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Design news | Dec 03

The Decline of Fashion Photography an argument in Pictures by Karen Lehrman (She is the author of The Lipstick Proviso: Women, Sex, & Power in the Real World).

Better Photography Magazine, published in India

“Today, 30 years into feminism, we have models who look not just weak and unsophisticated, but also dumb and victimized. Academic feminists haven’t complained because the models are supposedly playing a subversive role and subversion is inherently politically correct. Moreover, many of the young photographers are female. But now we’ve moved into “fashion vérité” and the models still look stupid. Is this how women in fashion see themselves?”


ndlr: This is something I have been longing to read for years... Finally someone who has the guts to speak the truth and these pictures are explicit. Thoughtfully written by one who has inside understanding, one can hardly deny her assertions.

This is a 'caution' sign for any aspirant photographers. Like anything else, but perhaps because of digital cameras being so cheap I feel the urge to state this, it takes more than pushing a button to become a good photographer.


via: Pradeep

A while ago I stumble on Rachel Cunliffe blog where she mentioned wanting to start a Blog Design Showcase. It so happened that I had a small collections of urls waiting for an opportune time to launch a blog design directory on netdiver. So I shared my little collection with her and just received word that she has launched it.

Check it out and contact Rachel via the site if there are any good blogs that you think should be included. BTW it is amazing how in the past couple of months - the elegance and refinement of designs are now appearing in the blogosphere! This is great!

All said in black & white pictures by Luca Gilli.

Brace yourself for a stunning experience! :: Ledlounge :: new site of amazing lamps that uses those mini-bulbs in a completely innovative way. Don't forget the superb 3D movies!

Brought to you by xtra talented industrial designer Tal E. Ben Shlomo of Eldarinn design.

This is probably one of the best flash site I have seen a long time. First the “load” animations are dot drawn and cute and prevails all over the site. The individual storyboards and montages for displaying Designlab projects (which are outstanding btw) are very personal and unique!

You will want to see it all!

From the front of the new-avantgarde digitali: sites who are intense explorations (navigation) and geared up with strong social statements.

Please: not for the faint of heart - some viewers may be offended.

/ Tinkin


/ Michael Moore personal site

A flash site to discover: Dunun. One with an intriguing opening frame and projects (lots of them) that are as intriguing. No bad from an x 'science' graduate!

Recently updated portfolios to visit:

/ valcasey


/ Geoffrey Hiller


\ Heidi Schmidt


\ k.e.l.g.a.n.29

Finally some jazz is added to a corporate site. Recycling with class: Bruco Containers

Newly added portals: designaside <IT> + StickerNation + ventilate <CA>

At least they're not lying about it: [2Lazy4 / Lomo - Grafik Extension] Version 2.0. Don't miss the gallery!

When it says My Little Eskimo - “little” is meant literally! Participation to high profile projects. Luv pixel design.

Ah when the geeks come marchin' in ! in a : Coolpink site?!?! Why not!

Need (to add) some daily insanity to laugh or to cry for? Client Quotes:

“I need more pesshht peesshht chuttt chutt papapapa on this animation” that is a direct quote

“I just don't understand why this Flash cost so much. I mean, I can do the same kind of animations in PowerPoint. Why can't we do something like in PowerPoint. It seems pretty simple to me ...”

Why your site should work on multiple browsers by Craig Cockburn

The Pain and (half) Pleasures of Rejection. Getting past negative opinions by Todd Pitock

“Fortune and fame may be uncommon, but rejection and failure are almost universal for anyone who dares to try.”

An industrial design marvel. Nevermindus the site is... well not the reason you want to visit. Check the Dodown Project exhibitions pictures to get a hang of this! Not science-fiction but a working prototype.

The future has arrived!

Well executed projects and a clean and lean portfolio site for Marcus Wertz

EYEBALL NYC is a shop ran by a powagirrrl which has launched a true innovative way to present their company projects using quicktime! Indulge!


Don't miss their recent work section.

Ryan Robinson catches light with his camera in either a dreamy or realistic way. Excellent work!

murphy design _v2 is now available! Luv the mini-book logo. Get your eyefull.

What is an illustrator extraordinaire? Someone that can render a complex issue or topic and while looking at their drawing - you get it. Salute Dushan Milic!

An excellent interview in which Kevin Airgid Uncovers a Web Design Trend: Monkey See Monkey Do

“Ever wonder what happened to the wonderful days when you could find a site that was truly original. I’m not trying to imply that everything’s already been done and that inventive sites don’t still exist. They do. But it’s becoming harder and harder to find sites that are truly original.”

Another impressive illustrator Martin Laksman - I just luv his style! Excellent work!

Isak Johnsen has completely redesigned his portfolio Njuu no° 10 //// Design. What a great designer!

Tasty Bits from the Technology Front -- Historical Archive. Compilation of an era that was.

Creative Behavior new issue is out! Interesting interview with Media Monks. And a new article I wrote:

Ideas! A closer look at creativity - illustrated by mucho talented Patrick Boyer (tx for always being there in our crazy projects!)

