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Design news | Feb 04

Site launch for Media19 who defines themselves as: production, participation, innovation... more than just TV! Have a track record of working with young people through formal and informal education using factual and drama video and television production along with writing, photography, performance and digital new media.

Their self-protrait uk 14-19 project is a good demonstration of such an ingenious project.

Brought to you by 37signals: “Finally, everyone's on the same (web) page. Basecamp is a simple, hosted web-based service that lets you manage projects and quickly create client/project extranets.”

Mixing a tutorial and playing values into a story line is a great idea and Kampong Kites is a good example. Sweet illustrations.

For ardent industrial / furniture design fans, catch the SNAPSHOTS | imm 2004 - cologne furniture fair + off sites events from Germany's leading design show brought to you by DesignBoom.

As usual awesome ideas and realizations.

Melanie Dunea sense and sensibility photography makes her probably the best photographer yet! This powagirrrls knows about bringing a sense of delicate grace, subdued elegance, tamed and poetic urban feel to all her pictures.

What transpires is that the subjects are NOT overly self-conscious. They seem relax. What comes out, they are at ease and confident in who they are, some even funny... but classy funny, that is. Now that's quite a feat given who the subjects are. No bombasting egos! Professionals at work.

Possibly her approach is to capture their uniqueness, individuality and creative nature which in the end, transcends the shoot. To achieve this kind of portfolio book, one has gotta to be immensely gifted and definitely a uber caring people person.

For once, was not bore to death with another round of celebrity shoots brimming full of egoware by yet another aspirant photographer for the stars. There is a difference!

She, her work, is truly composing an ode to humanity. To our frailty and fragility and to our strenghts and successes.

Standing out is this intense quality towards showing the fab and the beautiful in a normal way and often moreso, in an unassuming way.

What comes across is genuine humanity... kicked out are the superfluous glitz and glam such shootings carry today.

You get to see intelligent elegance, personality, quirkiness and... natural kindness. She is a class act in catching the essence of each person. The subjects seem to really like her because they are just beautiful to look at. We sense, their wanting to cooperate and give the best of themselves. They show something special.

While preparing the snapshots, I intentionally left out most of the 'recognizable' part of the pictures to set off her talent, and the pictures look good even this way because there is such stamina, purpose and focus in each of her visual composition.

When you see 'who' is in the picture - hopefully my point will have been made that she photographs... real people firstly...

Carnivore is a surveillance tool for data networks. At the heart of the project is CarnivorePE, a software application that listens to all Internet traffic (email, web surfing, etc.) on a specific local network.

Next, CarnivorePE serves this data stream to interfaces called “clients.” These clients are designed to animate, diagnose, or interpret the network traffic in various ways.”

Interesting! Check the website, clients and FAQs to learn more.

Errata in link corrected: Integrated Web Design: CSS Beyond the Retrofit by Molly Holzschlag (who is a mighty powagirrrl + gentle geek). Read article on her new column on InformIT.

“Do you think Web browsers are the reason for all your CSS woes? Or that CSS is filled with so many limitations it can't be used well for all aspects of design, including layout? Think again. Today's contemporary browser support and the availability of smart workarounds make the promise of CSS more real than ever.

Molly Holzschlag shows you how CSS was meant to be used and demonstrates how to begin using it fully today to make your life (and your designs) more efficient, flexible, and even more beautiful than ever.”

Yahoo! Introduces More Comprehensive and Relevant Search Experience... “a leading global Internet company, today announced that it has created a more comprehensive and relevant search experience for users through the deployment of its own algorithmic search technology.”

Try it + Compare it = ??? what do you think?

The soundtrack “promenade the puzzle” is awesome keeps in style with progressive rock, inspired by PFM music.

Premiata Forneria Marconi is an historical italian rock band, they have played for years with Fabrizio De Andrè, who is the greatest Italian poet and artist of all times, who requested a short flash film written, designed and directed by Michele D'Auria.

“Another new media personal agency, as a million others, but BETTER...” says Alessandro Busseni who runs Cicciapalla Corp which is a mix of pop, pixel, code, quirky and kitschy.

The projects are awesome.

Industrial design your thing? Check Toyfon which is Tommy Forsgrens online design portfolio. See some of the products and transport machines of the future...

