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Design news | Aug 06

Redbloc is an intriguing concept collective who seems to quite litterally use this metaphor as an excuse to design.

“From the Baltic Sea we drifted down to the Caspian Depression until we found safe passage in the land of the Good Chairman. Across the outskirts of this remote region where the tillers of the land embraced the birth of a red dawn and where the land drenched in golden red burst of the early sun, we planted the seeds of the Neu Revolution.”

DMP presents pictures from the Jakarta 32 and Massive OFFline events!

Snack attack! Websites that share video (You Tube was first to launch) clips are revolutionising our viewing habits, Michael Idato reports.

If you wonder what kind of art that is, brace yourself. This is an inside look at one of the component of the powerful new Mac Pro! The specs are so impressive and the performance to be expected, makes it at the very top of my wish list.

There's room to accommodate up to four drives and 2TB of storage; offers 8 DIMM slots to fill with up to 16GB of RAM; provides up to two SuperDrives and runs on two, yes that's right, two dual-core chips!

RDAY will come fine furniture! Hand made with elegant lines or unusually composited built items.

Philip Treacy for Umbro is a cool new site for the football inspired clothing line. Sportswear going high fashion! Luv it!

My generation by Creed O'Hanlon

In the latest issue of Australia's leading literary journal, Griffith REVIEW, the media futurist, Creed O'Hanlon, dissects the cultural legacy of the Baby Boomer generation, the first-born of which turn 60 this year, and accuses them of being “manipulative, self-mythologizing control-freaks with a flair for appropriation but no real originality”.


ndlr: Read essay and pass it up to your boss ;-D

You've gotta see this! BL:ND Gnarls Barkley Crazy video!


Are you familiar with the Rorschach inkblot test which is a method of psychological evaluation? Seems like they took their inspiration directly from it and created something completely new.

Amazing animation!


ndlr: BL:ND has a jop opp for a Head of Production: candidate has, at minimum, 4 years of experience managing 5+ million in billings in post production industry.

Fivecentstand is a sweet harmonizing duo with a folkish slash irish twisted modern pop rock meshed sound. Simply beautiful voices and profound lyrics.


Dave Barnes is all about pop soulish funk with a thang of country licking good feel. His warm voice and music are both catch and gently comforting the soul.


Spoken For superb voices ressembling very much the rich Indigo Girls tonal intensity flavored in haunting rock accoustic sounds and ambience.


ndlr: cool sites brought to you xtra talented Paul Falgout and Brandon Wilson of Otterball.

Guess who's behind the design of the featured Crash Film site? Talented Mat Mejia aka Droppod! Really like his logo too!

Michael Cole rebrands under Cobra Creative having partnered with his wife. Because in the end, two heads are always better than one!

Randall Cornish is the head of RCO Creative and has prepared three indispensable documents that can serve as a starting base for designers and artists.

How to write a creative brief

How to write an artist's statement

How to mount an art presentation



errata: Apologies everyone, there was a misunderstanding. The docs are not free but available for a minimal fee.

The awesome intro for the idFlux project is no longer available on the main site. I did some digging and found out, it had been commissioned to Pierre Magnol and produced with Cinema 4D.

Ain't that great? It still can be viewed via Kurtzmedias. Click view to see the animated movie.

Music by my good friend Philippe Gully.

In 1968 Andy Warhol stated that; “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

Using Warhol’s statement as a premise, 15x15 advances the statement into the 21st century; with new media technology anyone and everyone can be world famous....for 15 seconds!


ndlr: Read the about page on how participate!

It's not finished! Dirty Coast Press launched just before Katrina with a mission to spread cool New Orleans tee designs. Catastrophy hit, but their determined mindset prevailed!

With the present heat wave, they've got what we need!

Dear Mr Zeldman. “In addition to your acting duties for the position of somewhere between intenet ‘guru’ and ‘god,’ your are now tasked with the duties of comment moderator. Good luck. Some of us are crazy.

For in the same way that Lassie can have fleas, your website will itch with the irritation of the 2% of your audience who are annoying, nasty, and malicious. Good luck.”

Designing Through the Storm by Walter Stevenson

As designers, we all face the inevitable slump. That point where our creativity stagnates and we find ourselves at a dead end.

“... it’s more accurate to say that there are moments when I’m a terrible designer. We’ve all experienced low points, and whether they’re caused by tight timelines, hostile clients, infighting, personal disasters, or something else entirely, we have to find a way to work through them.”


