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Design news | Sep 06

This is a fantastic project! Flash website for the promotion of a downtown mall, right here in Montreal! Love District is a must see!

If you're a native, you will recognize the environment easily. You may or not know that we're famous for what is called the underground city, which is a network of subway stations, business towers and malls all linked together and accessible by walking from one point to the other. It covers over 15 km!

During the winter time when it's damp and freezing, it's a big plus and fav hang-out for us city dwellers!

The Love District is themed with different shapes of hearts who lead each to a different section. Emotionally and visually based, you make your choice. Suggest you visit all.

But what I find absolutely distinctive and jaw-dropping beautiful, is the photography work!

Taken in what seems a most relax mode, on location, signage serve as urban backdrops. Fascinating, the interactions between the models, both group and solo shots are charged with captured emotions and fun.

Did I mention the impeccable visual treatment! Luv it!!!

RevolverLover are very excited to announce that ANTI is BORN. Pum! Pum! Pum!

Free to download the ISSUE 1: BORN.

Don't be deterred by the minimalist information tree like navigation, Waskman are totally experts in immersive spatial interactive designs, animation and events.

Gotta luv their logo. See for yourself!

Graham Hutchings own Sinelab is his repose for 3D like illustrations and photography. Talent!

A promising artist and illustrator, meet Gosia our new powagirrrl, who is already a multiple awards winner (Applied Arts magazine annual competition for 3 consecutive years)!!!

Her strokes are like lines dancing on transparent fluid. Moody, poetic and yet strong social statements are present in most works. I like the depth of thought expressed. She is a sensitive soul with a lot churning in her mind.

Definitely someones to watch.

What do you do in 25 secs? 25 shots! Experimentation with a webcam and using it to do your personal stop-motion sequence. Website built by a just graduated students showing off lots of interactive features!

Luv it!

Get ready for some serious mischief!

The not so common site and adventures of Bob (Delbecque) the company court jester, corporate speaker and showman. With his sharp sense of humour, one hour with Bob is an unforgettable experience, an indelible blend of philosophy, insight and wit.

Although I think the website of UAU is a bit bland and somewhat passé in view of the chosen visual interface treatment, the projects on the other hand, are of such high quality (thumbnails are really small perhaps a way of protecting your intellectual capital?), visiting wiill be worth your while.

If you're into architecture and industrial design, this is a must see!

Can you tell? Joshua Darden is into fonts creation and design!

Launch of a recent project by a bunch of t-shirt-addicted designers and illustrators from Berlin/Barcelona/Frankfurt. What you'll find? Spotted design shirts, streetwear and urban artwork.

Just Selekkt and you're good to go!

What's good? An art and creativity festival that took place in Hong Kong in 2005. I really like the photomontage that highlights the event!

The theme was: “Question of creation, of perception, of sensitivity, of conscience, of meaning and of taste.”

Hope there will be an encore!

Guess who's pushing the envelope nowadays? More and more architectural firms are not shy of exploring and using completely unexpected navigational systems for their websites. Pure Architecture is no exception.

Excellent compilation of project renderings.


ndlr: Website was produced by Reseen a rising flash design agency.

He's a plane! He's a train! He's a??? Superman Returns: Interview with Mark Stetson by Jean-Eric Heneault.

“CGC: Is it possible, even for someone with your experience and background, to be intimidated by a project of this scope at first?

Mark: Actually, no. I was REALLY happy to be working on Superman Returns. Intimidated is not an adjective that I would choose.

More like job-of-my-dreams excited!”

Radical Media chose a 3D animated puppet show to promote their full service production powerhouse with offices spanning all over the globe.

Scott (Grammy winner) and Jen are the founders and spearheading an indie approach to film and video productions.

You've gotta see this!


ndlr: Designed by talented Anna Kardaleva

Send me to Paper Cloud a recently started design company specializing in handmade paper goods. Don't we always need writing pads?