What is a Print? An good introduction to printing techniques such as woodcut, etching, lithography and screenprint by MOMA.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” by Michelangelo

Media Inspiration -> Artist of the month feature -> Background revealed. Phil invited me to be their opening artist featured on their newly relaunched site.

Have a look! ;D

Fun to navigate as well as an exploratory and immersive site, what I like most about them apart from the well thought out projects, beautiful pictures and the pull of interative screens (move the mouse around and catch the + sign to see) is their statement:

+ Release1 is a Boston-base design group with a desire to explore design issues sheltered from market forces. We organize exhibitions and collaborative workshops to allow participants to reach their own conclusions about how design affect their lives and their world.”

Drift v 2.0 is an emerging talent: his artwork is amazing and so are his design and flash skills.

While this collaborative project was incubating I reviewed the pitch and concept.

Now in full swing you might want to review Learning To Love You More which is an ever-changing series of exhibitions, screenings and radio broadcasts presented all over the world, your documentation is also your submission for possible inclusion in one of these presentations.

Minimalist site just like I like them, Oxigenio Design although the snapshots for their projects are rather small, they have left a lot of white space around so their work stands out and catch your attention.

Enough of their polyvalence and skills are displayed to conclude they are cross-media experts. Fast loading - low noise - superb!

Geometric music + sonic explorations in earthy simple site for Telefon Tel Aviv. Now they only need to tame the double-browsers windows and it would be even better.

There is a new vague of collective studios and I luv this concept. The complexity of designing for cross-media is best done inviting top craftmanship than attempting to risking missing all.

Meet the Q Collective


ndlr: One of their recent project Bradley Campbell site was finalist for co-designing the WTC site memorial “Lower Waters” with Matthias Neumann.

For those interested in architecture, illustrations and models of winning and runner-ups entries are available.

Much talent in capturing structures in Dagt* Designaside Germany Tour 2003-2004 by Mauro Caramella

Dense, atmospheric and elegant are Tom Jasny captures. There are striking pictures especially in the people and holiday sections. Overall an excellent portfolio, the navigation is very easy.

Design and Globalization by Kevin Davis

“When both design agencies and nonprofits work together under a localist, fair trade model, great strides can be made in making the lost vision of a participatory, creative Internet into a reality.

This, in turn, could contribute to the revitalization of local communities and ultimately, the arts, realizing the vision of the Internet’s pioneers and visionaries.”

Eclectic design and tons of talent displayed on ** gigspot.

“Mozilla Firefox 0.8 represents the bleeding edge of Internet technology and raises the bar for ease of use, performance, robustness and standards compliance.

Firefox 0.8 is a Technology Preview. While this software works well enough to be relied upon as your primary browser in most cases, we make no guarantees of its performance or stability. It is a pre-release product and should not be relied upon for mission-critical tasks. See the License Agreement for more information.”

The branding, logo identity and icons (which are way cool) were designed by a team and the brand process + design process by Steve Garrity, Bart Decrem and icon artist Jon Hicks (must see) makes for an excellent read and inside look on the how to, as you will see, is not randomly achieved.

Can somebody please commission this powagirrrl to design cool toys she's got the talent! Check mimi*online Carla Chaves illustrator extraordinaire!

Cute - delicious - visually delirious - click them all!

Slick interface, music player and chrome panel color as well as interesting transitions on Monofactor.

The second Gluebalize Magazine exploration is on in ref with the topic: “Digital Artists against Digital Divide”.

:::::PostVisual is one of the most talented shop who has consistently brought highly entertaining (film / tv / music) projects to the web using outstanding flash animations adorned with masterly integrated visual elements. Fortunately now, some of their past projects who were no longer available are archived on their site.

Don't miss Wanee & Junah, Kim Jong Kook, The Samsung episodes. Winner of FlashFoward 2003 for their Miss Sixty site - they are finalist this year for the Uninvited.

Euna, you rule girrrl! A must visit.

New website for Irish rock band LABEL incorporates a mix of pixel design (check the music player) and scrolling frames and changing color for the different sections. The fonts... for once are crisp and sharp.

Uncanny and unusual design vision, lots of pink and talent extraordinaire for mcFaul illustrations.

GAPMINDER is a non-profit venture for development and provision of free software that visualise human development.

This is done in collaboration with universities, UN organisations, public agencies and non-governmental organisations. Interactive charts with statistics that help understanding the world we live in.

Need to get this ASCII code for the funny / special characters - check this resource.