Some will never grow up! --- manbaby --- original talent with a high dose of cyniscism. Careful content is for grown-ups!

Get your eyefull! What imagination and talent! Electricheat by Nigel Dennis.

New powagirrrl and promising talent: Jigaram

At the recent Visualogue in Japan, Neville Brody delivered a powerful speech, in which he criticized our world, and inspired us all to make a change, NOW!

“No matter how much we try to make things come out right, something will be wrong. Nothing is as we plan it...”

“Some of the best ideas come from mistakes.” Brody said that acting against the rules breaking the rules, breaks thought patterns, making the audience see things in a different light. “Designers are middle-men between the raw information and the public... As designers we can shape the opinions of our audience.”

“I live in a world in which I'm forgetting how to be intuitive, instinctive, artistic or natural... Today I calculate more than I create . I've forgotten to work with my hands, to make things like clay... We live in a world in which revolution is a GAP advertising campaign.... We've created a society of a limited pallette. It's as if we see the world through 256 colors, we've eliminated all the rest. We've moved from high-resolution to no-resolution. From Infinite possibilities to 72 dpi... We've forgotten that we can break the rules, I mean really break the rules.We just vary what we already have. We live in fear of failure. And if we don't tear up the plans we'll never find out.”

Read the complete commentary by Erika Saca

Another site using the cmyk feel. Minimalist and clean. Excellent graphics. Luv the mouseover effect on links: Indien Sthlm.


+ They designed the slick Stick magazine site as well.

Tekko = design / design / design. Need I say more.

For those in the US you may want to read this: Copyright Notice / Introduction

“The use of a copyright notice is no longer required under U.S. law, although it is often beneficial. Because prior law did contain such a requirement, however, the use of notice is still relevant to the copyright status of older works.”

For people who make websites:

Finally!!! At last! CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders by Søren Madsen

Middle of the road mix of tag design and comic illustration for Projekt Alpha site; a project to watch for.

When a picture is worth a thousand words. Get a book full on Yookando.

With Dots, you'll read short articles and reviews by clinically-diagnosed attention deficit disorder victims; just enough info to make you laugh, cry, and think before those elevator doors open! For hand-held devices - interesting concept!

Though it may look as if we're taking advantage of the 'season' to promote social awereness event, competition and causes... it is not so. After this 'season' has passed - the problems we are taking heart into - won't go away. These problems will only improve - if we all pitch and do our share... no matter how little. NEVER underestimate the power of ONE!

From the producer of Miniature Earth and founder of Lucca|Co, here are new sites commissioned by the UN: + WAIDS Clockomen War Health

These sites talk about the fate of brothers and sisters. We don't know them personally. They are next of kins since our family is the human race. Our family includes everyone on planet earth. We are called to do something personally! Share, give and support.

You've gotta see this 'tutorial' developed by Plotdev! The graphics are awesome, the storyboard funny and a job well done to help a client promote its services.

Ninedots has a strong branding presence. Watch out for the red dots to navigate!

Not familiar with designing with css??? Well Mike Slone and company have designed Layoutomatic.

Input the fields and get your free css file on the fly. Now how cool is that?

Nice reflections and flash transitions for Designplastik portfolio.

Chris Gloag says: “How do you display a large number of images stylishly (without horrid thumbnails) whilst keeping file sizes small and leaving some control in the site visitors hands! Oh and still keeping it simple.”

Well I think he met most of his own challenge! Excellent photography!

Reminescence on an event that has shaped a whole generation. It is known as the most visited World Fair ever! Have a look at Expo 67 held in Montreal. Then was the time when floated in the air a new determination (hippies, activism, students revolts) at changing the world and a profound aspiration for peace.

This was written in the 'passport': “Our theme 'Man and his World' portrays the growing interdependence between men in our time. We hope you will share our faith in a common destiny”. What a powerful thought! 36 years later, it holds even more truth!


via: Coudal

Well it's official Razorfish is no more... For those of you who were not around - they were one of the biggest dotcom agency with a roaster of projects.

The agency was part of the 'top' movers. They were reported charging 350,000$ to maintain a client site at the highest of the pre-bust era and ended up in a turmoil of bad press and unhappy clients.

I hope someone scouts ° grégorygerme ° who is an industrial design student! Gosh due to graduate in 2004 - you've just gotta see his ideas; his site is smartly designed as well. By the way Grégory - I luv that watch!

Whence the studio specializes in marketing efforts and they are behind NBNO community site.

Interesting twist of fate. We have a bot that roams netdiver checking for 404. A while ago I reported a company who had snitched the netdiver 'toolbox' and all it's content (at that time the 'book' section was still available and they were caught because they didn't remove link back to us.) After sending 'desist' mails - heard none of the them.

Surprise surprise they have finally taken down the section. Advice: never steal content. Ask permission.

The Atelier by Aparna Banerjee. Excellent layout design skills in portfolio. She is a new powagirrrl!

Sites that were recently updated. Time to visit again.

