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Design news | Dec 08

What is NUURO? Somwhere you can play around with all the objects and listen to music. Gotta luv the bouncing around and the gravitational script where things bounce back to bottom of browser.


Hold on to a selection and it will enlarge! Totally awesome!

Tara Hardy studied fine arts, illustration and graphic design before devoting herself to her art which is mostly mix media that includes retro pix or photographic collages, texturizeded artifacts and elegant line arts.

What a beautiful composition.

Delaware has just released an iPhone/iPodTouch application program: Re<ords 001 which is a sound and vision app that contains 2 songs. Spin. Zoom. Scratch.

Web Design is 95% Typography by Information Architects

“95% of the information on the web is written language. It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information, in other words: Typography.”

Welcome to the brightly colored geometric vision of Kenji Hirata which can be either 2D or 3D illustrations applied to diverse surfaces. The simple forms are assembled in a way that create a dynamic flow visually that is both intriguing and captivating.

Chose this unusual black and white relief as example.

If you intend to propose or looking for an original stunner and are broke and the love of your heart is a sassy lass, here is a really chic solution byAMT.

Diamond acrylic stackable rings anyone? Nice!

I luv toyz and just released, are the Heaphonies. This incredible 3 inches tall sound blasting MP3 speaker is embedded in a cute vinyl character which is adorned (or not) with visual details by a selected group of designers.

Oh for all trekkies, upcoming is the new generation Star Trek film with a cast of well, younger actors. Watch the trailer! Can't wait!

Totally fun exploratory interface for Bio-Bak from Netherlands. Just punch out, drag and hold to discover overt and hidden sections.

Kakofonia is all about creating illustration, vector work and collaborations. His drawing skills are jaw dropping as well as the quality of the concepts in the renders. He's won an array of prestigious industry kudos for his clients work.

“Forget the iPhone” says Tristan Louis, a global technology executive! Watch out for the Pomegranate NS08 claiming to be the all in one ultimate device. Gheez have a look!


ndlr: Just heard this seems to be an ad hoax.

Google Chrome & Mobile by Dave Yang

“Since reading the Google Chrome comic, the possibility of running a new class of (web) applications in this new browser is exciting, especially considering that it’d most likely be part of Android in the future. With this new browser from Google, it’s not only re-igniting the browser war (mostly with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer), but also a step towards OS-independent applications that can run either online or offline.”

The Heads of State is picking after that two heads are better than one, and Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers have prove just that since starting to work together in one form or another since 2002.

The graphic and conceptual simplicity of their collaborations made an immediate impact on the burgeoning poster revival in North America. Local clients and small projects paved the way to international acclaim and assignments from the likes of R.E.M., Wilco, and The New York Times.

Science-fi comic strips art, rockets and other objects, red and orange plus saturated colors, wood cutting feel, imagination on overdrive equals Kevin Tong, a prolific illustrator.


He's got some pretty nifty tshirts on sale.

If You Could Print series auction. Beautiful posters using Red, black and white! Roger Black's favorites! Or you can buy the full catalogue as a limited edition book.

Web Standards: Where the ROI is by Molly Holzschlag

“Web designers and developers seem to talk a lot about "Web Standards", but what about the people who sign the contracts and pay the bills? Are Web Standards just another tax that businesspeople are being asked to pay, or is there truly sustainable business value in adopting Web Standards?”

Did you know? “The Internet is about finding information. Social Media is about communication.”

Based on one of Internet prime directive principle of long ago: the one to one (from one user to another user) to many (from one user to many other users) that I used all the time to explain the exponentiality of Internet as a communication platform.

– Unknown

Anna Godson is proud to announce the addition of a fabulous UK illustrator, Tony Healey who is a master at caricatural design who works extensively in the media and publishing industry.

Many Herman Miller designs are part of the permanent collections of prestigious museums around the world, including The New York Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Henry Ford Museum, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Refresh your memory of modern furniture at Herman Miller Original website (even register the original you own).

Produced by talented People Design.

