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20 Years ago

I remember – when we ‘upgraded’ to Netscape (and proudly own a ‘hard’ copy).. don’t recall which browser we were using prior in ’95. I recall vividly Bill infamous: "I don’t believe in the Internet" and the big ensuing vicious attack by M$.

Epic and devastating.


Marc Andreessen may have known what he was getting into when he cowrote Mosaic at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications, but it wasn’t until he graduated from college and met with some Silicon Valley types that the Web revolution really began.


In 1994 Andreessen launched Netscape Communications, offering his new Navigator Web browser (based on Mosaic) to the world. Finally, users outside of the academic world would get a taste of HTML, and nothing has been the same since.


Netscape browser archive.


Netscape chose Netdiver as one of their *Best of What’s New* (Dive in) link from August 2000 to Jan 2001.

July 14/00 *Rage of the day * site by Netscape editors (Dive in).


Don’t know how they found our fledging little online magazine. Maybe we could submit – can’t recall. But in the end – we actually owe Netscape putting Netdiver Mag on the map sorta speaking – sending huge traffic and giving us massive visibility.


How Microsoft Attacked the Beast who created Netscape, Mozilla Firefox & Skype.

“It was like a visit from Don Corleone, I expected to see a bloodied computer on my bed next day” – Marc Andreessen to Microsoft.

View the full video!


via: Jan Jursa + Jason Kokkte + PCWorld

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