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Beauty Benefits

Beauty Benefits by Dr Daniel Hamermesh

Beauty may seem like enough of a reward in and of itself , but a wealth of research reveals it comes with extra perks: prettier people earn more money, find higher-earning and hotter spouses – even get better mortgages deals – and it may be because they develop higher self-esteem early on in life.

Hit the link above to view the whole infographic image.


How much more supercifial can it get? Seems that the hollywodean model of beautiful (and in this case – includes smarts) has reached new heights of deceptions. Living in society that nurturs such bias and that favor first (physical) impression over first smart impression – is depressing.

Granted when I started on the Internet – I was happy to hide my gender (and looks) behind a monitor to produce / publish work that appealed firstly to intellect.

Granted it was a powerful shelter as I pushed to explore, theorize and consume information – never giving a thought (till this day) to who is behind my quest to discover talent.

But this research – is a throw back.

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