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RiP / Hillman Curtis

RIP / Hillman Curtis


I’m crying like a baby.. oh no. Hillman was an inspiration, a mentor and such a good and kind person. Very secluded and protective of his intimacy – I met him twice – second time w/ his little beloved son.

Soft-spoken – he has made a profound impact on my life. If you have not yet read MTIV Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer – suggest you do. Just re-read what he wrote in the copy he gave me.


For those not knowing him, he was a pioneering new media designer, former design director for Macromedia and eponymous partner of the digital and film agency in New York City.


He has designed a much acclaimed / criticized website for Adobe just previous the web standards started to gain terrain.


When he started filmaking – I supported him wholeheartedly and we had on and off discussions about the concept.. etc.


His last video explaining his parcours and a glimpse of his ghastly look.. A look that I know all too well.. when I went through the pain of loosing my little ‘bro.


Hillman Curtis, a Pioneer in Web Design, Dies at 51 by Paul Vitello

Hillman Curtis called himself a serial self-reinventor.

He once explained his penchant for reinventing himself in an interview. “I originally went to school for creative writing and film,” he said. “I then spent 10 years pursuing music, and, after failing at that, I did various random jobs. I got into design out of desperation — I didn’t want to wait tables or pound nails.”

“The reason for designing new media is simple — to subtly and quietly change the world.”


Hillman Curtis 1961-2012 by Gabe de Urioste

My experience with my hero. Yesterday, my cinema hero and mentor, Hillman Curtis, died after a long battle with colon cancer.

Hillman Curtis, 1961-2012 by Observatory: Design Observer

Nothing had prepared me for coming face to face with him, and as we set up for the taping, I had to adjust my frenetic energy to connect with his serene and gentle manner. He was certainly not what I expected. — Debbie Millman


RIP Hillman Curtis by Oliver Lindberg

.net: What advice can you give to new designers?

HC: Everyone’s path is different, and I realise that as I interview other designers. I realise that their relation to the craft is unique. All I can say is design with care, don’t avoid things like grids (grids are important), and examine the tradition of graphic design.


His last interview published April 11. Interview with Design Legend Hillman Curtis by Jens Loeffler.


Touching au-revoir on his FB profile.


Above picture courtesy of: Richard Charlesworth

quote by Katharine Green: This proves it… he always could FLY!


That is one of his stories – and we had talked about the ‘ending‘..

My gosh. You will be missed my dear.


Addendum: RIP / Arnaud Mercier. Another loss for the design community – past September.

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  1. A super loss! I remember, my lecturer in varsity 6 years ago, told me to read “MTIV”. I did and it gave me great insights into web and new media. I remember thinking “I have to memorize this if I want to be good”.

    RIP Hillman Curtis

  2. A huge inspiration. So sad he’s gone so soon.

  3. Steve is recruiting… wherever we go next, will be better!
    R.I.P. Hillman Curtis
    Say hallo to Steve!