Luv the flying little piggy!

Flash visual extravaganza is what adsmart is made out of. As Dimitris states: design with love! Design is fun! Enjoy design!

Refeshing, amusing, whimsical... luv it!

One of my fav print magazine that specializes in sustainable, green and environmental housing design and issues, DWELL has relaunched its website.

Founded by Lara Hedberg Deam and publisher Michela O'Connor Abrams who used to be President of Imagine Media which flagship mag was Business 2.0. Interestingly top management staff consists of women mainly!

Hats off to the Powagirrrls!

Surprised by the graphics that were out of the browser window with no scrolling bar... not exactly the easiest navigation system but on the other hand - it did picked my curiosity. So point made! Look for the green left right arrows!

From the designers of Frame magazine, Koehorst in 't Veld explores new ways of showing their work.

From Netherlands with luv.

The Future Proof Man. Syd Mead on camera...

Syd Mead talks about his career as an artist and shares insights of his life with Jean-Eric Hénault at his beautiful house in Pasadena, CA.

Big thanks to Roger Servick (Oblagon) and Syd Mead himself for making this interview possible.

Syd Mead will be speaking at //ADAPT 2006 held in Montreal September 23-24th.

This is a nice and simple portfolio site for a student presently doing a master degree at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm and Domus Academy in Milan.

_rithwithfireworks has made spacious room for his thumbnails and he definitely is someone to watch for. Have a look at his One Tune Tree, a new visual language to organize your favorite music.

Wow! What an imaginative concept!

Refreshment served! Ideas! A closer look at creativity!

“One of the most daunting task for a designer is to generate ideas. Sometimes this task is considered a minor undertaking for unknowing people. Why so? Because the results may look convincingly simple. Deceitfully simple. Nada. This is not the case as you may well know.

So how do we in fact become proficient idea generators? First, ideas = creativity. The root of creativity stems from the word creation which is to create from nothing. Nice theoretical assumption. Now what is the practical side?”

Google Warns Against Using Its Name as Verb by J. Angelo Racoma

“Use google with caution. The use of the term as a verb has apparently irked Google. This is particularly with regard to using "google" as a generic term for searching even on other engines and portals.”

Welcome to the world of Robonut! All fluffy and pink! Gorgeous site and tons of cute illustrations, mostly character development.

Bubble is looking urgently for a fulltime (freelance) programmer for an amibitious Web 2.0 project and ability to work in Antwerp (BE).

Skills required very good knowledge of PHP, CSS, AJAX, MySQL, XHTML, Web Standards (Flash knowledge is not a must, knowledge of LINUX server is a strong plus).

Perfect you? Contact Peter Dekens asap!

The evolving role of AIGA, the professional association for design by Ric Grefe, Executive Director of AIGA

After nearly a century representing a mainly print-focused, US-based group of designers, AIGA has spent the past several years revising its strategy to serve an increasingly diverse membership. This is represented in AIGA's new mission statement: to advance designing as a professional craft, a strategic tool and a global cultural force.

Presenting the illustration and animation portfolio of prolific Steve Scott!

He's looking for old Michael C. Place artworks, especially pieces from the 2004 Magma Manchester Exhibition.

Please take a look at his collection and contact Xavier Encinas if you have some pieces for sale.

Qube Konstrukt is all about imaginative communication solutions for print, motion and web.

Top design capabilities at Bocca Latte! Mostly print collaterals!

From Australia with luv!

Completely far out concept! 3 Deep Design immersive interface uses a tiled prism of a single visual as background!

Check the left thumbnail which has this picture tiled!


Justin Ridler photography is mesmerizing, evocative and emotionally charged! His talent for composition is exceptional.

1st Ave Machine is a CG VFX / animation boutique and production company! Check the 3D renderings in their selected anime movies!