A puppet like site for Majolica from Shisheido. A wonderful idea and visual experience mixing the flat 2D cutout in a 3D environment.

Often times it may not always be an asset to be a jack of many trades but in this case Guilherme Maia was able to pull it with some measure of success.

Oh this man must be just about the funniest on the face of earth! If you want to really have a bowlful of his witty, self-deprecating and just incredibly intelligent pitch revisit AndyCo now available in the glorious webFromage version!

If you intend to... hum... access the corporate site beware lots of spoofing around - but the merit and you should read all, is that laughing keeps us sane and prevents aging. Now I did warn you - have fun. BTW if you wonder if he does produce any real work - he is a designer / writer, can you tell?!?!

Update: problem fixed in the W3C. css validator.

A well-done flash site for the canadian Radiator Hosting company! Luv the logo and mouseovers fx sections.

This is a great redesign for Venture Web Interactive given the nature of their business, funkiness and simplicity conveyed smartly in this very corporate website.

Nutility eCreative Services has a splendid new site and a unique presentation with an on-screen drag capacity.

One of their project sites is S.Spot System that features awesome and original visual transitions.

Explore paintings by Jurgen Vanbrabant on Colour-Minded like you've never seen it done before! The navigation and display area merge into a work of art. Amazing!

Site is redesigned, domain is changed, update your bookmarks:

Newly updated sites:

/ Nando Cornejo {BLOCKMACHINE}






/ Laughlin-Constable


/ Moseley Webb


/ portfolioad

This article by Dan Goodin - “Microsoft's Ballmer Sees Free Software as Enemy No. 1 (Update3)” - which originally led to Bloomberg's site - is no longer available.

In fact, while I was trying to find the file using the author's name - I ended up finding following article. I have been for a long time advocating that 'free speech' needs to be preserved because if the magapolies attempt to silence us... imagine the consequences.

Is Microsoft Trampling on First Amendment Rights? by Wendy Goldman Rohm

“In three separate legal actions, Microsoft has been using the courts in an attempt to smoke out sources, challenge the first-amendment rights of writers and reporters, and chill press coverage and public disclosure of important information that it prefers remain secret.”

Bluesource is a branding + broadcast + communication shop that has done outstanding work especially for the entertainment field.

Just discovered that they are behind one of Coldplay's cd sleeve design.

Well she did it again! Drew updates her graFiKAS site!

Fueled by late nights and latte!?!? Asterik studio brings flair and generational oriented capabilities. Can't wait to see their new site.

The co-founder and designer extraordinaire behind Brigata Italia which is listed as an outstanding concept unveiled: meet Anna Arbuckle portfolio site.

This powagirrrl knows out to design incredibly simple sites or intricately yet beautiful ones! Respect!

Upwardlink, what is it ? It's a design portal about webdesign and virtual art in general, concerning all type of creations and medias. We try to select the best links which seem interesting by their content or simply by their interface.

All links are commented in both French and English.

ASTERIK launches TAXI, a new informative resource for the design industry, freelancers and professional likewise. Hop on the design joyride!

Oh my!!! Wait till you see Independence studio site and their animation skills. Outstanding!!! The transparent layers, the different 3D chrome viewers / players to review projects are simply awesome. In the featured animation with integrated zoom: choose an area, click and voila!

Don't miss the commercial reels! Now that is called user-experience!

Royalmajestics includes talented and versatile Mikael Mivela illustrations. Excellent work.

9EME CONCEPT is a French creative collective that specializes in events, product designs, illustrations and more. Check the Panorama and Family sections.

San Francisco Design Museum / Meandra new site is simple and easy to navigate. Don't miss the upcoming exhibits section.


Designed by Thunk who was a Design Forte recipient and reviewed in 2001.

MG Production is a French firm specializing in image sythesis, 3D-2D and compositing. Interesting visual flux that makes for a constant presentation of their skills.

[lateral~;] is looking for a Web Designer. Job Description: Lead interactive designer producing high profile brand-led cross-platform online projects. Base: London, UK. As you can see - they've been around. One of the first sites to be displayed on netdiver. :)

That topic is hot and here is some good advice - pass along the link to your client if they ask about Search Engine Optimizers.

Check the cool line art graphic and flash animation for this Rally site Bullrun 2004.

Guess what Adriana has opened? A heart breaker T-shop!

