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Making ideas happen

Scott Belsky and I were introduced by a mutual friend, and right off, I was taken by his passion and pragmatic approach to a project then in infancy: Behance (Network).

After a long conversation, I was thinking that he had launched the project I wish I had thought of – since such a void in the creative community was begging to be filled. Since then, everytime we exchanged – he pried my mind for honest positive or negative feedback in order to finetune and exercise critical assessment of where he was at, in making his ideas happen.

Now after 5 years in the making, he is just about to release a book that encompasses the core problem of all walk creatives: taking their ideas from inspiration to execution. My review copy is starting to look like a barriolage of highlighted-not-to-be-forgotten-tips-and-insights, it is just that relevant. Just the table of contents is enough to salivate in anticipation.

Please support someone who will make a true difference in how you approach both career and projects. Pre-order the book now.

Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

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