Packaging extravaganza! You've gotta see what Beef did for Dom Perignon!!! Sensational!

Major updates completed in the Events section: plan, search or browse by month. Use the month letter, for ex. S (for September) and see what's up or happened during that month. Available throughout listed years.

Make the most of your time to learn or shine! Verify if other events or competitions overlap with ones you are organizing or intend to participate to.


ndlr: Major updates completed in the NEWS archive section!

Missed any news? Start with current month. Want an alternate navigation to get an idea of what Netdiver likes to talk about and review? Doing research for inspiration, a client, an independent project or school assignment?

Great place to look.

Maintained with lots of LUV (for design) and you in mind!

Want to improve your illustration skills by learning from experienced illustrators? How about downloading creative exercises complete with visual elements and instructions?

Head out to Illustration Class and start improving!


ndlr: Another great initiative by Von Glitschka.

Where does your brand rank? We asked how much care and attention you devote to managing your own brand.

43% -> My own brand is my most important client.
23% -> I manage my brand, but not with its own plan.
37% -> My brand gets only my attention left over after my clients.


via: Icograda

He's got groove Shive! Luv Kenneth Robin style of superposed elements and yet, still looking contained illustrations.

Lennard Schuurmans aka via via is an artist with an edge and who has constructed a fascinating repository of projects. Stunning illustrations and murals reveal a style expressed with strong lines and vibrant colors.

See why he's got the pulse on and is in keep with the current international digital culture scene.

Through the visit, you will see an ever present cartoonistic influence especially those illustrations that bear watermarked dots fx which is reminescent of early 50's illustration print style.

Even though the website is simple both from an interface and navigation point of view border decorations and other visual elements add up to framing well sections.

What I find most impressive in his gathered body of work is the consistency. Throughout, ideas are pushed and expanded in a new way -- but his signature is ever present.

Very much in keep with the current international digital culture scene.

If you're going to let the images speak, why not build a photorama to display your portfolio? This is what BUILD has chosen to do.

Should Community-Edited News Sites Pay Top Editors? by Mark Glaser

“If there is one push-and-pull balancing act that defines news in the age of Web 2.0, it’s the question of how much power to give the audience, the masses, the collective mind, and how much control remains centralized.

This is the so-called Wisdom of Crowds as described by James Surowiecki in his book by that name, but how do you motivate people to join these crowds online and spend countless hours working on the sites without pay?”


The Rise of Crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe

“All these companies grew up in the Internet age and were designed to take advantage of the networked world. But now the productive potential of millions of plugged-in enthusiasts is attracting the attention of old-line businesses, too.”


Paying the top DIGG/REDDIT/Flickr/Newsvine users (or $1,000 a month for doing what you're already doing) by Jason Calacanis

“Talent wins, and talent needs to get paid. I love paying talented people so they can sleep well at night doing what they love. That's my biggest joy in business: gettin' people paid.

As we say in Brooklyn: everyone's gotta eat.”


Kevin Rose cracks (or how to know when you've won the debate) by Jason Calacanis

“Kevin Rose is going to make millions of dollars (perhaps tens of millions) when he sells DIGG to Yahoo (my best guess). When he does sell DIGG--and trust me it will be sold before in the next 12 months--he will have done it on the backs of those top 50 members. Those top 50 members will get exactly... ummm..... nothing.”


ndlr: Want more background info on Jason Calacanis -- read this article:

Revenge of the Dotcom Poster Boy by Eryn Brown


ndlr: Serious food for thought here. I've know Jason in the way back years prior to his Silicon Alley Reporter days and Brian and I met, when he was running the Meet the Makers events.

These two are part of a very selective crowd of true movers and shakers who never gave up their passion for the NET! I salute their ingeniosity, vision and stamina!

Jewel!!! Pete Barr-Watson currently works as a Senior Design Technologist at frog design creating interactive experiences. Just found his blog appropriately called Flashblog that is overflowing with valuable information.

One of utmost interest would probably be the Creating 3D Carousels III Tutorial.


ndlr: To all the Flash technology enthusiasts - here's a gem of a resource just for you!

CB2 reinvents itself to meet new modern tastes. Check the very cool interactive catalogue. Now that's online shopping!

