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Design news | Jan 04

He is the ultimate and consumate '70s mixed with kitsch and total edge designer. Don't miss his improved site and his new and as always, exquisite work from Ronnie Koff.

TOP 50+ sites / Year03 in review! Here is the short list of BOTY 03 (Best of the Year) nominees from Netdiver. Enjoy!


ndlr: BTW these are listed in no particular order.

I like their pitch: “Antipoda Artcomm was launched in May 2002. We started just a few artists promoting our work, and like so many others we realised how vast was the amount of emerging and established talented artists online and in the streets.

We then continued contacting artists to showcase their work online, in a place where we could all share our work and visions, we wanted to inspire and get inspired. We are all messengers.”

It's time to get a _ ° digital bath ° with super soap and bubbling brain!

Antonio Figueredo created Bahamut an experiment where drawings are associated to different concepts.

Nice flash site for Brett Webber Architects - the transitions are automated and then you get to pick a view.

A complete redesign for the experienced DesignbyFRONT web design studio from Belfast.


/ ertdfgcvb explorative site is back online



Heart promotes talent and is an outstanding illustrators' agency. Check the artists work! Shown below a boy and girrl picked randomly.

Fascination for strange creatures amongst them cyclops ... as well as a vast array of projects to find at Cystudio. Think x_tra eclectic and talented.

DigitalVision has changed hands and is now part of the Getty Images family - update your bookmarks.

Discoball is the design “book” of Leon Potgieter who specializes in the tourism market amongst others.

That is an interesting project: Digitalrecycling. Upload & download free digital files from the trash can of computers... Send your outdated digital files and give up your right on them for all to reuse them.

I could say a lot and yet it would not be enough to describe Scoutit. Not only an outstanding flash design site BUT how the visual real estate is used - the embedded functionalities - the projects - and don't forget to have a peek at their 'location' search engine.

Incredibly smart!!!

Are you into learning how to build website without tables (except for data) and wrestling CSS positioning and accessibility, usability and standards compliancy???

Paul Scrivens aka Scrivs has built The CSS Vault which is fast becoming a proeminent reference in our field. As you will see sites are broken down in nice jargon that will be music to your ears: CSS Filters and Hacks - Liquid layouts - the easy way - IE for Windows, Box Models and More (info) and much much more.

A big thanks to Camilo Trevino a Coldfusion Applications Developer for providing the new Cold Fusion resource links.

Art Beat Street is another Kitty Mead's offsprings brimming with news, interviews and links to talented illustrators that will lead you to wander the web for a long-long-long time.

In search of chaos?!?! Check this experimental site for the Brok Centre.

I LUV minimalist design and Republikah has set out to build a solid list of projects. Promising-promising talent.

You have gotta see this: Mannella-design visuelle kommunications. Outstanding print portfolios with a unique site design.

Design in LOCO :: is a personal webspace for experimentations, brain storming and commercial propositions from Brasil. Good projects and intriguing site design from a powagirrrl.

ReadyMade: Instructions for everyday life. A bi-monthly magazine for people who like to make stuff.

A good friend of mine, Ryan Gantz acted (alongside his roommate, Andrew) in a small movie directed by a good friend of his, Leonard Lin, a film student. “Fear to Fear” is a must see!

Pay special attention to soundtrack and final editing mix. (.mov = 23 mb). Something to think about.

Lifestyle and all that jazz brought to you by The Fader magazine.

The Keri Smith is an xtra talented illustrator who uses mix media technique and simply line art with detailed backgrounds.

For all things illustrated visit her Wish Jar Journal too.

Another excellent minimalist site for Hotel Miralago /// with smart scripting to view full pictures.

Another Girl at Play showcases over 20 women artists who made their creative dreams real.

The Bimbo Ninos illustrations are really sweet and the 3D site interface, is awesome and well rendered.

Scanjam is no more. Welcome to Letterproef. New site on standby.

Liz Wolfe is powagirrrl knows the meaning of visual composition! Pink may not be your fav color but talent should be! Stay tuned for an unprecedented visual experience.

The pictures are crisp and the colors are just bursting out to the viewer.

Wonder how she snaps these? Some have such natural and realistic intensity, the famous “on the moment” captures abounds here. I can readily imagine her walking around with her eye glued to a camera.

But the pièce de résistance and attention grabbers are those funny, weird or dramatic details mixed in day to day objects or settings. Painstaking time was spent prepping the shots... the results are dazzling.