Mostly inspired and located within an organic environment, some of the flora has become anima. Not forgetting this footballer that deassembles between shoots or how about becoming an automated music station and the cutest, the small round fast moving bots who are really... transformers.

You've gotta see this!

How Japanese style Illustration works? by Uleshka

“In 2002 Gez Fry decided, that he wants to make a living out of Japanese style illustration - without being experienced in drawing. Locking himself up in his bedroom in London he studied big masters like Masamune Shirow and developed enough skill and an astonishing portfolio to jump into the big market - within only 2 years.

Here are some of his comments about how he draws, develops characters and why the Japanese Manga market is so tough.”


via: PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about Design and Making Things.

The Logistics of Distance: An Interview with Kazys Varnelis

“In July 2006, Columbia University announced that Kazys Varnelis would both found and direct a new Network Architecture Lab – or NetLab, an experimental unit that embraces the studio and the seminar as venues for architectural analysis and speculation, exploring new forms of research through architecture, text, new media design, film production and environment design.

Specifically, the Network Architecture Lab investigates the impact of computation and communications on architecture and urbanism. What opportunities do programming, telematics, and new media offer architecture? How does the network city affect the building?”


via: BLDGBLOG, architectural conjoncture - urban speculation and landscape futures

Designer of our time by Anne Watson

An interview with Karim Rashid


“I don't believe in r+r. I believe in using the mind always, exercising it. I exercise the body six days a week, and the soul. With perfect balance and harmony you automatically have r+r always and a stress-free existence.”


via: DHUB

Look what I've found! A pure interactive experimental jewel called Inspiration Scene intended to demonstrate the power of Flash 8. Better tie yourself to your chair, some scenes are simply mind blowing. If that's a peek into what the future of interactivity holds, it's going to be great fun!

The composite 3D serves as initial teaser! View them all, they're worth it!

Head out and see for yourself!

If you luv print as I do, check out Rumbero Design portfolio! Trendy urban feel and bold colors.

Sugar Cube is searching for a Creative Designer good in Flash motion and 3D design.

Baby C'mon is a video montage and the scenario spins very good ideas and a fast paced storyboarding concept. Twist and turns all along with sometimes really quirky and unexpected edits.

Must see!

cmd9 has got two different interfaces to pick from. Explorative navigation at best!

Distinctive Opportunities by Omar Vulpinari

“The design profession and its educational needs have changed. Today's information society is dominated by speed and diversity. Production has moved from material to post-material goods like ideas, images, services, experiences and relationships. A society where globalized economy, information technology and communication democracy have dramatically multiplied need and possibility.”

Got any clients that want to create and send their own email newsletters? You've got to check out MailBuild.

OH! What a great concept for Paul Blow illustration portfolio site. One of the most important initial decision when building a portfolio site, is to decide how to present yourself.

What works best is using firstly your own work to design the interface container. Easier to then play off projects within these parameters.

Original, ingenious and absolutely brilliant!

{Netdiver call for submissions}: A special invitation for students and aspiring 2D-3D designers was launched to submit artworks to get a chance to be seen by some of the top Hollywood studios who will be attending //ADAPT in Montreal, September 23-24.

Meet the winner, finalists and runners up!

DAC #1

The Ebeling Group specializes in video animation and are really good at what they do.

Mind blowing 3D illustrations! You've gotta see the work of Richard Minhle. Actually some of his renderings are sooo real, it's almost indistinguishable from a photography.

There are a couple of tutorials available too. Amazing!

From Australia with luv!

Time for refreshments. The submit form is on hiatus. Do you know that EACH project is visited from top to bottom and only a tiny fraction will appear on the What's new?

In all fairness, writing reviews, producing accompanying snapshots and maintaining the overall site content, takes time, and now, my inbox is in overflow.

Also, here is a reminder of what I'm really looking for.

Andy Martin wide variety of vector and mix media illustrations are fun, simple and efficient. I like the simple website with great nav system and use of netgative space.


-> more news


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