Ryan Snook characters, especially the moonface ones, give his illustrations a universality of persona, making less threatening and even funny, those icky contexts and problems addressed in the personal and commercial business arenas.

50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire were compiled by Andrew Lindstrom. Shown one of my fav - there are some awesome and well crafted ones. Check it out.

OO|OO by Shaun Flynn


Andrew Bird by Gina Kelly


Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins by Sidekick Design


Future Heads by UglyBogus


Flight of the Conchords by Tyler Stout

It's a wild wild world that spins into reality in the illustration work of Pol Turgeon. Quirky, weird assemblage of parts that becomes even weirder characters.

Glossed with a retro longing for the 50s style, Aaron Ruell examplary photography is like swimming in a richly texturized and intoxicating bath of colors.


Often times the models are somewhat gloomy and a bit weird which off set anticipated reactions.

His name is definitely a tongue twister, Erik Wåhlström but his work needs no complication in order to describe it: outstanding photography!

20% Off Winter Sale + New Shirt and Thermal by ISO50. All the new shirts and prints are in stock and automatically discounted at checkout.

Cityabyss is Beata Szczecinska illustration portfolio where you will discover a maelström of photography, line art and painted surfaces used mostly in editorial assignments.

Hard to describe her style, the renders are enigmatic yet elegant more like abstract art pieces than traditional illustrations.

Original? Very!

Update your bookmarks VARIAL* becomes / VARIAL*Studio which has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. This photographer is driven by a passion for strong images that he shoots, retouches and sometimes embeds in amazing photo montages!

Just fund this lovely! Full Bleed is a collaboration between Veer and UNKL (of which I'm a big fan) and the originator of UniPo vinyl toys. This 2" vinyl cutie is passionate about the same things you are: gorgeous inks and flawless print jobs.

Nice concept!

Mar Hernandez aka Malota Projects creates unique characters that hold a large semblance to many eastern countries cultural references such as the details on russian dolls with a modern twist.

Patrick Nichols is proficient in generating intense portrait photography. It's all about the attitude of the subject.

BUUUU is Catalina Schliebener home on the web where you browse and discover her amazing installations and artworks filled with reminescent characters of a long gone cartoon era.

Mon Oeil is a concept and global design creative agency located in France. Particularly like Black is color concept.

Time to challenge what we think and how we approach how creativity with these 2 remarkable videos:

Do schools kill creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson who makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

via: Philippe Galowich


Yes design can make you happy by Stefan Sagmeister which was posted by Alexis Budejen after I found this quote “Obsessions make my life worse and my work better”.

via: Liz Kinmark

cg articles

Heath Korvola is a location photographer and a great amateur of outdoors and snapping sports enthusiasts in their favorite environments..


A long term adventurer, he’s into design, technology and photography and how the three intersect to create something larger.

Oliver Jeffers is what we would call in French, un touche à tout. The span of his work and interests is vast: children books, illustrations, paintings, mix-media, intriguing objects. Some very adult, other infused with childhood memories.

United Planet is the joyous playground of Colan Ho and Mak Siu Fung who have sculpted and created a unique series of characters that are masterly crafted merging anime influences with 70-80's science-fi style with definitely a modern edge to it.

Quad - the little cube that could. This simple organizing system can be juxtaposed, piled up, mounted on coaster, be a bench, a side table.. and more.

Vascolo is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and what they do best is motion graphics, top graphic design and illustration. Just have a look at their new reel to see what I mean.

Dazzling work!

WSDIA stands for WeShouldDoItAll and indeed, they do it all! With brio, with guts, with exacting professionalism and overflowing imagination. They have a passion for what they do and it shows, in even the most menial details. They set up props, take pictures, turn these into real-life installations or environmental design or posters, do websites and corporate identity.


Gotta luv the vintage Mac props. Although navigation is a bit obscure, just click double-down arrows to move from one project to others and then click image to advance to next or use keyboard arrows.

Must see!

Floto+Warner studio produces high-end photography for retail and interior design and the spectrum of portraits, still life and corporate requirements.