Bezos Expeditions invests in 37signals by Jason Fried

“What we’ve been looking for is the wisdom of a very special entrepreneur who’s been through what we’re going through. Someone who sees things a little differently and makes us feel right at home. Someone with a long term outlook, not a build-to-flip mentality.”


ndlr: Selling out? Wisdom is worth much more!

CG Channel is an online magazine for Computer Graphics and VFX artists and professionals.

Adhemas Batista is the designer behind the popular Havaianas web site we featured a while ago. It's always exciting to discover who's behind an outstanding concept (even if, in his own admission in this interview by LOUNGE72, it could be made better).

Anyway, have a look at his portfolio and see the scope of his projects. Luv it! From Brazil with luv!

Pixartisan reloads with a new issue. Interesting to see that Adhemas Batista is now part of the gallery too!

So what do you think of that? Mozilla Partners with Real Networks!


via: Blulit

The EDWC releases list of prizes! Deadline fast approaching: August 19.


Initiative brought to you by the good folks at Maxtango!

Flash Forward finalists are up and ready to get your vote!

Love requires action! Celebrating the launch of a very special project: The Bridge presented by The Glue Network.

How about building a virtual bridge around the globe for charity?


24,902 miles = 24,902 people making a difference. We are NOT asking for any money from you, just a few minutes of your time and all the creativity you choose to muster.

Take a few minutes and browse the miles that are posted then make your own mile and you can generate money for those in need.


ndlr: Now how cool is that? Netdiver endorses the project 100%! Why not help in propagating da luv?

Dave Schroeder has been a commercial composer and sound designer since 1996 and operates under Pilot Vibe.

Pick your mood and listen to sensational loops (some for sales too!

Dutch Uncle is a brand new creative management agency with offices in London, Copenhagen and a strong link to the creative agency Starfactory* in Japan.

They represent a contemporary group of illustrators, animators and designers from all around the world.

Did you know? One of the best place to start when looking for references for CSS, code, design, fonts, industry associations, books and more, is the Toolbox. Broken down in categories!

Look it up! It's updated frequently.

ISO50 has been on my rising talents watch list for a couple of years now. Come high or low, inspiring to see that Scott Hansen is unrelenting in producing and promoting his artowrk!

Just released, a new set of eye candy posters. If you like, support!

The Sandwich Generation is about those caught between their aging parents and young children and affects way more people than we think.

In honor of unsung heroes!!! Please view and circulate this short film about a personal situation filmmaker Julie Winokur and her husband, photojournalist Ed Kashi are presently going through. This is an emotionally charged account of family caregiving where they expose their lives with unflinching candor.

In the end - LOVE is what the world needs now. LOTS of it!

Discover the amazing world of Marcel Weisheit! Follow him in composited visual effects or extraordinary sessions photography projects... and then, some more.

What he did with a minuter and turned it into a slow turning musical box is genial!

Beautiful beyond beautiful. Presenting two create a multidisciplinary recently graduated duo, Lucy Nunn and Tobie Snowdowne. For sure, a new ascending 2d-3d design powerhouse.

The photography is exceptional and I luv the black background which sets up a dramatic stage to display projects.


ndlr: Designed by long time Netdiver resident, talented Sam Dallyn.

Quilt 365 is a minimalist interface portfolio site with lots of negative space, black and red accent in the navigation which allows featured projects, ample room to shine. Smart!

Overall, nice promotional divingboard for Sunil Krishnan, who is an all around polyvalent designer.

From India with luv!

Domestic is an entirely new publishing house set up by Stéphane Aurriubergé and Christine Montard. Founded at the start of 2005, Domestic aims at producing design collections with the particular feature of offering the end user the freedom of participating in the design process.

Discover Domestic VYNIL! Ain't that fabulous or what?

Just found this project that dates a little while ago, 2002 in fact. The concept and artistic process is still relevant today.

Embark on a 10 cities voyage with Subway Life, whereas Antonio Jorge Gonçalves draws people sitting around him.

As you will see Lance Wyman is so big time into corporate identity design that the projects he completed has become a huge spiral.

Found this self-explanatory Tee design. Corporate Propaganda Vol:1 is available from the Concrete Hermit store.

Luv it!

Start a story is a project that encourages creativity and collaboration to get people from all over the world involved in creating narratives. Option to view projects in big format. That's smart!

One of the latest and most popular projects (see as some part of the top design is continued in the bottom one?) is called 5x5.

