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Design news | Nov 08

Blue Beanie Day!!! November 28, 2008 is the day thousands of Standardistas (people who support web standards) will wear a Blue Beanie to show their support for accessible, semantic web content. JF and I are duly capped!

Please join us! Upload your pix on Flickr.

Mats Ottdal is located in Oslo and is pretty good at anything he does, which is rare. Excellent graphic design, illustration and art direction.

Jason Jagel is an illustrator that creates chaotic and colorful illos as well as beautiful vignettes sculptures.

Natalia Pokrovskaya is a photographer that has a peculiar website - double-clicking images to view them for one - to display her portfolio that is lifestyle and portrait based and with a in your face kind of attitude.. like the tshirt she wears as example.

Stefan Weyer designed a new font (free to download) and produced some pretty cool boy and girl tees as well as a carry-all bag with it. is a full service internet agency. Simple website with large backgrounds related to project and magenta linearts to highlight sections.

Funkbuilders create anything they want? Almost. Maverick, artisan, enthusiast, dreamer, comedian, prankster, collector, friend, builder. Just ask anyone about Alan Leong, and these are some of the words you’ll hear to describe this award-winning art director.

Do you know your elements? Lenom poshbranding use the chemical elements abbreviations in an interactive way - their nav - which make for surprising section associations.

Kapitza introduces 100 GEOMETRIC fonts to design your own patterns becoming as easy as typing - but with much more exciting results!

Peter Machat being a Gaijin in Japan, tried to lift the curtain and shed some light on the areas of Japanese society that are often perceived as being mysterious and closed. He wanted to know the exact qualities of an Obatarian, a Narikin, an Otaku, a Bosozoku or an Ikeike Onna. He came across many interesting details that astonished many of my Japanese friends and made all of them laugh.

Availalble as a postcard collection. Visit 51 Japanese Characters.

DesignByThem was created in 2006, when a duo team decided to follow their passion to create innovative and unique products for the Australian and international market.

Their extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing allow to take on a variety of project types, ranging from product design, interior design and graphic design. 

They have just released the geolight suspension lamp.

Ultra talented designer Sara Haraigue updates her portfolio. Want to see original? Have a look at Look at me Design

Studio TRBDSGN is a collective acting as a research lab in permanent evolution, seizing even the smallest opportunities to work with new techniques and materials.


Team work means everything to them.

////// We need your help ////// FIXED

Firefox Float drop resolved!!! by JF — yay!

This CSS rule on line 227 was causing the drop.

.clear {display: inline-table;}

It was added to defeat a bug in IE Mac but then was reset for other browsers at the end of document by:

.clear {display: block;}

This last line was dropped by mistake when all the IE special rules moved in separate files.

This particular method of clearing floats is called the clear:after method.

It doesn't talk about the IE7 and IE8 problem for which I've just learned this other tweak in Bulletproof Web Design (New Riders) by Dan Cederholm.

*:first-child+html .clear {min-height: 1px;}

This seems to work in IE8 Beta2 as well!

When IE7 launched the clearfix method did not work anymore so I reverted to a fall back using a clearing div which now I will be able to remove. Later...since I am not ready for another game of find and replace.

If you are proficient with CSS styling please contact JF — to discuss an issue we are encountering with Firefox 3. The right side column, which is a float, doesn't appear when the page is requested on the server. Upon refresh it is there?!?!?


JF has done intensive search on support groups, etc, and only found one mention, whereas the person stated having tried everything, without success to fix it.

Anybody else experienced this? Have a clue?

All of Me is the first video from the prodigious South African talent, Chris Chameleon's latest album, Made Available. Designed and directed by Shotopop and produced by WIZZdesign, the video features an array of paper sets, a mass of paper cut-outs, some careful hand held camera work, and some nifty 3D touches.

The result is a mix of mediums, minds and techniques all tied together to form an emotionally charged visual journey set to a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance.

