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What I'm really looking for?

Over the past 11 years I have literally visited well over a hundred thousand sites... It may seem a lot. You know what? It's definitely nothing compared to what is out there.

Nonetheless, my level of expectations is high... very high. Follows some tips on how to prepare a strong portfolio.

Surprise... me!

I have seen enough pseudo lab like chrome panels that split open with or without ornamented flowing wires.

I have seen enough multi-colored squares for interface.

I have seen enough flies, ants and other crawling creatures.

I have seen enough drapes, cardboard, grass and wood panels backgrounds.

I have seen enough of the same actionscripts.

All these contribute to make me wary of having to visit, yet, another one.

Nothing to do with the time and efforts you've spent. Nothing to do with your talent and whatever career level you're at.

I know it's hard to have an objective position towards your work. In fact, don't we tend to see our work as the best.

Have a look around and honestly ask if yours match these, before hitting the submit button.

Even better - aim to outmatch and superceed!

I'm not bored! I just want to be surprised.

Best of best and no less

When choosing which pieces goes in your portfolio, please spare your viewers, your doodles unless they are the stepping stone to a masterpiece that you have completed.

If you just bought a digital camera - and you're wowwed by the possibilities wait till you have outgrown the learning curve. Then, do publish those with real artistic value.

In fact, don't publish any work that is in progress.

Wait till you master the tools before calling attention to it. Better sit quietly in waiting and patiently work your trade than prematurely blow your chances away.

Which client work to show? That's a toughy. You need to show that you can be hired - but honestly - not all work we do for clients are... worth showing! For all kinds of reasons.

Remember it's YOUR portfolio - so choose only what shows YOU in your best light.

In case of doubt, use the less is best rule of thumb.

Presentation matters

Although it's true that talent will and does speak amply for itself, it is very important that you design your site accordingly.

Unfortunately taking for granted that visitors will dig for the pearls is presumptious. Time is of the essence and right off the bat - the way you present your work will tell instantly a lot about softer skills which have to do with communicating effectively, meeting deadline and knowing the difference between essential and fluff.

So make sure your site has got distinctive and original elements that set you apart from the pack.

The web is extremely powerful to promote yourself. Don't cut short on putting as much efforts in designing the environment in which you present work.

Only then, will it shine and receive the recognition it deserves.


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