What a great idea!


ndlr: Hats off to John Harrison for initiating the project and happens to be one half of What What.

Isn't time beginning to design with CSS? Well Simon Collison might have written just the right book to set you off on the right path.

This is an unusual puppet show!!! Part of Christopher Liechty opening presentation at the recent Icograda Seattle Design Week.

Curious? Did you know that you can actually magnetize surfaces, like a whole door??? For creative types like us that can lead to some pretty eccentric (crazy?) ideas: like covering all cupboards in the kitchen??? Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint.

GOOD Creative describes as a branding and graphic identity studio runned a creative duo: Collis and Cyan (oh so appropriate a name, isn't it?

They just launched a superb website. Luv the black & white contrast and grayscale shades. Minimalist, crisp interface, an outstanding navigational system and really good projects in their portfolio.

From Sydney with luv.

“We love it! But could you maybe just change the typeface, perhaps to something a bit more erm, funky? Also we're not sure about the colour of the tee - could you come back with a few alternatives? And the words... we're not sure they're quite right?

Clients. Can't live with them...

Paulo says:
You know it. I know it. They know it.”


ndlr: This naughty pause is brought to you by Teetonic

Yosoh is about computing and clay. Check his art and ad work!

“I really wanted to explore this computer thing. It was not until a Christmas break, when the chair of the art department, gave me his building key, that I got to really sit in front of the computer. For the next 30 days me and my friend Jim would spend 15 or more hours a day in front of the computer. It was during this time that I taught myself Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress, to this day about 90% of what I know I learned during that 30 days.”

Brilliant and outstanding creativity!

Douglas Fisher incredible compositing photography! Available are a couple production behind the scenes how-to!

This is one of the slickest flash web site I've seen. The interface design is simple but all functionalities are of exceptional quality and includes tool tips. Wow!

From the nice play on word Anova (something new and a star category) to the intriguing opening intro and how each sections display projects as a mini slideshow that you can pause to the cute mini-icons.

Almost perfection! Well done Jesper!

Oh! This is nutz and crazy!!! Vitamin Livin designed I.V. pots for plants... and much more!

Must see!

Ever wondered what happened to StickerNation?

“Due to circumstances beyond our control we finally had to close the doors on our self initiated project.

For five years the site documented and encouraged the street art sticker scene. We are looking to get the archive of 30,000+ images back online as soon as possible as a testament to the sites success in promoting and inspiring artists all over the world.”


Ever wondered who was behind it? TAK! designed, managed and edited the non profit site to the point where it was receiving 8000 visits a week.


ndlr: This active design and art direction studio is also behind and founder of the popular Pinpops. Respect!

Fantasy Interactive is now hiring in both their New York and Stockholm offices. Check their website for more info.

Using full screen images remains a favored approach for architectural firms. Why? Because you get an idea of what the size, context of project are, and since most involves a minimal scale of let's say a store plan, it is probably correct to assume that their working 'canvas' being the largest, requires large images too..

Chamizo Arquitectos is an architecture, engineering, urbanism and design studio carrying out projects virtually. The best feature? The floating navigation that hides on the top right side while you view a selection.

Photo Festival Union is a new association of 28 European festivals of photography that will be registered in September 2005. The main motivation in establishing the Union is the exchange of the information between associated events.

Furthermore, the association would like to be a point for wide cooperation within the exhibitions, lectures, workshops, slide-shows and portfolio reviews program.

Stringed and bundlrd together new talents to discover:

/ Azart is subliminal beat! Frenetic feedback resonance in a pseudo-psychedelic interface.


/ LA MOI is all about fashion! Very cute branding and flash site.


/ Squidinc character designs and story dev from an x-Disney/Warner Bros gone freelance.


/ Randal Ford stunning photography! The shaprness, the contrast and the intensity jumps right at you.

Another interesting find. As designers, there are three things, apart from our workstation, mobile and books we can't live without, and that is: dressing with cool tees, carrying our stuff around and wallets.

Poketo has created a concept store around these. As they say: “Totally eclectic, 100% unique, and independent to the core.”


ndlr: The most successfull is probably the collection of 'wallets' designed by 100 artists. Must see!

TechVector one of the finest vector artist who strictly uses Illustrator to design, has reloaded with new works.

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound. It is used by students, artists, designers, architects, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production.


ndlr: For more resources check the Toolbox.

Session by Andreas Wannerstedt is a cool little flash animation!

-> more news


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