/ LIA....///7


/ Decibel Dragon _2


\ Kuuudesign


/ 2c photographic agency


/ FREEware-DELAware_v 3

Talking about Coudal, host to Photoshop Tennis, while looking to sponsor the event, they came up with their own jewell idea! Especially that we use these all the time (the ugly black plastic ones, I mean) so how about designing our very own?

This is another FUBU initiative! Now you go support! LUV it!

From The Edge: From Jeffrey Zeldman on coding for easier redesigns.

By popular demand, since I have been asked many times about creative business related resources - here is one which offers a good sample of free .pdf files and others for a fee.

I highly recommend “Why we don't make speculative presentations.” Be generous, let them know about your appreciation. (site was redesigned and the article is no longer available :(

“The main product of our business is ideas... we make money mostly by selling our time... developing creativity is labor intensive...”

We have got a new powagirrrl: Carrie Bickner aka The Rogue Librarian

Because a girl can: Web Design On A Shoestring by James McNally.

ok there are some - let's say - unusual concepts out there and Kalenderblatt is one of them. Honest - I hate bugs - but I have to admit that the craft and ingenuity and... well down right originality of the photographic work and layouts are... making bugs look good?!?!?

Tom says there are 30 illustrators portfolios to view. 3 recently signed to the agency: Andy Potts, Elliott Golden and Christiane Engel.

Thorogood ... thick full with talents!

Just watching the 'unveiling' sequence is worth going to the site... and yet, well XM2, they really-really know their stuff!

En encore for LA GRAPHICA! Their graphic work is stunning!

Alive again and kicking: - update your bookmarks dns has changed.

New design agency on the block which is Mending its way towards success. Cheers to Lars and company!

Are they trying to reinvent the wheel? cool panning flash web site. Perhaps! Markee.

This is nuts! No it is NOT a 3D rendering of a science-fi idea of the bath of the future... La Scala gosh go jogging or something!

Flash + XML + CMS + consulting engineers = KMM! Somebody did a good job at convincing this client!

Using a litteral metaphor: lunch at noon! Recipes included. Well done!

Time for a museum exhibition? Visit the Changing of the Avant-garde: visionary architectural drawings from the Howard Gilman collection.

Why Linux Is Wealthier Than Microsoft by Russ Roberts

“Linus Torvalds can muster more creativity from his far-flung rank and file than Bill Gates can from his corporate monolith.

CREATIVE CHAOS. Being disorganized can actually leverage that knowledge more effectively than a command-and-control hierarchy. Innovation must rely on creativity generated by the mass of folks underneath. In a dynamic system, trial and error is a powerful force for change.”

DNA for 3D design luvers! Section transitions and design are quite impressive.

Please, please, please - I luv flash sites and design and flash designers luv to do flash BUT please review information in ref with the use of fonts.

Read this article and get flash safe fonts. Fonts in flash should NOT be antialiased!!! It's not only great to be vavoom by the slick actionscripts and transitions - important that content be legible too!

Never too late to have fun. StickerNation shares a similar direction as netdiver: 'Go out and be creative!'

BTW I bought some Pinpops; the one in the thumbnail I gave to a very close collaborator because I think he's an Ace designer! I think these are handy cool little widgets that you can give to show appreciation to clients, colleagues and friends.

Talking about fun Miguel sent me this kidzie game (well I had a ball too :)) En Busca del Trigo Perdido based on one of the characters much beloved in Mexico. The bimbo bear interacts with characters in an original story that test the hability and knowledge of player. Completely developed in Flash Mx, php/my SQL.

A staggering black&white visual fx exploration on Unit-1391! Careful lots of blinking.

Powagirrrls design unlimited to wear has been updated >>cybellegear<<


Two Creative Minds, One Goal by Iman Saadiqa Abdul-Majid

“Cybelle Gear aims to support female artists and raise the public's awareness of issues affect women globally. You may not have heard about Cybelle Gear clothing line, and the names Gabriella Davi and Emily Goodwin may not ring a bell, but to some, Cybelle, Davi and Goodwin are names of heroes.”

Some myths debunked in From pots and pans to polygons - Women in CG by Leigh van der Byl

“...gender really shouldn't be an issue at all, stating that, I hope my skills will speak for themselves...”

Intense and extreme design explorations from talented namebureau.

The Hub, a blog and resource site created by the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea to explore interaction design.

“Interaction design takes place at the connection of technology and personal interaction with products, environments, spaces, platforms, services, social networks. Each of these areas has its own way of talking about interaction design, and too frequently, they don't cross over. The purpose of this site is to find common language, to look at the intersections, and to energize collaboration across existing boundaries.”


ndlr: Check the resources! Wow!

Ah! Following-up on the last survey and recent editorial, you've gotta read The Pricing Problem by Andy Budd.


ndlr: ... grrr... reminds me of...

Illustration portfolio for Beto Alvarez. Talented and unique signature.

Innovative flash transitions to present content at Hull Film.

Another young and promising talent wonder indeed what he will do after growing up?

-> more news


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