Particularly like the portraits and inside shots.

ilovedust is one of my fav designer and has created this awesome bear dunny for Kid Robot.

Heydays is a design and direction studio located in Norway and I really like the collaterals they have developed for themselves, not withstaking their client work that is best defined as clean with just the right level of extra ooomph.

Wanna see nice motion graphics? Have a look at Stardust Beat City


and the one for Stardust NYSE movies. Awesome!

Weston Teruya is not only a remarkable artist but a socially engaged one as well. His work has facilitated community and youth arts projects with organizations including the Youth Justice Coalition, Public Allies - Los Angeles, Little Tokyo Service Center and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center's PAPAYA youth program.


He has also been an artist in community projects with organizations including Strategic Actions for a Just Economy.

Colors and the Kids have this mumble-jumble interface: click on any item that randomly reset to see a project or move visuals around, including navigation. Double-click to view a project.


You can already grasp the ingenuity of this design studio and recently they designed an exhibition about minerals. Watch Terra Mineralia introduction film that shows in a playful way, the process.

The Republic of Synesthesia is home to talented Andrew Hamilton who works as a freelance art director / designer in NYC. His portfolio has got really rad pieces in particular the Nooka pieces.

Watch the video.

HSA*BA means please eat has completely revamped her website, and now, the finger looking good (and hot) Burmese recipes are now available in a book. Way to go Cho!

Mouth watering!

Interestingly, Jonathan Barnbrook share a common mentor, Richard Doust, professor at the Royal College of Arts. I had heard of him and as of yet - did not realise until now, that he was not yet part of the great portfolios of designers on Netdiver.

The strongest aspect of his designs is the strong graphic and typgographic treatments that can be both ecclectic or minimalist. He has been published around the world. His lean and clean, no-nonense sometimes in your face approach to design is one to learn from.

Shift interview with ultra talented Pierre Vanni.

“A picture like a movie, must suggest a lot of different story, different interpretation.”

As a graphic designer based in France, Pierre Vanni has been implementing diverse activities of not only 2D creations but also 3D and 4D including the paper sculpture, the combination of the paper sculpture and graphics, film works and etc.

Oh the lovelies! Check the platinum watch and fan clock from Spring 3D who specializes in out of the ordinary products and accessories.

Fan Clock


Platinum watch

Huan Tran has updated his illustration portfolio. Again Leakingfaucet is overflowing with beautiful work.

Local Projects is an award-winning design studio that seeks to tell stories in public spaces, museums, and over the internet, often simultaneously. They design interfaces, information presentations, motion graphics, physical structures, and projection systems to tell unlikely stories in unlikely places.


Be amazed! Visit from top to bottom. Don't miss the videos!

To a NEW Designer by Carole Guevin

“You have talent; you know you have talent. You are fresh, you are out, you are entering the field, you are charged, you are ready to storm the industry and imprint your mark with your wits and talent! Great! I would like to share some thinking paths to munch over and pitfalls to avoid so you can successfully make it happen and avoid common mistakes befalling inexperienced designers.

Learning the trade is altogether another education.”

Efface by Chris Ro aka ADearFriend. The human face is infinitely complex and in some instances extraordinarily simple. Recognition of facial expressions and features occupies both the instinctual and the systematic. Physiognomy is the analysis of the face as a potential indicator of character.

Fourteen faces were constructed, de-constructed and fused in the hopes of assembling experiences that are simultaneously simple and yet very complex.


The objective was to encounter the human face as one previously may not have encountered before.

Ryu Itadani lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. From his unique point of view, hand drawn lines and playful colors create his artworks. CITY series and THINGS series are his main themes for his exhibition.

He has gained much attention across the world.

National Television is a motion graphic and live action producing powerhouse who have done outstanding projects. Don't miss their reel.

Jonathan Edwards mix of illustrations have a bulky features graffiti street cartoon like style and have published in numerous magazines.

Another hilarious crazy Ikea garderoben mini-site full of interactive prowness produced by Forsman & Bodenfors.

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