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Creativity x2

Creativy x2 – because the business of design requires that our creative processes grow and seek nutrition and enrichment. Here are two articles to feed your mind.


Creativity? Pursuit of change

One of my favorite quotes comes from a book I highly recommend: It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be, by Paul Arden. "All creative people need something to rebel against, it’s what gives their (and clients) lives excitement," and, "Successful solutions are often made by people rebelling against bad briefs."

Here are some pointers to keep your creativity alive.


Originally published in Design in Flight magazine – launch issue. / Republished by Icograda as a featured article.


Ideas! A closer look at creativity!

So how do we in fact become proficient idea generators? First, ideas = creativity. The root of creativity stems from the word creation which is to create from nothing. Nice theoretical assumption. Now what is the practical side?


Originally published in Creative Behavior magazine

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