When you pause and take a second glance, you realize that what is in the picture, is NOT always the real thing. Faux and symbolism strike a balance and the dual montages are brillant.

The mastering of the ART of photography with capital letters is evident even though it seems that Ms Wolfe would in fact, be very young.

Why so?

Because her work will be part of the next Artlink 2004. “The International Young Art Program is an annual program developed by ArtLink and run in association with Sotheby's that provides an international stage for emerging young artists and enables art enthusiasts to buy original, affordable Artwork”.

What a striking talent to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Check her out!

Prep the account managers because Alan Siegel, chairman of Siegel & Gale a 35 years old branding / marketing company has these wise words for 2004:

“Mea Culpa Marketing: Arthur Andersen, Tyco, Putnam Mutual Funds, Jet Blue, Merrill Lynch, WorldCom, all members in good standing, have come out with public attempts to atone for their sins and, in the famous last words of NYSE's Dick Grasso, tried to “Put this behind us.”

Expect this club to continue to grow as more skeletons come forth. Companies under scrutiny will place ads announcing their moral transformation, but while it's important to come clean and attempt to move on, the public is rightly skeptical of such self-serving apologies. It is best to come clean, and to do so while making tangible sacrifices for the sake of customers' interest.

Socially Responsible Communications:

Corporations will increasingly trumpet their contributions to society to show off their sense of social responsibility. This theme will intensify in corporate advertising, particularly in the energy sector, health and food companies.

Death of the enabling brand:

Enabling brands have been the high ground of brand strategy for a number of years. The “It's not what we make but what we make possible” tactic was a way of escaping the we-offer-more-benefits war among parity brands, calling out that many products are not ends in themselves but a means to an end.

Like many good marketing tactics, this one has been overused. In a world of enabling brands, resorts aren't places you stay, but generators of memories. Restaurants don't serve food, they nourish life, and fuel careers. Cobblers don't repair shoes; they make walking possible.

When Rite Aid said, "It's not just a store. It's a solution." you knew the end was near. People don't want to have "M-life," they want a cheap cell phone that works and has neat features. Consumers will increasingly be looking for demonstrable value.”


ndlr: Are we finally seeing the end age of Business as Usual? Intrigued? Read the Cluetrain Manifesto.

Oh the joy of this site: unique line art illustrations masterly executed on. ::::: Ilustris. If you want a hint, leave the full sequence of the intro run... incredible insights about our own reaction to waiting for the content. Much LUV is shared.

Powagirrrl Natasha Lisich has redesigned her site. Great illustrations!

What can be more brutal than NYC? To live, to love and to work there, what do you need?!?! To have of everything in X-large quantities with no dry spells looming around.

Really, you need to... well have it (almost) all! Lots of gutso (check the billboards below), luving yellow and mucho biggo accounts... but mostly LOTS of talent.

Meet Trollbäck & Company. BTW the nav actionscripting I'm told, is by who else but the Rock Star. Advice: have a stroll in all areas of the site; and NO, this is not a troll ;-P

On facing the unknow and risk to be taken to spark creativity, Jason Kregberg has this explanation:

“When you look at something that you don't understand, even though simple to create, it is because you brain can't figure it out, then it appears larger than life.”

An empowering thought by Robert Kennedy: “Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say, why not?”

Age of the machines? Disney set to close animation studio.

“The company also has been cutting back on its hand-animated films, which are more labor-intensive and cost far more than movies animated by computer.”

7TWO is an illustration site with an interesting interactive navigation as well as cool projects.

Nice loft you say? Nice view too? Nope this is not an interior design site although I would not mind living there at all. Now selling lifestyle everywhere: Volvo S40 The Inside Story site.

Gheez way to go when you have the creative minds and some budget!

Want an example of a minimalist yet efficient portfolio? Good play of the 'F' letter as loading animation. Check Frank McCauley's site.

Completely unique... somewhat fantastic and a tiny-wheenie-bit weird: KOKAT.

Deemed the Ultimate Web Design Reference added to our code + dev toolbox. started as an experiment learning the new Local sharedObject function in Fash MX allowing data to be stored in the user's computer.

The obvious benefits in Flash is the multimedia aspect allowing more flexibilities in sound and design etc...

Minimalist is Manuel Jular not his paintings... but his site. Directly put, his work speaks 'over' the site (design)... which is exactly what a portfolio site should do.

Advice to aspirants. Make sure your site puts your 'work' in perspective and in its best 'light' sort of speak.