An intriguing navigation and fast actionscripting for BILINGUE new merch website.

Peepshow is an illustration collective with a cartoony feel and luv the 2D working table mess where you are literally drawn to explore the different areas. Excellent at capitalizing on the artists genres and uniqueness and still convey a tight all around concept. The character bobbing site was more artist work focused.

A couple of years back designers explored the 45 degree angle style. Some could not pull it but Modernstyle knows how to generate those incredibly complex designs that have this science-fiction feel and lead to insights in the perception of the virtual / digital world colliding with reality.

Idea-a-dayproject represents a completely fresh approach to the handling of ideas and intellectual property. This is not a get rich quick scheme. There are no plans to float, no advertisers or sponsors lined up.”

The Big Idea Book : Five hundred new ideas to change the world in ways big and small by David Owen (Editor)

Expect the unexpected. I like the visual puzzle in the portfolio and smart quotes on g|d aka gravicadesign perhaps the double pop-up windows could be avoided in future versions.

Because I just luv mini-figurines. Figuro comes with loads of different toys. The interview section gives insights as to what kind of illustrators/designers were commissionned.

Cute pitch: Toys need good home too...

For people who make websites:

CSS Design: Custom Underlines by Stuart Robertson

Would you like the company of Drucker, Chomsky, Klein and Moore (amongst luminous others)? “Considering the odd legal fiction that deems a corporation a “person” in the eyes of the law, the feature documentary employees (sic) a checklist, based on actual diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization and DSM IV, the standard tool of psychiatrists and psychologists. What emerges is a disturbing diagnosis.”

The Corporation winner of an Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival, a must see documentary. Watch the trailer, take the poll and see what everybody else is thinking... Could this sign finally the revenge of the hoi polloi?!?!


via: ventilate

David Lu describes himself as a designer, illustrator and programmer. His projects are highly original and expressions of a fertile imagination.

What do you make of Physical Interaction Design?

PluggedIn: SmartPhones, Handhelds May Someday Threaten Laptops by Duncan Martell

“Psst... How about a souped-up handheld computer cell-phone combination that not only boasts a camera, surfs the Web, does e-mail, can play digital music and has a calendar, but also makes your toast in the morning?”

Following up nicely on my Bits & Bytes reply to “The holiday season is upon us once again. What tech-related gift or gadget are you hoping to receive (or even buy for yourself) this year? ...I want a Treo...”

Oh darn!!! “As reported elsewhere this morning, if you use the Tantek hack in combination with the screen media type, your CSS doesn’t validate.

Long story short, it’s because the validator is mis-reporting. It should validate, but it doesn’t.”


via: Mezzoblue

{ Digiquaria } is a visual experiment that states being “an aquarium of digital lifeforms inspired by waterlife”.

Although the loading sequence for PGI Interactive is way too long - the concept around the 4 elements is interesting and the supporting visuals well done.

Keyboard skills required to explore game like Plastic Particles site and uncover the mini-toys.

Not much content on Frosch but worth a visit just to see the flash animations.

Nerissa Goco is an incredibly talented designer who has applied her craft to a vast array of interesting projects. Take your time and see for yourself.

For the luv of illo and typo, David Hubner is currently seeking a design internship or temp position in Europe.

Nakd where you will see original still and motion designs by Nando Costa et all! Excellent storyboarding, editing and animationa capabilities.

Need an anatomy of the Scumskullz? They are pixel based icons that reminds us of the Pacman era original graphics. The genetic code is 25 bits of black or white on a 5x5 grid.

Out of 12,209 viable designs only a fraction have been discovered / named / created in the lab.

Well*Vetted issue #18 is out.

Fists of Curry wants you to eat well and design! is a collaborative site for talented graphic designers.

Of interest? How about your personal sig font? Check Fontifier - free for personal use.

And all around and accomplished graphic designer Magnus Andersson, Fakeage is the homebase that develops graphical concepts and produces all sorts of graphical work for a wide variety of clients.

Medientower / v.2 innovative navigation is yet another promising young agency. Their owners are respectively 17 and 19!!!

Promising new talent to follow is John Finnell in the corridors of his mind. Grungy laced with social awereness and good sense of visual layout.

K'yo! is Dave Kaplan's excellent portfolio. Nice minimalist presentation.

The first 2004 issue of Creative Behavior is out: new article, interview.