Gotta love Egon Gade advertising pictures. Really like the lush deep green backdrop. He is a seasoned photographer who has dipped in almost all genres of mostly corporate and advertising assignments.

Peruvian Wharf stunning flash website was voted Best of Show


For this year PixelAwards and Method as the 2008 Agency.

Presenting Exit10 design and advertising studio located Baltimore who have used flash to create a simple cyan and white interface.


Lovely funcationalities and I really like the way the projects are presented. Good work!

Day-to-day Hero is a stop-motion animation about primordial fight between good and evil. Typical Hollywood story with happy end in which positive energy overcomes bad vibrations.

Brought to you by Cookie and as their latest production, this video microsite is for Energa, one of the Poland's biggest electricity supplier. The purpose of the website is to promote a new brand and its identity.

Must see!

Kirsten Muenster has released a unique collection of jewels that are funky, elegant with some of her pieces set with one of a kind fossils and ethically sourced stones.

Danijela Dobric graduated from London College of Communication where she studied illustration and graphic design. Now she works as freelance illustrator and designer in Stockholm, Sweden. When she's not drawing she enjoys looking for old photographs in vintage shops, eating blueberry pancakes and singing karaoke with old ladies.

TypeNeu is an odyssey in typography. TypeNeu reports on the past, present and the future of typographic culture, with main focus on typefaces and applied typography in different forms.

Beautiful full page typographical treatments broken in categories.

Markus Altmann is an exceptional photographer who can capture light in the most beautiful way. The saturated colors and especially how blue and turquoise skies almost blinds you add to an almost surreal rendition of life. All his work sums up to delivering the highest quality photography.

For all aspiring photographers, worth visiting from top to bottom.

Born out of a quest to understand what the web would afford creatives both as an unprecedented divingboard to promote themselves and receive non-intermediated visibility, Netdiver has accompanied the rise of many successful freelancers and agencies and has bloomed to become an internationally recognized inspirational resource and career launchpad.

We are proud to launch a year of festivities by releasing the official 10 year anniversary poster. Free to download, print, post, circulate!

Netdiver10 poster

Catherine Sutherland is a well-travelled photographer, shooting either high resolution digital, 35mm or medium format film, in editorial and lifestyle photography. Love the tryptic approach for displaying her pictures.

Website designed by the latented folks at threestones.

Duoh! Beauty and brains just had a major makeover... the queen of ExpressionEngine styling has put her amazing imagination to work with the combination of soulmate Geert Leyseele skills.

Duoh! started with a love story, and that's how they approach each project, large or small. And as the missy says herself: “We've experimented with the design to try to achieve a more non-traditional look”. Watch out for those beautiful backgrounds.

Need I say more, get yourself over there!

You have gotta see Nik Mirus collections I and II of People and Quiet places. Densely charged and moody, his photographic work relies on the clair-obscur process to stage emotional compositions.

The website is like an almost opened polaroid slide and to return to menu - click on red middle icon.

Chris Saunders has been involved in just about every assignment possible. With his keen photographic eye he produces topical to totally extravagant stagings.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has inundated the market with her joyful and colorful design as fashion lines for adults and kidz to yummy lip balms that I use every day.

Miss Miza is an illustrator living and working in Barcelona who can draw sweet innocent characters and kitschy collages with brio.

Sonicjam is a web production studio based in Japan, they know how to use flash inside out, are behind the Uniqlo website, amongst others and can pull their weight from corporate to entertainment.

One of their very interesting projects is the one they did as a Flash 3D Speaker experiment.

Reuben Whitehouse, a few days ago, made a poster in reaction to the doom-and-gloom talk we've been hearing everywhere, regarding the current credit crisis.

The poster proved popular and spawned the ironic idea of 'merchandising the crisis'. This concept proved too funny to pass up, so he's created two smart Credit Crunch Tshirts, featuring the message in tightly kerned Helvetica Neue Bold, available for sale!

