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Out of the closet

Since repurposing Netdiver Mag and opening Netdiver Mag – I have been quite busy working in kinda of stealth mode to tweak-tweak-tweak how to present new content, production of this FANTA (code name) project which intends to afford a robust and playful outlet for creatives around the world to express and promote themselves. No due date yet.

Curious? Read more in-depth in this just released interview I did for FUEL magazine (for iPad). No iPad? Download as a .pdf which sports one of my illustration on their launch issue cover :))


Netdiver Mag is all about sharing what catches my eyes both as inspiration and creative lessons that probe and push me to excel in whatever I enterprise. I need the visual stimuli as the air I breath.

Through the years, I realise that I have been very discrete about other passions in my life – apart from everything design – but this is about to change. Like.. now.

Five years ago I took the despotic rule of the CTRL+Z universe out of the equation and started painting large abstract canvas. Why? To play with pretty colors for sure, and keep learning about chromatics. But also to learn about new problem-solving and decision-making processes. By painting would you say?

Well once you’ve applied a spot of paint and don’t like the result – can’t delete it right? So this forces me to think and ultimately, find a way to recuperate the ‘mess’ and make it part of the emerging visual. Sometimes the sum of my painting is just a string of corrections. Sometimes it is pure insight.

Also, since my little bro passed 1.5 year ago, he was a musician and experienced with the music production industry – he admonished JF and I to stop ‘researching’ and start ‘doing’.

We had a band 20 years ago and worked 7 years on our projects. When came the www opportunity – we jumped in and for the best of the past 15 years – it was our main focus. JF became a FED (front-end developer) and I a publisher. We had and still have much passion for what it means to be connected 24/7 to the world via technology. I am in awe every day.

We don’t care so much for technology as we care for content distribution and leveraging the creative industry (all disciplines confounded) through disintermediation and circulation of works like never before in the history of our creative culture.

Throughout the years we composed music / songwriting (and piled up a good amount of sketches), invested in new instruments and in the digital music studio parnophelia required to do a decent demo. All the while JF was (and still is) re-learning the new era way of music recording and production. Michel serving as a catalyst, kind of signified it was time for us to go back to it.

We are currently working on two albums. First one is an ‘in memoriam’ album with lots of instrumental tracks to be freely distributed to people going through the agony of losing someone.

The second is a compilation of new and revisited songs, that dip into what we think is now ‘our’ sound and style.

If you read this far, thank you. You visiting is the reason why I am pursuing everything I’m doing. I am no longer a closet publisher, artist nor songwriter.

Expect that the mix of ‘content’ on Netdiver Mag to include from now on the daily mix of creative inspirational projects plus bits and pieces of what I am doing, such as takes (snapshots) of on-going canvas, design experimentations and music.

You ok with that?


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