Ok I luv science-fiction. Remember the plots when robots abounded and instant communication was to be so hip and instantaneous??? Well you've got to see what some mega-communication company (Vodafone) is conspiring about.

Explore a new micro site to experience a mobile world of the future. Attention high-bandwidth + sound requested. And yes, when you 'vote' your 'preferences' are recorded for I guess future analysis, feasability studies and demographic mining and profiling.

Although I can't help but think that some of the technologies are a big open door to Big Brothers that not only watch you but locate you (GPS) anywhere and anytime. Of course, in a world that has entered a state of constant threat (some say) personal security, as I have read, will be one of the main reason of adoption for such services and devices.

Some of the applications are pure genuity such as the epaper; what a fab idea! This is a most compelling and as realistic a scenario of what can be, tomorrow.

Made in Italy. Pleasezine is an art & design news hub and portal. Need some international references?

A new French independents collective CIG*COM - talents to watch for. Their site has a nice duotone palette and concept.

“Art mimicks life. Design follows art. Simple... The key to success is consistency...” from 2turn media :: design firm.

Experimental interface and navigation on OM | oscar mulero website.

Silly-silly-silly items from Atypyk. The one on the snapshot: the diamond band-aid!!!

For broadbandt only: BL:ND specializes in design + typography + production for moving images.

Don't miss their 2003 project reel and Project Alpha reel.

Bringing back the fun into web design? DEFA Gruppe does just that! Although written in Russian, the site is worth visiting from top to bottom. The different areas sport nice graphics that are big but not overwhelming - excellent layout and very-very easy to navigate. Ah...

John Finnel relays this information in ref with the upcoming Bush-Cheney energy bill. Serious threat to environment. To take action and more information.

Oh my... check this new widget and how the big boys are targeting the youth lifestyle conscious generation. Granted this flash site is incredibly well done and fast loading.

Heads up to the talented agency who designed this web project.

A new Design Forte recipient: Carl de Keyzer, eye in the storm photography. It is a common saying a picture is worth a thousand words.

What about a compendium of hundreds of pictures that seem to have caught life right in the middle of so many storms?

Carl de Keyzer seems to have been right there, in the middle of history happening. Catching poignantly real human conditions and situations and some we wish, he had ignored altogether.

How could he? I mean how could he have such access to uncensored (and sometimes threatening) situations? As if his presence was completely ignored by players in the field of his camera.

Some pictures for a moment completely transports us 'there' wherever that is. And as you will see, he's been around.

Expect pictures from an unforgiving lense. Some are shocking, grotesque... even those who depict more superficial and relatively unadoctical surroundings. His 'commercial' endeavors are tinted with this rampant hard chiselled look at people and their immediate environment.

The quirkiness may stem from his composing an alternate perception and presenting the viewer with it. The photograph becoming a statement to so many unanswered for life situations.

So my guess is that he chooses not to provide answers but to act as the intermediary. Presenting disturbing and ironic snapshots of the ordinary yet he is non-complacent towards humain pain.

His skill is to report what has happened on multi-levels all in a single shot. There is a focus on an area and then you see something else concurrently taken in as well.

It is not comforting but pointing our attention to greater issues... or vain issues... all this without words.

Powerful gesture of the click-click-clicks that immortalize such human frailty and vanity.

His lense becoming a masterful eye in the storm.

+ + imustcreate + + a must see flash site that uses the little pantone stubs as navigation.

Beautifully compact ===genstudio=== greets you with a balanced and contrasting interface. Excellent projects and presentation.

Pixar dumps Disney. Studio headed by Steve Jobs says it will seek other distributors for its films starting in 2006.

A new Color Scheme picker that includes sub-directories to choose usability / color deficiency palette.

Flair in minimal decisive strokes that makes for elegant results in Sophie Griotto illustrations.

Jordi Labanda is a widely known illustrator who has presents this chic and modern feel in a vast array or work. Accessories to go available as well.

Amazing asian flavor flash built illustrations on Sixstation. Just click on the blinking or moving object to view the next one.

Surreal, mythical, gripping subjects, awesome movement and sense of perspective in Jon Foster illustrations.

Character, a San Francisco based design shop does outstanding branding and print work.

Usually steer clear of music sites which imo are mostly poorly designed but South UK is... different.

Somewhat of a grungy new victorian bad boyz feel to it, it turns out to be well done, is captivating and leaves significant quality space to set the artists in their best light sort a speaking... and last but not least - their music is actually really good.