LUV the pitch of “PICK ME!” To the point and direct since graduation is nearing and looking out for dream job.

Have a look at the portfolio! Promising talent!

Here are some sites that have redesigned since being posted on netdiver:

/ [T-26] Digital Type Foundry


/ willoughby design group


\ Kinetic Interactive


/ jiong



Well the name should be an indication of the what the site is about: POLIGLOTUS is clean and well organized.

Well it seems that LEFThandSide gravitates around true left handers. That's a cool concept.

Marcella says: “The collection intends to bring together talented left handed artists and designers that are spread around the globe. This site is our lefty place for showing our pride of being left-handed people in a right-handed world.”

Tim Andrews nice redesign of lefthandnav! He's on the lookout for a new challenge in Cardiff & South Wales, UK.

To our collective CSS designers there is a special feature on WPDFD about drawing with CSS. While there you might want to check the Web Design Directory that Joe has put up.

Young, reckless and talented = sulkuS///////

From the geek side, 2003 web design fashion trends in review by Makiko Itoh.

How to describe designgraphik? Don't be fooled by the very... generic name... everything about them is NOT generic. They create out of the box designs that make sense.

They were part of the 'first' explorative sites to be displayed on netdiver and quite a few years after... they are still not generating generic design! Respect!

DesignAddict is a resource for “modern, post-modern and contemporary design of the 20th-21st centuries where you'll find information on designers and producers, on furniture, lighting, dinnerware, accessories, glass, ceramic, plastic, wood and metalware.”

Added to the Design Toolbox.

Abrasive, eclectic, tint of '60s and awesome vector layouts for Demo Design.

Do you know The Design & Publishing Center? Get a load of their comprehensive 2003 best photoshop tutorials.

“Design is a form of conversation. Good work keeps on asking questions. Curiosity is key. Outcome is an answer to a question. Process defines the solutions. Finding solutions is hard work. Accept chance as a creative force. Culture is a collective design activity. Tear apart culture to recreate it. Design is content, not content packaging. New meets old - synthesis conforms the now to the future. Culture is code. Code. Decode. Recode.”

This nice moment and supershaping thoughts are brought to you by Patrick Sundqvist

Exceptional every day objects and people photography from Mieke Dalle! Rarely have I seen such an innate sense of composition where the colors look like candy because they are smartly saturated.

Welcome a new powagirrrl.

Vector art requires a consumate and dedicated attention to details, sense of spatial architecture and colors. Vanillusaft portfolio has got lots of that.


via: k10k

I have always been a fan of collages or mix media design. Not just any kind - I have seen so many that are just a visual fatras of disconnected objects.

Now, Preshaa, would be the quintessence of merging familiar and recognizable environments with completely unsuspected and surprising visual treatment and / or illustration.

A new trend? Selling devices through extremely well-designed offering to pinpointed lifestyle users.

Have a look at this LG VX6000 micro-site.

Kevin Steele catches urban life through his lenses with extreme dexterity. The light is captured with a dreamy realism. Welcome to his world.

Although Webfolio site comprises really good illustrators, I think this is an example on how to miss the objectives of promoting talent in a comprehensive folio compendium.

It is very unfortunate that this site is so poorly constructed with multiple pop-ups, with non-fitting chrome which doesn't in then end, give the 'viewing space' to deserving artitsts and potential clients.

An interactive experiment to try: Word Perhect!

First powagirrrl of the year and promising talent. Introducing Olivia Marroquin! The visual essay to illustrate her fav song (snapshot) using different treatment truly beholds the meaning and qualities of a great designer!

Discover a completely new way to present your company. Bascule uses kitsch illustrations with local flavor with small gif anims that makes you curious of the underlying connection between graphic and content.

WHOAT??? “The f... over at Cunning Stunts are offering $6.85 an hour for anyone willing to sell their forehead as billboard space. The UK agency defines their tactics as guerilla marketing that helps to bring non-traditional and ambient media forms to the forefront.

Personally, I would define them as the middle-man between your soul and the devil. Why do we let brands and logos overrun every possible space? Our culture leaves no room for independence -- no room for our own identity.

Hit them up with your words at or post your thoughts below (on their site).”

Related Articles: Reuters, Ananova


via: Are You Generic?

Meet Ingo Maurer, lamp designer extraordinaire! He is the great designer and inventor of the YaYaHo system that was copied the world around (these suspended on wire halogens of different shape and colors)... A genius who kept on designing through thick and thin.