Everything and everybody is going design and Dainese is no exception. They have designed a stunning professional motorcycle riding suit that is adorned with gorgeous tattoos.

What you see is what you get? No kidding wsiswy* delivers lively eye candy and interactivity. Their website is lovely because it shows that they love the Internet.

Must see!

This is a skillful and technically perfect little animation that Julien Vallée created for Earth Day as an ode to the work of Jacques Languirand. The video will take part of the Globo Logos event that will take place in differents festivals all around the world.

Herman Miller launches the Thoughtpile website where you can add your take on the topic “What's one thing you would redesign to make your world better?” Flash website has got some nice functionalities: you can view, bookmark, comment on others additions, rotate and and even chance winning a chair.

Nice little marketing stint!

Almost new on the block, Stereo (founded in 2007) claims amplifying brands. I like the wall idea and the sliding of the navigation over a virtual descending scrolling space. Really like the grayscaled and highly contrasted black & white pictures whereas the travelling nav surrounds either text or images.

Flyingcoloringwall is an outstanding concept initiated by Studioburo a collective composed of young graphic designers and illustrators. Think of a huge wall sized ready to color paper illustrated on the go by Postics and other well-known illustrators.

These murals have been installed in many different public venues and passersby are invited to colorize. In the end, generating beautiful user generated pop art.

To one who has mastered his voice, Eric Gibbons came to art at an early age drawing detailed battle scenes and football games although he has moved on since.

His website is using very small thumbnails which don't hide the background artwork so as the viewer, you are always immersed in his work.

Andrew Mallalieu claims to have been getting his daily does of creative fuel (from Netdiver) for quite some time and he thought it time to submit his graphic design portfolio website.

Hats off to your talent, deploy your wings and soar higher.

MUNNY: The Greatest Do It Yourself Toy gallery abounds with examples from designers all over the world. If you own one and wonder how to personalize yours - here are a few starting points.

a — draw with a pencil lightly to outline the design
b — use acrylic paint to cover large areas
c — dry completely between coats to work on upper most sections
d — touch over with ink pens for details

Alva is a multi-disciplinary studio based in Lisbon and chose to show their portfolio with an vertical bands of snapshots. Excellent projects that covers graphic design, identity and art direction!

Wowie that is a rad navigation that HUSSL, a product design powerhouse that focus mainly on modern minimalist chair and table design, sports on their website. Beautiful pictures where a big white retangle stages the product throughout the slideshow.

Check it out. Slick!

UAU just launched their new website and claims to be one step beyond | architecture, exhibition, events, product design, graphic design.

Gone is the rooster, please welcome the tooting pixel bear for FiveStone new website!

Starbucks Coffee At Home is a very nicely done flash website that uses chalk like colored illustrations. The section about finding your blend is a smart little interactive questionnaire.

Sarajo Frieden works from a studio in Los Angeles that borders Thai Town, Little Armenia and Koreatown, with Guatemalan and Salvadoran bakeries nearby. The cacophony of hand-painted signs in a variety of languages serves as both inspiration and daily reminder that the ordinary is often extraordinary and nothing is what it seems.

Lilly Piri favors fadeout illustrations using waterwashed pastel colors and characters surrounded by animals and other creatures in her drawings.

The ecclectic and explosive visual art produced by Julia Sonmi overflows with psychedelia and folk art references. Stunning compositions bearing an overall kitschy feel.

CollabFinder is a place to find other awesome designers and developers to help you build your next great web project. Luv the fact that each profile are broken down in expertise / skills including link to a project, that is pretty smart. If you have 'feature' requests, send their way, they claim being nice and liking email.

Nice initiative by Boygirltalk.

Always a weak spot for tiny thumbnails that make a big visual surprise. Benjamin K Shown (MFA student) aka Benjamink decided on this route for his portfolio and I can't resist. Good idea to tile the pieces which makes each page lively.

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