Marcus Ericsson is a talented art director and designer who runs Subdisc which uses a cd sleeve design as interface. Original and makes for a compact navigation.

Loretta Lux photographs are uncanny. At first glance, you might mistake these works for paintings. Like prototypes, the children have alabaster skin, porcelain bodies, a penetrating stare, composure, fragility and an aura of ethereal radiance.

Her work bonds three media: photography, painting and digital effects.”

Refined grungy? Why not? Paul Falgout has taken complete master control of the visual real estate on Otterball. Splendid treatment for the mini-thumbnails. Impeccable projects and cute loading sequence. Original, very.

To or not to is NOT a question!!! A couple of months ago this article “Why we don't make speculative presentations” (site was and the article is no longer available :( was posted as a pointer in ref with supplying design comps for projects. We do not sell widgets we sell our time, which is a non-renewable asset, once spent - it's gone for good. If a client cannot understand this - best to run as fast as possible in the other direction.

This client will NEVER be a good client. We say NO, to such requests. Mind you, once a site design is 'comped' it is really finished - to program and integrated it, is then a piece of cake.

Suggested reading: Don’t design on spec which picks up on the same topic. As you will see, and this has happened to me in the past, comps serve often as a shopping list for unethical clients to find cheaper sub-contractors.

Linux becomes a security aka political issue!?!? Funny? NO, scary! SCO to Congress: Linux hurts the U.S. In a letter, it called Linux and open-source software a threat to U.S. security by Robert McMillan

“...After calling Linux and open-source software "un-American" and "a cancer," Microsoft last July announced that it had switched tactics and would resort to analyst reports and case studies instead of name-calling in its battle against Linux.”

Dave Shea says: “Do your best with what you have: make sure you’re meeting the client’s goals and the users’ requirements, and the rest is gravy. There are more factors than just code involved in standards-based design, some of them economic, some of them political. Unless you are just one person working on a site for yourself with unlimited time on your hands, absolutely free of constraints, you won’t be able to code the “perfect” Web site.

Develop a thick skin. We’re still at a point where a lot of fanfare greets each new standards-based launch, which means each new site is still under a lot of scrutiny. With that comes praise and criticism. It’s easy to focus on the negative comments, and miss the long list of positives.

Don’t get too wrapped up in defending your work to people who feel contentious. I’ve been noticing that a lot of critics have pet causes, and unless you meet their entire list, you’ll have done something wrong. Some can be quick to find fault, and slow to accept that there may be more reasons for something than they see.”


via: digital-web

One word - well two words to describe Wall-to-Wall Studios: astronomically polyvalent!!! The mini wall of thumbnails is an indication of the sheer amount of different media projects they are produced and the level of quality is... see for yourself.

Wait till you see what Nate Williams (n8w) is capable of. Highly personal style with strong lines illustrations and concepts. His site is a big statement about his capabilities.

Surprise someone! D S I X D E S I G N offers a complete line of paper products with micro or bold design.

And the winners are??? Poster contest on Computerlove.

B R E T T Yasko is mostly about print / poster design and he sure knows his stuff. His site is designed to take advantage of his expertise.

Another of those “text highlighted” sites which includes gorgeous projects. Check :: Pao & Paws.

Element 5.0 put up a nice site with vertical nav that is working well and serving as visual bar code like decoration. Original presentation of their work in the portfolio area.

An extremely well designed site for :::: Struck Design. The transitions are awesome and the visual treatment is exquisite... and each sections, fast loading! That's a good example of top flash execution.

An outstanding minimalist design with equivalent outstanding projects for \ Mimmo Manes \ design studio site.

Memoribilia: On January 24th 1984 Apple Computer introduced the first Macintosh. Visit the advertisement gallery. That's 20 years ago! Also if you are interested there is a movie that depicts what went on between giants egos at M$ and Apple called “Pirates of Silicon Valley” probably available on a dusty shelf at your video store.

It's been a while since finding a top pixel based site. Fascinating the extent of details. Eyeport is a good place to indulge.

-- For Office Use Only -- is not an office supply depot but a cool design studio. Luv the visual treatment and their branding objects.

TYPEflake* is a cool (flash scripted) ecard brought to you by Firstborn. Try it!

Get an inside look at Anna Fowler whose work is reviewed by Scene360.