He is the great designer and inventor behind the YaYaHo system that was copied the world around (halogen bulbs suspended on wire of different shape and colors)... A genius who kept on designing through thick and thin.

For all (industrial) designers this is a must bookmark both from the viewpoint of creativity and resillience. Proof enough, that a career is not always easy.

The story starts in 1965.

“Ingo Maurer has to feed his family. Receives a commission to design his first lamps. With heart in mouth, attends first trade fair...”

Then in 1984:

“Financial reserves ehausted by investment and development costs; company struggling to survive...”

rebouncing in 1989:

“For the first time, shows non-commercial work... Staff of 36 with ten part-timers...

Since 1999, he and his team have also been experimenting with lead technology and continually surprising the public with new designs.”

Although his name may not strike first hand acknowledgement some of his designs like the Mamo Mouche, Yahoodoo and Mano Nouchies lamps are true innovation.

His work is extremely elegant and the craftmanship is as exquisite. Attention to details is definitely his forte and truly mind-blowing.

Who would have thought of using bare bulbs with wings; or to steady the foot of a lamp with alligators or use words on paper or lead lamps to invent a unique and special lighting device?

He is a sure source of inspiration both with his humility and creativity!

They Say They Want a Revolution. What marketers need to know as consumers take control. From the Excepts section:

“Mass markets are largely gone. Now, we expect things to be interesting, distinctive, compelling, extreme—and not just our sports ... Today, as firms try to drag us into an uncertain but certainly more digital future, the big winners will understand that we only remember the moments in our lives that bring us distinctive, powerful experiences. Innovators will embrace this new challenge. Leaders will understand that it isn’t an option, but an expectation...”

Hard to describe Ty Lettau's work. Part of it is total immersive visual interactive explorations and lots of his work crosses all media and is excellent. He really understand what communication is about... with a twist of personal originality.

His archive comprises over 150 projects, so get a smart drink!

Mix architecture + interior + industrial design and you get exhibitions and installations as well as available products. The art and work of Masamichi Kataya is a quite impressive Wonderwall indeed.

Need some visibility for a contest or event or have a creative burst? Get a head start with Blue Vertigo.

BrokenSequence are true to their name the opening graphic says so but the site has a clean and organized feel.

Interesting article to read on Uk Design Council -> Design boosts UK business - the proof. Statistics show that design is a major factor in business success!

Download the PDF and spam it to all your difficult clients!

Rea has a nice way to present a T-shirt collection.

Morphases is a unique online face manipulation software with real human faces. You can make unlimited mixture of faces and face elements. Below my own quick trial where eyebrows, eye placement, nose, mouth, forehead and hair style were changed from original and manipulated to an almost seamless result.

Unesco resource Arts and Creativity - Developing the proper environment for artistic creativity.

While on vacation maybe there are some catching up you would like to do? Is it Flash or Photoshop? Check

Way too freakin' cool - get your own NS-5, the “world's first fully automated domestic assistant” that's “3 laws safe.” When did advertisers get that smart!?!?


via: Anthony B

Monuments of the Future: Designs by El Lissitzky (Getty Research Institute).

For those with some spare time on their hands looking into understanding design today.

Expect the unexpected! AMOEBA Corp launches a new site and steady your mouse for an innovative nav!

The team bios are a must read! Are they having fun or what!

Does your hardware's software do only what you expect of it? by Peter Seebach

“Ease-of-use or marketing-driven sabotage?”

One of my favorite tool to design with is typeface. More and more today surprising visual results are achieved by mixing fonts. Now maybe this is or not your type but for Group94, they affirm it is Ourtype!

Try it online! What a genial idea.

S T R U K T is a design compilation magazine shipping worldwide! Have a look.

The navigation for this site is simply a pile of eclectic graphics play of game with fonts and links to discover... a wild ride into the mind of Daphne Bom who in her own words states that: “as a professional graphic designer of digital media currently out of work, I've applied my skills and exposed my personal interpretation of the potential of internet, as a highly personalised and tactile communication tool.”

Welcome to a new powagirrrl.

I have been supporting Untold / Recollective events for the past couple of years and found this interview with founder Jane Austin on **fierce_flora**. But that's not all!

Rina Cheung contacted me in the days of her 'women in design' project (btw Rina kick some b... so that it comes back online like you said it would) and she is telling some too. Now you ask, who's Rina Cheung?

