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Think Different

If Apple wants to be a major player it needs to start behaving like one by John Naughton

“This has implications for all of us who follow these things.

The mainstream media, for example, need to discard the rose-tinted spectacles through which they have viewed Apple ever since Steve Jobs returned to the helm in 1997.

Apple is no longer the Lucky Little Company That Could but a looming, secretive, manipulative corporate giant.”


Apple’s brewing shitstorm by Dave Winer

“I don’t think the problem is with the iPhone 4.

I think what we’re seeing is Apple’s charm wearing off. The Reality Distortion Field bubble is about to burst.

Their run as the Exceptional Company is about to end. And they’re going to be the last ones to figure it out.”


Before moving on, just one more thing about that press conference by Rex Hammock

“The Friday fiasco displayed also that when the management of “the message” doesn’t go according to the way “they” want it to go, they stop being insanely great and just start being insane.

It’s really hard to blame them. Apple fanboys (and despite my denials, I clearly am one) have done all we can to prevent Apple from developing the skills necessary to respond to the type of skepticism and negativity every other company or cause must face on a daily basis.”


In the rise of all the tidal media wave, I’ve said and say it again, my fear is that we’re entering the age of Apple vs Whatever Company that opposes them.

We’ve seen what M$ vs Netscape (and all others led to). Just think of IE6, if you are amnesic.

What about the no Flash policy for the Safari browser on Apple mobile devices, which is clearly violating the Postel’s Law (which says you should be liberal in what you accept. Another reason Postel was wise. It helps keep the web from breaking).

The Safari browser working on computers does NOT use the mobile one elective code. So, what gives? It is a deliberate decision. Shame.

Luv my iPhone, hate the iPad current version and market stunt.

Screwing up with the core community is not a very bright strategy. What keeps a company going is not $$$ but developers endorsement.

Apple, walk the talk of your slogan: Think Different.

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