation of new ideas to be unbelievably faster than pre-Internet since new ideas always reached ‘culture’ – post-mortem for authors.


Followed 3 intensive years of stealth research gazing / gauging the ‘opportunities’ that would be afforded creatives types when they would settle in the then land of MiS, technologists and scientists.

I was mind-mapping infinite files to locate like-minded people who – as us – were exploring and building what today has become such a commodity – although an irreplaceable one as that.


In ’98, I decided to ‘share’ the results of the ‘likeminded’ research – aka bookmarks with small screencaps – our visual trademark 200 x 115 pixels and a bit of text to describe it.


ndlr: Wayback Machine archives


We hard-coded a ‘website’ with frames and attempted to emulate a ‘magazine’ look and started to post (lol) – what would later become Netdiver Mag.

Way long before blogs were even in the ‘pipe’ of extraordinarily talented visionaries.


ndlr: Netdiver vintage pins + postcard distributed at conferences / events.
Reissue TBA


Through the years I kept a directory titled ‘x_pired’ in which I saved thumbnails of websites either redesigned or gone offline.

I had this sentimental attachment. I remembered all of them. It made me sad when so much creativity (not counting the man-hours) was thrown out in the ether. Once bright lights. Now gone.


I chose to turn that sadness into a somewhat very unofficial web museum of what was new in design.

This is what Netdiver Vintage edition is about.

Since onset – I had and still have a very privileged overview of the web. When I went on hiatus – I don’t exaggerate stating having visited over 150k websites.

I have saved all the ‘archives’ pre-database years – and I am continually adding to it. So far 2.4k projects listed.




ndlr: Netdiver Vintage 2 columns interface.

ndlr2: Hard to believe it was once trendy to use very + very small fonts.


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IdN Magazine

IdN magazine

International designers Network is a publication for creative people on a mission to amplify and unify the design community.



Communication Arts

Communication Arts 2017 — Interactive category call for entries.

Deadlines: October 06




Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2017 — Are you a student? Enter your best work - win - launch your career.

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AIGA 2015

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Alt Summit

Alt Summit.

Design bloggers, lifestyle writers, and creative entrepreneurs event to facilitate growth and innovation.

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They LUV design! #12

The power of communication design is as varied in style as in media to show it.

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They LUV drawing! #3

Illustration is probably the largest creative area to express (mostly without words) a message.

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A type of Show #5 – I love typography - these projects caught my eye.

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Moodboards #1 – Branding collaterals staged and served with conceptual brilliance.


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A little (www) Story. In 1995, JF and I started a little project — Netdiver.



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Kuvva interview

Kuvva interview

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Netdiver Vintage

Netdiver Vintage edition

What was new in design worldwide — sort of a very unofficial record of web history as captured from {1998 - 2003}.

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Netdiver static

Netdiver static

Walk down memory lane: archived news in design from 1998-2008.

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Best Of The Year (BOTY)

Netdiver Best of the Year is a yearly compilation of projects / talents who made a lasting impression the previous year.

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Special Feature issues

Self-curation experiment coupled with minimalist interviews with people in the design industry I admire.

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Visual Brain Gravity

Visual Brain Gravity is a producer and developer of concepts, products and brand experiences.

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We are all beautiful minds aka WAABM is equal part made of songwriters / music composers JF Simard + Carole Guevin



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