Hats off girrrls.

Hugh asked this question: “The January 2004 issue of Wired magazine includes an article titled "101 Ways to Save the Internet." Items in this list cover a wide spectrum of ideas, ranging from "Appoint Larry Lessig to the Supreme Court" to "Link Moviefone and Fandango" to "Blanket airports with Wi-Fi." While the list in Wired is great, it only begins to scratch the surface of necessary improvements.

If you had the power to make major or minor changes with regards to virtually anything related to the Internet, technology or new media culture, what would you do?”

Guess what was my reply? I wanted a TREO360.


ndlr: So it seems that it was a flop product! “This once promising device proved beyond (or behind) its time.”

For those interested photography, B2M is just the right place for news!

From Michael Moore correcting some loony-lunatics lies in wackoattacko about Bowling for Coloumbine facts and how a Bank provided a gun upon opening a CD account.

It's time to wake up! The US has the highest number of deaths by guns than ANY other country on earth!

I know it should be the season to be jolly but I would much prefer an Earth shaking awekening from social coma and denial of reality.

Nice and clean portfolio for designer Fergal Keane. Excellent presentation of projects. It's so important to make sure the snapshots are of a good size.

Need creativity between communication? That's the liner that defines CBCnet <JP> portal.

Did you know that one of the wells of knowledge on usability and information architecture is staffed (alumni) mostly by powagirrrls?

Heads up to Erin Malone founder of Boxes & Arrows

Oh-oh!!! Something's cooking here! I luv the redesign so far ... (Jeffrey) Zeldman Presents his famous tangy palette. Reinventing himself and getting better and better.

DigitalKick designed and sent this beautiful card for Chrismas. I would like to share it with you.

My best wishes to all.

What I like about Seraph | Flash Experiments - is that the experiments are interesting and code is available!

You have to see the flash intro at PutPut Comunicaciones. There is a story going on which makes you curious about the agency and isn't what an 'introduction' should aim to achieve?

Everything Is Illustrated is an interview with pro illustrator Richard May, plus a gallery of his recent work. Successful illustrations need strange perspectives in order to tell a story and, hopefully, strike a viewer across the mouth.

Brought to you by The Morning News.


via: scene 360

This is a wonderful flash design site for illustrator Jenny Mottar; welcome to <<<JENNYSREALM>>>


Build me a robot brought to you by James Turner. Fun!

Excerpt from Kate Brigham thesis.

“We are taught reading comprehension and writing skills throughout most of our educational experience, but not visual language comprehension. Yet, if we wish to remain critical viewers of the news media in the midst of this image-driven, converging media landscape, we must develop equally sophisticated visual literacy skills.

I believe that bringing together the work of multiple disciplines including communications, media studies and communication design is key to addressing this problem. At the intersection of those fields, there is a rich body of work that seeks to understand and analyze the power, the practices, and the techniques employed by the news media in presenting visual information.”


ndlr: You can download a full copy on her site.

For people who make websites:

Night of the Image Map by Stuart Robertson

Something that we don't use (yet) on netdiver but with this tutorial maybe we could hack in css.

MIKISRAOUL v. 02 got a brand new site! Same excellent design and illustration skills!

An interesting interview with Sacha Dean Biyan on Clandestina on how engineering training applies to photography!

Don't miss the 'Dream' section. Beautiful illustrations.

Jacqueline Ellse scores with her excellent web design skills!! Have a look at her Designspace.

DigitalKick claims to be “the new design frontier”. The design for their own site is definitely a must see for flash luvers. The blue / cyan palette gives it a retro old movie feel and the transition animations are brilliant!

Something every parent should know about before buying some 'game'.

What do video game ratings mean? by Marshall Brain

When I grow up this is how I will design - the kid outdid himself again! Check .....dzalifornia new projects.

In view of our looking into gathering 101 comments or questions or facts related to design you wish your clients knew about! Or you would like to know about! It can be anecdotes of past encouters with demands that are not of this world ... or it can be your present struggles ... or questions on how to handlr this particular situation ... or your 10 feet long wishlist.

We want them all. Don't be shy! Through mails exchanged I can confirm this is a widespread need. Let's empower ourselves.

Bring them on with 101 written in the subject line!

Striking colors and smart words from id.ology online mag first issue.

Selon une experte de la langue de Molière voici un dico de synonymes à mettre en signet sans faute qui s'occupe de mettre les accents à la bonne place si vous ne savez le faire.

-> more news


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