Upcoming talent worth watching for Soodkay.

Freshly updated SIMPLYORDINARY - not ordinary.

__ Gallaher+Associates __ claim to be a small studio of mature professionals who can truly package hip communication projects and serve tea, if need be! Their site is an ode to their staying power: edgy and efficient, top projects and the copy is awesome. Tour the studio. Well done!

Meet Tiphanie Brooke, aka the Antigirl an interesting mix-media artist.

“I started my love affair with art when I was 7 and I made faux magazines complete with perfume samples, I spent most of my childhood wanting to be an architect, and I made houses and furniture out of cardstock. I was drawn to the computer a few years later, and I have been using one since. I am interested in minimalism, progression, and huge lonely white spaces.”

Make art not war! is UPSO slogan. Think unique signature as well as effective design. There is a lot of projects to see. Definitely worth exploring.

A while ago Jon Delman asked me to do an interview. It turned out to be quite a challenge - and possibly it is one of the best and most revealing so far - since the questions were dense and required a lot of thinking.

If you are interested in prying into my creative processes, how to overcome blame and blanks, design influence and mentors, a peak into the gender issue (again :), state and future fate of the industry and much more.

Give me sunshine and Bossa Ever Nova! Quick learn about the giants behind the style and listen to their music.. Nice line art flash transitions.

Long time netdiver portfolio gallery resident signalgrau designbureau is really busy, their new site is nowhere ready. But you can have a look at their portfolio. Slick and modern style.

Also, in waiting is TYPETYPE. Have a look at their fonts catalog available in .pdf.

Danko from { iDEA2Dezign }asked for a pix of our working space and this is what I submitted, since pixeltable is a thinking design + creative code duo, I shot “his” and “her” areas.

Memorabilia. One of the very first site I designed (to fit 640x480 which was the norm then). When “time is of the essence” for a communication exec - circa '96 found on the wayback machine.

-> more news


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Mind-blowing visual feats and original designs I recently discovered.

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They LUV drawing! #3

Illustration is probably the largest creative area to express (mostly without words) a message.

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A type of Show #5 – I love typography - these projects caught my eye.

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Moodboards #1 – Branding collaterals staged and served with conceptual brilliance.


/ About us?


A little (www) Story. In 1995, JF and I started a little project — Netdiver.



Editorials by Carole Guevin

Editorials. Design topics or issues that have impacted me or our creative industry. .

Over 50 articles.



Kuvva interview

Kuvva interview

A short interview on how to build a strong portfolio + self-promotion.


Netdiver Magazine

#ISSN 1911-866X

Carole Guevin

Carole Guevin is a culture creator / editor / curator / artist / creative activist / geek / songwriter showcasing the design digital culture.

No hype just beautiful

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Netdiver review galleries

/ Design inspiration

Netdiver long-standing minis captures (200 x 115 px) galleries.

Pick one -> read review




/ Illustration

Vast array of drawing styles
403 reviews




/ Imaginative

Conceptual designs standing out
358 reviews




/ Industrial

Products / packaging design / spaces +
332 reviews




/ Motion

Brilliant storyboards / motion / vfx
286 reviews




/ Photography

Some of the sharpest eyes shooting today
210 reviews




/ Portfolios

New wave of design / interactive / mobile stars
552 reviews




/ Powagirrrls

Women who rock the design scene with _more_ than pink design
391 reviews

/ Insider info


Netdiver Vintage

Netdiver Vintage edition

What was new in design worldwide — sort of a very unofficial record of web history as captured from {1998 - 2007}.

Over 2.3k+ projects.



Netdiver static

Netdiver static

Walk down memory lane: archived static news in design from 1998-2008.

Start from beginning

Start in 2008



Netdiver Best of the Year

Best Of The Year (BOTY)

Netdiver Best of the Year is a yearly compilation of projects / talents who made a lasting impression the previous year.

/ 2016 edition



Special Feature issues

Special Feature issues

Self-curation experiment coupled with minimalist interviews with people in the design industry I admire.

By invitation only



Visual Brain Gravity

Visual Brain Gravity is a producer and developer of concepts, products and brand experiences.

Driven by vision.




We are all beautiful minds aka WAABM is equal part made of songwriters / music composers JF Simard + Carole Guevin



Netdiver Mag is sweet

Terrific product or service or event and wanna reach a fabulous international audience?

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